The Australian Outback

If this is your first trip into the Outback of Australia, you probably have many questions.

Where or what is the Australian Outback? Is there a map of the Outback? Is Outback travel dangerous? How hot is it in Australia? And so on...

Find answers to all those questions, and to many, many more!

The Australian Outback Wild horses in the Outback Outback Australia

Below is a guide to the many articles in this part of the website:

Read, plan, dream, and above all enjoy!
Welcome to the Outback of Australia!

Car on Outback Road, Karijini National Park, Australia

Car on Outback Road, Karijini National Park

What Is The Australian Outback?

Where or what exactly is the Outback?
Good question. (It's easier to explain what it isn't.) This article gives you a good overview of what the Outback is all about, and what there is to see and do.

A Map Of The Outback
"Australian Outback map" is one of the terms that many of you type into my search box, so I figured I better do something about the perceived lack of a map of the Outback. Though it's not easy...

Tourist Attractions
This page is a guide to the main Australian tourist attractions in the Australian Outback. Most of them can be found along the Stuart Highway.

Climate - The Best Time To Travel To Outback Australia
"When is the best time to visit the Australian Outback?" is a question that I hear asked a lot. There is no simple answer to it. It depends where you want to go. The Australian Outback is huge and spans several climate zones. I look at them on this page.

Are there dangerous animals in the Outback?
Everything you need to know about our snakes, spider, crocodiles etc.

Explore The Outback Of Australia

Driving in the Outback - General
Driving is a great way to appreciate the dimensions of this vast country and to see some spectacular scenery. But such a drive needs some preparation, and this page contains all the information you need to plan the big trip.

Tips For Driving On Unsealed Roads
Most of the roads out here are unsealed, and many require a four wheel drive vehicle. Some travellers are more adventurous than others, and some have more time to explore. Many would like to get off the beaten track, and we all enjoy getting away form the other tourists, don't we? This page contains advice for driving on unsealed roads, because if you plan on driving through the Outback of Australia you will at some stage want to drive on unsealed roads...

Road Trains
The kings of the Australian Outback roads. On this page you can see photos, watch a couple of videos, and learn more about the monster trucks.

Camping in the Outback
What do you need to know and bring to go camping in the Outback?

Australian Cattle Stations
A page about life, work and tourism on the huge cattle stations (ranches) in the remote Outback regions.

The Outback Desert of Australia...
A misleading term. This article tells you more about the Australian deserts.

Outback Dangers
It's nowhere near as dangerous as they make you believe...

Survival In The Outback
What to do if worst comes to worst and you break down or get lost.

More About The Outback: Facts, Resources, TidBits

Outback Facts
Size, Location, Climate, Tourism, Dangers...

Temperature Tables
On this page you can find tables showing the average monthly day and night temperatures in several Outback towns.

Road Reports
Links to Road Reports, Outback information about the weather, flooding etc.

Is the Australian Desert Turning Green?
What the climate change means for the Outback.

Australian Outback Spectacular
Is this evening dinner show really as spectacular as the real thing? A better way to experience the Outback than actually going there? Find out...

Australian Outback Pictures
View my Outback photo gallery. The pictures of the Australian Outback are grouped by location or theme.

Outback Videos
The video gallery is still in the making.

Australian Outback Animals

Older Articles And Stuff

What is the best way to travel the Australia Outback?

Where can I find accommodation in Australia's Outback?

What Outback clothing do I need to pack?
A list with suggestions of clothing and other items for your trip, and a few general hints on what to pack and what to leave at home.

Outback Hats
Hats of all makes, styles, colours and materials. The history, the brands, and why you need one.

Movies from Outback Australia

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