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There seems to be a widely held belief that Australia's Outback is empty. That there are no people here and therefore you can't find accommodation in the Outback...

People are made believe that the only way to see the Australian Outback is with an experienced tour operator who takes care of everything, because you couldn't possibly sort it out yourself...

That's nonsense.

Sure, camping is a great option for those who like it. It gives you more flexibility than any other form of accommodation.

But hey, not everyone likes roughing it. So let's look at what else there is:

Where can I stay in Australia's Outback?

You actually have a wide choice when it comes to Australia's Outback accommodation. The options range from remote bush camps to luxurious resorts in the most pristine settings that you will be flown into.

Of course everything in between is also available. All major towns and Outback attractions obviously have the usual range of hotels, motels etc.

Once you get off the beaten track the choices might be a bit more limited, but you'll always find a roof over your head.

Getting off the beaten track is something not many people do anyway. Because you might not realise it, but most of the tracks across Australia's Outback are pretty well beaten by now. The tourism infrastructure here, and the tourist numbers, might surprise you...

For those who visit the Australian Outback on a budget there are caravan parks with cabin style accommodation and backpacker hostels even in the smallest towns. Australia is a backpacker's paradise and the Outback is no exception.

Bush camping is free and possible if you stay away from towns and settlements. But bush camping is something for dedicated campers and requires a bit more equipment. I do talk more about it on other pages of this guide.

Camping is definitely a great way to see Australia's Outback, it gives you a maximum amount of freedom. It is also very popular and some car rental companies offer the hire of camping equipment as well. If you're set up to camp you don't need to waste another thought about accommodation...

If you prefer a bit more comfort you can always stay at the pub.

Don't laugh. Pubs in Australia are called "Hotel", and they are just that. Every pub offers accommodation, (they have to, it's the law,) usually of very acceptable standard.

And you can rest assured that even the smallest settlement in the middle of nowhere has a pub. This is Australia and beer is important to us...

Farmstays are also an interesting alternative. In Australia's Outback these "farms" are huge cattle stations (called ranches elsewhere) whose size sometimes dwarfs European countries...

Many of them offer accommodation for people travelling through. They may also offer interesting activities or tours to waterfalls, gorges or Aboriginal art sites in their area. These are very personal four wheel drive tours, often just you and a local guide... Or you can get an insight into the workings of a cattle station, do some horse riding... Farmstays in Australia's Outback have a lot going for them...

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