Australian Outback Animals

Australian Outback animals are a varied and unusual bunch.

Australia in general was a confusing world for the early explorers: rather than running the larger animals were hopping around, the mammals were laying eggs and the swans were black...

Today people expect to see weird and wonderful animals in the Australian Outback. It's one of the main attractions of the place.

The Australian Outback is a big place, and many people think it is all wild and natural. Unfortunately humans have certainly left their mark, even here. As a result of the changed environment many animals of the Outback are slowly but surely disappearing...

Below is a (constantly growing) index of all the Australian Outback animals that are covered on this site. You will find lots of detailed information, pictures and even videos in there.

Learn how the animals of the Australian Outback adapted to life in the desert, how they live, which are plentiful and which are endangered, where you can still find them and how you can help them.

Australia's Outback Animals - Index

Popular Outback Animals

Red Kangaroo Australian Kangaroos
Kangaroos are the most iconic of all animals in the Outback. And if you think that kangaroos are hopping all over Australia, you are right. They can be found in all parts of Australia, not only in the Outback... [Australian Kangaroos >>]

The Dingo The Australian Dingo:
Did you know that the dingo is facing extinction? It's sad, but true. The dingo is in dire need of an image overhaul and help, so our grand children can still see dingoes in the wild, not only in picture books... [Australian Dingos >>]

Dangerous Outback Animals

Saltwater Crocodile Australian Crocodiles
Australian crocodiles are famous all over the world thanks to Crocodile Dundee. If you thought that was just a movie, think again... [Australian Crocodiles >>]

Brown Snake Australian Snakes
Snakes seem to be the scariest of all Australian Outback animals. Everybody is afraid of snakes, not only travellers, but most locals too. There is no need to be scared. Lack of information, wrong information, hype and sensationalism have given Australian snakes an image that they really don't deserve. [Australian Snakes >>]

Big Spider Australian Spiders
Some Australian spiders are poisonous, and some bites can, at least in theory, be deadly. This page contains everything you need to know about redback, funnel-web, bird-eating and other supposedly dangerous Australian spiders. [Australian Spiders >>]

The Lizards Of The Outback

Australian Outback Lizard Australian Lizards
Our lizards are big, colourful and unusual, and some of our most beautiful lizards even make good pets. Many owners of Australian pet lizards, and also many serious herpetologists, dream about visiting the Australian Outback to see these lizards in the wild... [Australian Lizards >>]

Blue Tongue Lizard Blue Tongue Lizard
The Australian blue tongue lizard is one of the first lizards I came to know when I arrived in Australia. The reason is that these big friendly skinks are very slow moving. They are easy to observe and easy to catch... [Blue Tongue Lizards >>]

Frilled Lizard The Frilled Lizard
The Frilly Lizard is the most popular of our lizards, because of its unusual looks and behaviour. These very distinctive lizards are world famous, as they are so photogenic. They can look scary if they want to, but really, it's all show... [Frilled Lizards >>]

Thorny Devil The Thorny Devil
Thorny Devils are also very popular Australian Outback animals. Not only is the thorny devil one of the most unusual looking reptiles, it also has rather unusual eating and drinking habits... [Thorny Devil Lizards >>]

Monitor Lizard Goanna or Monitor Lizard
The name goannas was given to the monitor lizards by the early European settlers, who thought our monitor lizards looked like the South American Iguanas. Goannas are the biggest Australian lizards, and at two metres the Perentie is one of the biggest Australian Outback animals... [Goanna Lizards >>]

Feral Outback Animals

Australian Outback Camel Camels In Australia
Yes, we have camels in Australia, or rather in the Australian Outback deserts. Lots of them. In fact, Australia's wild camel population is the biggest in the world. Lately, though, the camels in Australia have become a bit of a problem... [Camels In Australia >>]

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