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Visit the Outback of the Australian Outback

Travellers, residents and professional photographers agree: The Kimberly in Australia is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

But even within Australia it is not easy to find detailed travel information for the Kimberly.

That's why a I decided to make a whole website about the Kimberleys!

I never tire of the look on people's faces when they first set eyes on the Kimberly. The most common reaction of Australian tourists on their first visit is actually very similar to my own, years ago, coming from Germany:

"Nobody told me this was here..."

I figured it's time someone told you about it...

Kimberly Country, Australia

I'll start by giving you an overview of the Kimberly region, just follow the links to find out more.

(And if you want more than an overview check out my other site: The Kimberleys - Western Australia)

Discover the Magic of the Kimberly Australia

This simple outline map shows the Western Australia Kimberly region. It also includes Katherine and Darwin in the Northern Territory. A great way to see the Kimberly and the best of the Northern Territory is to drive from Darwin to Broome.

Lake Argyle in the Kimberly Australia

If you are travelling by road from Darwin via Katherine your first Kimberly experience will be Lake Argyle, right on the border between the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

The massive man made lake overs over 1000 km2, a veritable inland sea and a paradise for nature and bird enthusiasts.

Continuing along the Victoria Highway you will next reach Kununurra, which is also a good place to fly to from Darwin. Kununurra is my home town, a tropical fruit bowl and the perfect spot to base yourself for your Kimberly Australia vacation.

Swimming at one of the many Kimberly waterfalls.

From here you can explore the East Kimberly with its rugged ranges, tidal rivers and countless gorges with inviting rock pools and waterfalls.

Take day trips in your own or a rental vehicle or take your pick of the many tours available.

Did you know that the Western Australia Kimberly region is the world's biggest diamond producer? You can visit the Argyle Diamond Mine, the world's only producer of the rare pink diamonds, from Kununurra. And if you want to buy diamonds, Kununurra is the place to do it.

There are two roads that cross the Kimberly from east to west: take the highway to visit the unique Bungle Bungle range in Purnululu National Park. Or, if you are up to it, tackle the 670 km unsealed Gibb River Road, right through the heart of the Kimberleys.

The best Kimberly beach: Cable Beach in Broome

On the western end of the Kimberly the red Outback meets the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean.

In Broome you can laze on world famous beaches and enjoy shopping and dining with a multicultural and tropical flair.

If you feel adventurous explore the southern part of the Kimberly. It's just as stunning as the eastern regions.

typical Kimberly Australia country

The drive between Katherine and Broome is without doubt one of the most beautiful drives in Australia.

The Kimberly in Australia has so much to offer: wildlife, adventure tours, fishing trips, bushwalking, water sports, luxurious resorts in pristine locations, bush camping for free...

Whatever you hope to find in the Australian Outback, you will find it here!

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