Desert Trip

by Sahra Huby
(Munich, Germany)

I'm travelling for the 4th time to Australia next year with two friends, we did a lot of road trips but never to the desert. We want to go to the center of Australia and we are wondering which route would be best.

We will have 6 weeks for our road trip (from middle of February till the end of April), so quite some time, and we are ready to drive quite a bit. The idea would be to start from Melbourne or Sydney and do kind of a loop back to one of these cities.

Can anybody advice me about which roads are nice and accessible? Some options that I thought of would be:

From Sydney up to Longreach, then through Boulia to Alice Springs, then down to Adelaide (and then Melbourne).

Or would it be better to go direct towards the desert, from Sydney direction Dubbo (A32) then B83 to Boulia then to Alice Springs and back down to Adelaide on the 87.

How is the road 12 between Alice Springs and Boulia?

Or is it nice to go even higher to Warumungu?

If you have any advice about which route to take that would be great! (I guess some are closed or inaccessible.)
Thank you very much!

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