Would you like some help with your Working Holiday Visa for Australia?

"And some help with finding a job as well?"

You read through all the info about Australian Working Holiday Visas and determined you are probably eligible. What now?

Well, it's possible to apply for your Working Holiday Visa for Australia yourself.

Personally, I don't have problems with forms and government lingo.

I find the Australian government websites very user friendly, but not everyone agrees. Depending on your situation and background it can be rather daunting.

And yes, it can certainly give you headaches! There are a lot of details that you have to get right...

There is an easier way to get a working holiday visa for Australia, without hassles and fast.

And as you will see, there are many benefits to going that way...

Apply for your Working Holiday Visa for Australia through a reputable visa agency...

...and they'll find you a job as well!

A reputable visa agency (beware, not all are reputable) will not only do all the leg work for you. They will make sure that you really are eligible and that all your documents are complete and in order.

If you apply for an Australian working holiday visa yourself and make a mistake, your application will be knocked back. You will waste time and you may have to pay extra charges.

If an agency lodges your Australian WHV application you are unlikely to be refused a visa. A visa agency makes sure everything is correct and complete before they lodge.

They can process your visa in 48 hours and you don't have to leave the house or send your passport away or anything.

And there's a lot more they can do for you.

If I was to embark on my first trip to Australia today, I would consider using such an agency, or more specifically, I would go through Visa First. Here's why:

Arriving in Australia and Finding a Job

Many travellers are nervous about taking the plunge and worried whether they will find a job, whether they will meet people and make friends... And then all the other things you need to sort out before you can start working: a tax file number, a bank account...

Visa First can take care of all that for you and more:

Australian Bank Account
You need an Australian bank account or your employers can't pay you. The agency can organise that for you. If you organise it before you leave it's also an easy way to send money over to Australia.

Australian Tax File Number and Tax Saver Pack
Very important. If you don't have a tax file number you have to pay 50% tax! Visa First have a taxsaver pack that books your tax file number for you. At the end of the tax year you are entitled to a tax refund from Australia. The pack also helps you to organise that refund.

Arrival in Australia
Imagine you land at Sydney aiport after a strenuous long haul flight, red eyed and dazed and jetlagged...

After 15 years in Oz I still haven't got used to that part... Arrival sucks, especially if there's nobody to pick you up!

How would the Visa First kickstart arrival pack sound to you? It includes...

  • Sydney airport pickup and two nights accommodation and breakfast. This alone is great.
  • Arrival orientation: information on jobs and long term accommodation in Sydney...
  • ...followed by a free drinks night where you can meet fellow backpackers (this is on every night, so it doesn't matter which day you arrive.)
  • Assistance with finding jobs and free jobs list.
  • Assistance with finding harvest/fruit picking jobs across Australia.
  • Mail holding (means you have a permanent address in Australia).
  • Free internet for the entire year in Australia...

So you see, all the things that made you so nervous about the whole idea are taken care of!

You will have help and support and people to turn to in those first few days.

Work Courses
Most people will work in the hospitality industry (bar or restaurant work) or in construction at some stage. Those are simply the easiest temporary jobs to get into. But in order to work in a bar or serve drinks you must complete a one day RSA course. And to work in construction you must complete a one day green card course.

You can book those courses ahead and do them in the Visa First working holiday centre in Sydney.

Second Year Working Holiday Visa
Yep, they can sort that out as well!
If you do farm work like fruit picking for three months all up during your first year, then you can stay in Australia (or come back) for a second year. Visa First can find you the work and they can organise the second visa for you.

And if you fall in love with Australia, they can even help you with a sponsorship visa so you can stay forever!

What does it all cost?

To organise your Working Holiday Visa for Australia yourself currently costs you an application charge of A$ 230. (Plus stamps and transport to the embassy and whatever else may be required to get your application together and lodged.)

To apply for your Working Holiday Visa through Visa First costs more of course. How much more depends on the extra services you add on. (You can get just the visa, or the whole kick start arrival pack, or you can add individual services to your visa separately.)

You may be tempted to save the money and do it all yourself. But are you really saving???

The way I look at it is this: the less time you waste in Australia, running around and figuring things out yourself, the sooner you start working and earning and meeting people and having fun. It's as simple as that.

Like I said above, if I was embarking on my first Australia visit today, I'd go through Visa First.

You can contact Visa First by requesting more information through this form. Sending the form and getting them to contact you is of course free. (You don't have to give them credit card details or anything.) It only costs money if after talking to them you do go ahead and apply for your Working Holiday Visa through them.

Send them the inquiry, and they will be in touch and then you can ask them all the questions you have about your particular situation.

Take a cue from the guys (all Visa First customers) towards the end of that last video:

"Just get out there and do it. 99% is just making things happen. You just gotta go ahead and book the flight. Don't be scared, things will work out. Just go out there and see the world!"

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