Working in Australia without visa

by Richie Knight
(Liverpool, UK)

I'm planning on going to Oz with a friend who will have a working holiday visa but I won't as I've already done that during 1999 / 2000. How easy / difficult is it to pick fruit (and get paid) without a working holiday visa? If it's do'able, what is best way to go about it?

Many thanks'

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Working in Australia without visa
by: Birgit

Hi Richie,
Sorry but I won't post instructions here on how to best break the law. You're on your own there.

Sure, working illegally is possible anywhere, but it also carries the same risks as everywhere else. You get caught, you get deported and barred from re-entry.

Getting Help with Australian Visa
by: Briane

Working Holiday Visa gives young people the opportunity to travel around Australia over a 12 month period, with the option of part-time or casual employment. I think visa is a must requirement if you want to work Australia. You can ask visa agent for help.

by: Anonymous

I've the same predicament in hand. I'd only be going for a month so I don't really want to waste a visa on such a short trip but would be very handy to be making a bit of money over there to keep me going.

I'm not sure how old this post is but did you any luck with it? Or get any other good advice?...anybody? :)

by: Anonymous

I'm confused. I looked at the skilled worker visa and it says you get points if you have Australian experience. Isn't that a catch 22? If it's illegal to work without a visa, how can you apply for a visa with Australian experience?

by: Anonymous

Good day! Is it possible to do voluntary work for accommodation and food or is this illegal? My friends are going on working holiday visa but I’ll have to go on a tourist because I’m 34. I should have around £9000 to take with me but would like it to get me around for as long as I can. Thank you.

working in australia without visa
by: george

Really it is difficult to get work, without friends and without a valid visa.
Your friends would be earning better than you, and you would be sad about it.
If you think patiently and look around in your own country, that many have made more money with peace of mind and less education-far advanced without going abroad.
Those who had gone abroad made money sacrificing the good relations or friendships and many more.
Please read the book,"Acres of Diamonds" before you decide. Thank you.

for working a job in australia
by: vinay kumar pandey

Respected Sir/Madam,
My self Vinay Kumar Pandey. I belongs from Meerut. My Qualification is highschool and Intermediate from UP Board. I had passed out B.C.A. from IIMT College, Mawana Road, Meerut.
I m PGDCA Student. I had passout from Maharishi Dayanand University Rohtak Harayana through distance Institute.

Where as my experience working, I have total five year experience of different sector like as hospitality, call centre documentation process etc.

I have never need the passport for applying gulf country. So, I want to work in your country.
Please give me suggestion about your application form which I may apply this.

What is requirement of document? Also send me at my email id is

I hope that you would not dissatified me.

With Regards,
Vinay Kumar Pandey

working for food and saccomodation
by: Anonymous

You can try various sites such as helpx, workaway and woofing.
With these you can get free accommodation plus food for doing voluntary work.
Check these out.

Working in Banningup
by: Anonymous

I hear that it is easier to work illegally in Perth than in Melbourne, is it true? Regardless either working in a factory or farming sector. I just wanted a confirmation from your side, my friends just landed in Perth 2 days back and they said they are in Banningup working in a potato and corn factory as a sorter. And immigration there are very lenient. Please confirm this because I wish to go there. Thank you.

Cheap student visa?
by: Anonymous

Hi, I'm a UK citizen planning on going to Oz on a working holiday visa just before I turn 31, however my long term partner is Czech and there is no Czech-Aussie working holiday visa scheme available. We are desperately looking for ways she can get a visa to allow her to work legally. I know you can get a student visa & work 20hrs a week, but uni courses cost a lot, is there any way to get on a cheap study course which will qualify her for a student visa? Or is there any way for her to get any visa? She is a uni graduate with 3 years retail management experience.

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