Our French Girls, we will miss you! Would love to have the opportunity of hiring travellers again

by Nicholle Brown
(Casino, NSW, Australia)

We do fun things like dressing up

We do fun things like dressing up

I own a pub in Northern NSW and hired two English speaking French girls who applied for a position I had advertised in the local paper. I had always wondered of doing something like that as we have loads of room in our pub and a house out the back. I ended up making two positions for them here.

They have worked and lived with us for 8 months now, but unfortunately for me, my family & our patrons their time is coming to end in the next couple of months. In the time that they stayed with us they have taken short breaks and are just about to go on a cruise to Fiji for 6 nights, $700, yes that's right!

They want to try and get NZ in before they leave as well. They flew into Melbourne and did a quick tour along the East coast stopping in at Sydney, staying at Yamba and then up to here, where they hired a campervan and eventually found me. They have been as far as Cairns and hope to get to Darwin for a weekend, or even Perth depending on the cheap flights (which are about at the moment, how cheap is NZ).

We are only 1 hour from Byron Bay/Ballina airport and the Gold Coast airport is just over 2 hours from us. We have the XPT train service come through here, so it's been easy for them to get to Brisbane, Sydney & going back to Melbourne by train before they fly out.

I would love to have the opportunity of having travellers again and need advice from anyone where I should start looking to advertise, as the local paper advert was a hit and miss last time.
Thanks for reading and I will put the girls onto this page to add some comments as well or maybe their story.
Nicholle Brown

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Advertise at backpacker hostels?
by: Birgit

Hi Nicholle,
Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm for your French visitors.

I'd find out which are the usual backpacker haunts and hostels closest to you, and I'd advertise your jobs on their notice boards.
Maybe you can call them and fax them something to put up?
My guess is that would be more likely to be read by the people you are trying to reach than an ad in the paper.

There are several online places as well (like Jobaroo.com) that collect job offers for travellers and where you can post jobs. But I don't know how well that system works and what quality of applications you'd get. It's been a while since I've been looking for backpacker jobs myself... :-).

by: Joanna

All you have to do is to call Visitoz and they will have workers for you when you need them.
No employment agency commissions!

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