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"Budget travel around Australia is possible, it can be
very cheap indeed, and this page will tell you how."

Budget travel around Australia is possible, it can be very cheap indeed, and this page will tell you how.

Even cheap travel in Australia will always cost some money. There is not much anyone can do about the fact that it is a huge country.

But a tight budget need not stop you from travel around Australia and the remote and beautiful Australian Outback.

On the previous page I looked at cheap travel in Australia by plane, bus, on tours and more.

On the campervan hire page I also mentioned the Wicked Campers, which are a great budget solution.

Now I will look at some other possibilities. This page is particularly interesting for backpackers and people on a working holiday, but also for everybody else who has more time than money to travel around Australia...

Buying a car | Sharing a car | Hitchhiking

Cheap Travel Around Australia
Buying a Car

It might not sound like the cheapest option to travel around Australia, but often it is. Just buy a car! Obviously this only makes sense for people who want to spend several months here, as buying a car, and selling it before you leave, takes time. Especially the selling before you leave part can become stressful...

Buying a car is an option that is widely used for cheap travel in Australia, mostly by backpackers and travellers on working visas. If you belong to that group you will most likely stay in Australian backpacker hostels. They are great places to make connections, meet people who are leaving and selling their cars, and to find out how to go about finding and buying a cheap car in the particular city you are in.

Of course you don't need to be a backpacker to buy a car and travel around Australia on a budget. All you need is enough time to make it worth while.

The cars that are bought and sold that way are station wagons, small buses or campers. That means you can save on accommodation as well as soon as you leave the cities behind.

The vehicles are usually affordable. Most of them look it as well, as they travel around Australia several times a year. And it doesn't hurt to have someone with mechanical knowledge on board... it helps the budget.

The other thing to be aware of is that every state in Australia has different rules when it comes to registration and licensing. For that reason it is easier to renew the registration, and also to sell a vehicle, in the state you bought it in. But it is not essential. Just allow a bit more time if you plan to do it in a different state, and find out early on about the requirements.

Cars can be bought very cheaply of someone who is under pressure because their plane is leaving the next day... And if you plan a bit more smartly you can sell with a profit...

That leaves only the fuel budget to deal with:

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Budget Travel Around Australia
Sharing a Car

You want to travel around Australia on a budget and don't have the time to buy a car? Or the money? Too much hassle and risk? No problem!

The people who do buy cars are always looking for passengers to help with the costs for fuel and the driving (the loooong distances I keep mentioning). Check the notice boards in the hostels or anywhere else that is frequented by budget travellers for notices of people looking for passengers. In a small town like mine that could be the shopping centre or the internet cafe. People at the hostel will be able to tell you.

Or put up your own notice, saying where you want to go, and when you'd like to leave. It helps to be flexible.

This also applies if you bought a car and would like to have some company and to share the costs. Put up your notices in time, and be a bit flexible with the departure date. I guarantee that you will always find passengers.

I did most of my travel around the Australian Outback this way. I met great people from all over the world, picked up many swear words in a lot of different languages, and generally had a blast. Cheap travel in Australia is a great way to find company and make new friends.

(You can find out more about how I ended up in the Australian Outback on the page about me)

You can come to Australia on your own, but there is no need to travel around Australia on your own!

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