Australia Outback Travel And Tours

The best way to travel in the Australia Outback?

That depends. Everybody is different. Today there are many options to experience Australia's Outback...

Do you prefer group or individual travel, luxury or adventure, five stars or under the stars?

The choice is yours!

Group Travel In The Australia Outback

There are countless tour operators all over Australia who specialize in providing small groups with an authentic Australia Outback experience. Day trips focusing on comfort, tagalong tours - follow an experienced guide in your own vehicle - or weeklong adventure camping trips are available.

Australia Outback Travel

Note: I would never travel to the Australian Outback in a big group. The reason? A big bus has to stick to the very best roads, but the most beautiful places require four wheel drive to access. Small tour buses combine off road capability with passenger comfort.

Also, Australia Outback tours are usually accompanied by very knowledgeable guides. The smaller the group, the more you will learn and the more chances you will have to ask questions.

Another reason is that if a big tour bus considers a place worth stopping at, then so will many other big tour buses. Hundreds of people in the same spot. It's not really the Outback any more, is it?

Individual Travel In The Australia Outback

In my personal opinion individual is the way to go. But as I said, everybody is different. Today Australia's Outback is very accessible for any vehicles. There is a lot of bitumen, and unsealed roads to tourist attractions are kept in good condition.

For the more adventurous the big car rental companies offer 4wd vehicles and even 4wd campers. It's a great way to see the Australia Outback. Enjoy the freedom of setting your own itinerary, go absolutely anywhere, and only pay for accommodation if you want to.

On the other hand, it is important to be aware of the inherent dangers of travel in Outback Australia. Outback means remoteness, if something goes wrong you might be a long way from help.

A typical Australia Outback track, red and dead straight

But don't be put off by that! This site provides you with everything you need to know.

Good planning and common sense go a long way. If well informed and well prepared the experience of travelling the Australia Outback is a safe one, and unforgettable as well.

If you plan to drive yourself don't miss the pages on driving in the Austrailian Outback.

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