Booking flight before applying for Working Holiday Visa

In your Working Holiday Visa description it says that "You must not make arrangements to travel to Australia until you are advised that your visa has been granted." But on the application form it asks about your return flight.

Should I go ahead and book my flight to give myself a better chance to obtain my visa?

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Application For Working Holiday Visa
by: Birgit

Can you tell me where exactly I say that? It sounds familiar, but I just did a search and can't for the life of me find that statement...

I don't know your circumstances. Sounds as if you have doubts about your eligibility. And if that's the case then I most certainly would not book anything.

Either you are eligible or you aren't. If you are and you have all the documentation required, then you get your visa without problems. If you are not eligible, then a flight ticket does not make you eligible.

I haven't looked at the application forms in detail in a while (I tried just then but their system seems to be down for maintenance).

But what you will need at some stage (though usually not until you actually arrive) is enough funds to support yourself upon arrival, and to fly back home again. Whether you prove that by showing them the money or showing them the ticket makes no difference.

Anyway, I am a travel writer, not a visa specialist or consultant. I don't keep up with all the intricate details and changes. All I do is point people to where they can find those details.

If you can't figure out yourself for sure whether you are eligible or not, then your best bet is someone like Visa First. Lodge with them and you will get your visa no worries.

If you are definitely eligible, you have nothing to worry about. Book whenever.

by: Birgit

I just had a look at the Visa First info pack application form, and they say:

"What travel agent do you think you will use to buy your flights?"

That is future tense. Will buy, once you know about your visa...

Visa First
by: Anonymous

I appreciate you taking the time to answer me so promptly. Checking with Visa First answered a lot of my questions...Cheers!

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