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Visiting the Rock in 1974

My wife and I newly married in an old Dodge ute visited then Ayres Rock in November 1974. The road in was a corrugated dirt road about 150 miles (now 268

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Uluru in 1985

I traveled to Alice Springs in 1985, rented a car and drove to Uluru to climb Ayers Rock. I, back then was a novice traveler, however, I did my research

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Desert Trip

I'm travelling for the 4th time to Australia next year with two friends, we did a lot of road trips but never to the desert. We want to go to the center

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Winter Trip to Uluru!

Last August I took a break from my business trip to Alice Springs, and a (long) bus tour to Uluṟu-Kata Tjuṯa National Park for a few nights camping in

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Uluru - Amazing natural wonder of the world!

I have climbed Uluru after careful consideration. I respect the local aboriginal culture and they are the traditional owners. I believe ultimately God

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A walk across Australia with camels - 1988

I was one of four people to walk across Australia as part of Australia's Bicentennial in 1988. March 1st - September 14th. Sharks Bay to Byron Bay. The

Continue reading "A walk across Australia with camels - 1988"

Ayres Rock or Kakadu in June

I will be traveling in June with two teenagers and I am interested in either going to Ayres Rock or Kakadu. Which area would be better if I only have time

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Planning a trip to Alice Springs via Uluru

Just looking for a few tips on how much I should budget for a 10-14 day trip to Alice Springs & Uluru/Kata Tjuta. We (my boyfriend and I) are planning

Continue reading "Planning a trip to Alice Springs via Uluru"

General tips for visiting Uluru

Read all you can before you go as I am not going to tell a granny how to suck eggs. Make sure you ingest the advice and be wise to the risks, it gets mighty

Continue reading "General tips for visiting Uluru"

Finding unskilled mining jobs in WA

This page is a bit unusual in that it isn't for travellers. Or rather I should say not for tourists, because for long term travellers it may well be very interesting!

In the section on this website about financing your travels by working in Australia I wrote about the possibility to get temporary jobs in the mining industry, which is VERY lucrative. And that page became very popular also with Australians and New Zealanders looking for permanent mining jobs.

I also have two reader pages on the site where people looked for advice on finding mining jobs. No other pages on my site have received anywhere near the same amount of comments! All comments are from people looking for help with getting a mining job.

Hence the new page. I hope it helps!

Continue reading "Finding unskilled mining jobs in WA"

Travelling with Camels

HOW FAR CAN YOU GO IN A DAY? When Bob Sargeant and his partner Dawn Wiles became fed up with the craziness of modern day living away back in 1987, they

Continue reading "Travelling with Camels"

Cameron Corner store - unwelcomed

A couple of years ago I posted a story on here about my trip up the Oodnadatta on an XR400. Since then I moved up and got a bigger bike and done a few

Continue reading "Cameron Corner store - unwelcomed"

The passing tribute

(Has appeared in Top Tourist Caravan Parks Newsletter -Feb 2012) It was the first evening on our first ever visit to the town of Broken Hill while on

Continue reading "The passing tribute"

Travelling from Melbourne to Darwin in January

My husband is being posted to Darwin for work and we have decided to drive there. We are going in January and I know this is the wet season. My question

Continue reading "Travelling from Melbourne to Darwin in January"

Tribute to Tragedy on the Cooper Lake Eyre

We are seven tourists who were at Cooper Creek the day the ABC helicopter went down and have written a blog about our travels through the outback and have

Continue reading "Tribute to Tragedy on the Cooper Lake Eyre"

Climb the rock!

I climbed the rock back in 1987 and it was a soulful experience. All Australians have the right to climb and they should. I felt more in tune with our

Continue reading "Climb the rock!"

Kakadu..unplanned highlight of Oz

We went on an organized Kakadu tour, camping for 3 nights, that we accidently signed up for, thinking it was a different tour. We aren't campers! My wifes

Continue reading "Kakadu..unplanned highlight of Oz"

My country

I was first drawn to the rock as a 20 year old man. I some how knew that I would always go there. That I would go to the highest point of it. That I

Continue reading "My country"

Northern Territory During the Wet Season – Well Worth It!!

We recently returned from a trip around the Northern Territory and I thought I would share my story as we were there at the end of the wet season, but

Continue reading "Northern Territory During the Wet Season – Well Worth It!!"

Uluru--If I go I will climb

I've read quite a lot about whether and why to climb Urulu or not. There are a lot of reasons why conscientious people decide to climb it and why others

Continue reading "Uluru--If I go I will climb"

Oodnadatta Track Solo on XR400r

Outback SA, June 2009 My 1570 km gravel surf on a 1998 XR400 (gearing 15/42, 14.4 lt tank, saddle bags and a tunnel bag + 5 lt spare fuel on board) from

Continue reading "Oodnadatta Track Solo on XR400r"

Is it right or wrong to climb Uluru? - Have a think

What is right and what's wrong? Every decent person would know the answer, those who don't, well you might have missed something important in your life.

Continue reading "Is it right or wrong to climb Uluru? - Have a think"

Down South in WA

This are the lillies down south in Western Australia where the caves are! I think it's around Dunsborough. There are thousands everywhere, yet they pay

Continue reading "Down South in WA"

Backpacker Hostels in Australia

Independent advice on cheap budget accommodation in Australia: what to expect and how to find and book the best value youth and backpacker hostels in Australia.

Continue reading "Backpacker Hostels in Australia"

Don't ban the Uluru climb!

I thought long and hard about whether to climb Uluru or not. My husband and I did the walk around first and were very careful not to photograph the sacred

Continue reading "Don't ban the Uluru climb!"

Around Australia using LPG and petrol

We have a 2004 Prado using both LPG and petrol. We plan to travel Australia for a few years pulling a 21 ft Jayco van. Will I need to carry jerry cans

Continue reading "Around Australia using LPG and petrol"

Our French Girls, we will miss you! Would love to have the opportunity of hiring travellers again

I own a pub in Northern NSW and hired two English speaking French girls who applied for a position I had advertised in the local paper. I had always wondered

Continue reading "Our French Girls, we will miss you! Would love to have the opportunity of hiring travellers again"

Camping in Nitmiluk

We are going to Katherine Gorge next week, but unfortunately because of the delayed dry season, the overnight canoe trip is off limits. I still want

Continue reading "Camping in Nitmiluk"

One man, a four wheel drive and ten thousand kilometres of dusty tracks and dirt roads...

Back in 2009 Dutch travel photographer Thijs Heslenfeld contacted me to let me know that his latest photo book is due out soon. Hot - Life in the Australian

Continue reading "One man, a four wheel drive and ten thousand kilometres of dusty tracks and dirt roads..."

Cheap Travel Australia - Have the Cheapest Australia Holiday Ever

Did you know that you can easily get discounts of up to 50 percent on your travel in Australia? And it's easy! You just get yourself the...

Continue reading "Cheap Travel Australia - Have the Cheapest Australia Holiday Ever"

Travelling from East Coast to Darwin

We are looking to travel from Sydney to Cairns, down to Mt. Isa via Atherton over a period of approx 2 months, leaving Sydney in early March. We are

Continue reading "Travelling from East Coast to Darwin"

Jet Lag Remedies - Do They Actually Work?

I had nearly given up, but after 15 years of trial and error, I finally found a totally natural jet lag remedy that actually works...

Continue reading "Jet Lag Remedies - Do They Actually Work?"

Driving around Australia

I am currently in Perth. I plan to leave Perth, drive the west coast to Darwin, over to Cairns then down to Brisbane, Sydney over to Ayers Rock and

Continue reading "Driving around Australia"

Central Australia in December/January

My family and I are planning to visit Central Australia some time in December and January. But I worry about the temperature. Is it really very hot

Continue reading "Central Australia in December/January"

Kings Canyon to Alice via Mereenie Loop

Hello, just thought I'd share our trip report on the Mereenie Loop Road from Kings Canyon to Alice Springs for other travellers. Firstly there are

Continue reading "Kings Canyon to Alice via Mereenie Loop"

Camping in Kakadu during the wet season

I am going (with my boyfriend) to be in Kakadu around the 5 December. We wanted to camp because everything is so expensive but you seem to say that it

Continue reading "Camping in Kakadu during the wet season"

Is the Outback Moving to Sydney?

What goes through your mind when you wake up in the morning and see a thick orange cloth hanging outside the window of your bedroom? First you pinch

Continue reading "Is the Outback Moving to Sydney?"

Happy to have climbed Uluru

Ever since I translated a story about an illegal climb of Uluru via Ngaltawata in 1976 - I think - for a mountaineering stories anthology, I wanted to

Continue reading "Happy to have climbed Uluru"

Spiritual, Magical Uluru

A few years ago, I went to Uluru. I was on a very low budget, but I went there, thinking the climb was closed a decade or two before. I was surprised

Continue reading "Spiritual, Magical Uluru"

Booking flight before applying for Working Holiday Visa

In your Working Holiday Visa description it says that You must not make arrangements to travel to Australia until you are advised that your visa has

Continue reading "Booking flight before applying for Working Holiday Visa"

Uluru: Climb or not

No, I would't march into a Buddhist temple in shorts and hiking boots because the monks hadn't pressured me not to. But I certainly would do so

Continue reading "Uluru: Climb or not"

The best way to do the big Red Centre three

Hi. I'm trying to work out the best way of planning a trip to Kings Canyon and Uluru from Alice Springs . We fly in from Darwin on 16th Sept

Continue reading "The best way to do the big Red Centre three "

Travelling from Perth up the west coast to Darwin via Broome

I am planning on leaving Perth in the next 2 weeks and would like to get to Darwin then over to Cairns. I want to go to all of the places in have seen

Continue reading "Travelling from Perth up the west coast to Darwin via Broome"

Working in Australia without visa

I'm planning on going to Oz with a friend who will have a working holiday visa but I won't as I've already done that during 1999 / 2000. How easy /

Continue reading "Working in Australia without visa"

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