Cheap Travel in Australia

"This page may help you have the cheapest Australia holiday ever."

Up until not long ago that headline read "Cheap Travel TO Australia", because the great cheap deals I want to tell you about were only available to Australia visitors from overseas.

But now everyone can get huge savings on their Australia travel bookings! The Aussie Travel Saver Card is finally also available for us Australians.

Did you know that you can easily get discounts of up to 50% on your travel in Australia?

That's right, you can easily get really good deals on accommodation, car hire, restaurants, bars, in theme parks, on tours, cruises, when taking surfing lessons, when going whale watching, shopping... There are thousands of opportunities to save money. A lot of money!

It all depends where exactly you want to go and what you plan to do. But if you are lucky you can save hundreds and hundreds of dollars and have a real cheap Australia holiday.

How do you do it? It's so easy...

Cheap Travel in Australia
Introducing the Aussie Travel Saver

The Aussie Travel Saver Card is a special card that in the past only international Australia travellers could buy. And now Australian residents can get it as well!.

Having the card means you can get great discounts on thousands of different bookings and purchases.

The card is cheap as chips. For example a card for one month is $29, and you could do all your big bookings in that one month.

Lets do an example. On accommodation you can get discounts of up to 40%.

Say you need to book a hotel room for two nights, and say the regular price is $100 a night, and you get only 20% off. Over two nights you'd save $40. Already you made your money back and saved extra!
Every purchase or booking from here on saves you money. Lots of money!

Not into accommodation? One 4WD campervan hire company offers a 10% discount for ATS card owners. If you hire a campervan for a week or more you are looking at well over thousand to several thousand dollars. And that means potential savings of several hundred dollars! All with a card that costs you $29...

As you will see below, you can save on so many different things!

Yep, you CAN have cheap Australia holidays!

For people who go on longer Australia holidays there are different cards available:

  • 3 months card: $49
  • 6 months card: $69
  • 12 months card: $98

(On top of that I can also get you a 20% discount on those prices when you buy the card. More on that below.)

When I first heard about all this, I thought it's a bit too good to be true. Except it is true!

And this is how it works...

Cheap Australia Travel - How to save on accommodation. car hire, tours, meals and more

You order the Aussie Travel Saver Card online (wait with your order until you have read how to get the 20% discount!), and it is sent to you together with a unique identifier code. Every time you make a booking or purchase, you show the card or quote your unique code and you get up to 50% off the regular price. That's all there is to it!

You still get the same value as if you paid full price like everyone else. Only you don't pay full price.

Now, of course you do not get discounts at any and all places in Australia, but only at participating businesses. When I first read about that I thought, "Oh well, here we go. I bet there is nothing available that I would actually be interested in."

But the number of participating businesses is huge! I was totally overwhelmed by what's available.

On top of the obvious things like accommodation, car or campervan hire and tours, there are restaurants and cafes, bars and night clubs, theme parks and zoos, boat cruises, yacht hire and surf schools, hot air ballooning and dolphin swims... there is everything!

Some businesses offer a percentage, some times you get a fixed amount of dollars off the full price, and some places have different offers altogether.

(For example the famous Daly Waters Outback Pub offers you a free beer, wine or spirit with every meal.)

You can easily check first if it's worth for you to get that card. You just go the website and do some searches for things that interest you.

As one might expect, most participating businesses are located in the more populated regions of Australia, along the east coast and down south.

It's so easy to make just one booking and already you saved the price of the card. And from there on, every time you use it you save more. You can't lose. And for people traveling in the more "civilised" parts of Australia, the amounts can quickly add up to some staggering sums!

Go here and scroll down the page to have a look for yourself. (Don't forget to come back to find out how to save another 20% when buying the card!)

Travel cheaply in Australia
How to save 20% on the price of the card

As I said, initially I could not believe this. Just too good to be true, I thought!

But I've been in touch with the people behind this card, and not only is it all true, I also managed to negotiate a special offer for you:

On top of the savings you get with the card, I can also get you a 20% discount on the card itself! (At least for now I can. I don't know how long this offer will be valid.)

For example instead of $98 for a 12 months card, you only pay $78.40, a saving of nearly $20 right off the bat.

And all you need to do to get the extra 20% is to go here to buy your card, and in the field "Promotion Code" enter the code ROUTBACK.

By the way, YOU specify the starting date of the card. You can buy a card today and select a starting date for some months down the track.

Keep in mind that you can use the card from home to make bookings for car hire, accommodation, tours and more, so don't make the starting date too late.

Go and make this the cheapest Australia holiday ever.

Get your Aussie Travel Saver Card now and don't forget to enter the promotion code ROUTBACK for your 20% discount.

From today on you don't want to pay full price ever again!

(And if you know anyone else who could benefit from the Aussie Travel Saver Card, send them here so they also can save the extra 20%.)

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