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The Australian Outback Video Gallery has two kinds of videos.

First there are the short Outback video clips that you can watch on this site. You can find a couple on this page, and below them is a small directory that helps you to locate all the others.

I continually update the directory whenever I add video clips to other parts of the site. (Which I'm doing a lot at the moment.)

The second kind of Outback videos in the gallery are the full length Australia travel videos, or rather DVDs. Some of those also have a short promotional video clip that you can watch for free, but the real value is the whole DVD.

Some are great for armchair travellers and are meant to simply be enjoyed. Other travel DVDs in that category were specifically made to help people with trip planning. They combine great images with great information. A travel video can convey so much more, and do it in less time, than words and static images alone. Not a bad way to do trip planning if you ask me...

But enough talking, let's do some video watching!

The Australian Outback Video Gallery

Australian Outback Safari

Opening with a sunrise at Ayers Rock/Uluru, and closing with a sunset at the Olgas/Kata Tjuta, this four minute Australian Outback video shows what most people think of when they think Outback: the area we call the "Red Centre".

It's only a tiny, tiny part of the Outback, but that's what the tourists want, so here it is: a look at Ayers Rock/Uluru (including footage from the top of Uluru) and the surrounding area and national parks.

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Sights And Sounds Of The Outback

You may disagree, but I personally much prefer this ten minute Outback video. It showcases the "real" Outback. The footage was shot on a trip from Cairns in Queensland to Darwin in the Northern Territory, and it has everything that makes the Outback what it is...

Lots of wildlife (a monitor lizard, wallabies and kangaroos, crocodiles...), but also a feral pig, stray dogs (you get lots of them near Aboriginal communities), cattle (watch out for them when you're in cattle station country, which is most of the Outback...), road trains (good footage of overtaking several of them), Outback pubs and roadhouses, Outback characters, bush fires, dust devils, red roads, creek crossings...

...and then the tropical Outback regions: Katherine Gorge, Litchfield and Kakadu, wetlands, waterfalls and rock art... This is real. I like it.

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Directory Of Australian Outback Videos

Here are some other pages on my site where you can watch video clips:

Ayers Rock/Uluru

Australian Road Trains

Australia Travel (that's a nice one and not Outback specific)

More coming. (The next lot will be from Katherine Gorge and Kakadu National Park.)

Directory Of Australia Travel DVDs

Um, as I was rounding up the links for this directory I noticed that my pages are a bit outdated. There is a whole slew of great new DVDs that came out in 2006, so I'll update that section with all the new information, and then I'll put the directory together. Coming soon to a screen near you...

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