Uluru in 1985

by Tom

I traveled to Alice Springs in 1985, rented a car and drove to Uluru to climb Ayers Rock.

I, back then was a novice traveler, however, I did my research on the Outback. It was a nice drive to the Rock, however, long. This was in May, and it was hot, like, maybe 90F. I was 32, and in good shape, and I did smoke and drink.

I climbed the rock in 38 minutes, and came back down in 24 minutes, no problem. Back then, 5 people died climbing it. This was the highlight of my Australia trip. Do not ban it altogether, let people experience it.

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by: Birgit

Thank you, Tom, for sharing your memories and those old photos. I really appreciate it and feel horrible for missing your submission and only publishing it now, half a year later. :(

(Even worse, yours is not the only one that went unnoticed. I am very sorry.)

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