Driving around Australia

by Donna
(Perth, WA)

I am currently in Perth. I plan to leave Perth, drive the west coast to Darwin, over to Cairns then down to Brisbane, Sydney over to Ayers Rock and back to Perth. Do you reckon this can be done in 8 weeks stopping here and there?

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Driving around Australia in 8 weeks
by: Birgit

Hi Donna,
Your question is very vague.
If by stopping here and there you mean to fill up the car, to eat and drink, and to sleep at night, then it certainly can be done, even in less than 8 weeks.

If you are doing this to see Australia then you need more time.

Driving around
by: buddy smith

Yes you can get there within 8 weeks or even less, of course with stopping here and there?

Now way!
by: Nina

I reckon 8 weeks would never be enough to see Australia!
It took me 2 weeks only to go from Cairns to Brisbane!

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