Corrugations - The things they do to you.

by Sue
(Victoria Estate Qld)

Corrugated Road

Corrugated Road

A couple of hints for "first time" visitors to some of our country roads. Corrugations are the invention of a particularly fiendish devil and here are a couple of his favourite tricks.

Aluminium cans will abrade through in just a few miles and leave all your beer sloshing about in the bottom of your fridge if you don't wrap them up.

Sharp knives won't cut butter - supposing you have any left that wasn't spoiled by the beer - once again wrap them.

Screw tops will be undone and the contents of jar and bottle mixed in an unholy cocktail - green tomato pickle and Dettol is one that lingers in my memory. Worthwhile spending a few minutes to put a bit of tape on them and it might save you from a life-long aversion to what had been some of your favourite things.

Anything fastened with bolt and nut is fair game-a dab of nail polish helps or at least gives you a clue to what goes where, if you are cunning and use different colours.

Don't get me wrong, corrugations have their uses; they deter lots of people from visiting my favourite places and keep outback mechanics flat out for a good part of the year!
Happy motoring !!!!!!

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by: Birgit

Hi Sue,

Green tomato pickle and Dettol? Loverly indeed!
I still fondly (not!) remember the trip with a litre of normal milk and a litre of soy milk all through the back of the car. Milk cartons are NOT unbreakable :-).

Thanks for those great tips and the laugh. Excellent little article!

driving on corrugations
by: Anonymous

Hint to actual drive the corro's. Take bout 10lbs outa your tyres and find a speed that has you floating over the tops off them. But remember speed and dirt roads are dangerous especially if your not used to them and especially with a few lbs less pressure. Oh and please dont drive in the middle of the road

Hint regarding the tyre burying in the driving article
by: Anonymous

Great tip about burying the tyre when theres no tree or anything to winch off. Just make sure it's STEEL alloy will be nicely warped if you use this method with alloy wheels

Bike Riding
by: Anonymous

Ha Ha have you ever rode on corrogations on a bike? It hurts!

No thanks :-)
by: Birgit

No I haven't, and no thanks, I think I'll give that one a miss :-).

4WD or not
by: Dan

When driving over corrugations, and after you let your tyres down by 10 lb, should you use 4wd?

Dirt Road and 4WD
by: Anonymous

Always use High Range 4WD on dirt roads where ever possible. It allows you to steer and control better and not push your car off the road. If you have drive at the front, you can help pull the car where you want it, not push it as you would with just RWD only. Keep to a speed you can control in case something goes wrong.

by: Anonymous

A 4WD is easier and allows you to drive fast with less shaking. We did the entire Great Central Road once and some parts are really undoable without a 4wd.

by: Anonymous

I have heard somewhere that gas bottles should be checked regularly in order to avoid popping.

Gas bottles
by: Anonymous

There are a number of things to consider when travelling with gas bottles. The first one however is always travel with it upright. Good to google the rest I reckon!!!

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