Around Australia using LPG and petrol

by Chris Lucas
(Woolgoolga, NSW)

We have a 2004 Prado using both LPG and petrol. We plan to travel Australia for a few years pulling a 21 ft Jayco van.

Will I need to carry jerry cans of spare petrol to help get from eg Adelaide to Darwin and Cairns to Darwin or Darwin to Perth?

What have other travellers found--are there enough LPG outlets around Aus to keep topping up with gas--or not?

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LPG and petrol
by: Birgit

Chris, that depends on what exactly you plan to do, which routes you plan to take and which sights you want to visit on the road.
The more adventurous you are the bigger the chances that you could need a jerry or two for detours. (You shouldn't if you just stick to the main highways, but then you won't see a thing.)

I would recommend you get a good map that shows all the service stations and what they offer. (The maps I recommend in my free outback guide all do, sorry, don't have any direct links handy here.)

LPG Locator Australia APP for iPhone
by: Mike and Deb

Hi. We have an iPhone APP that is very useful for LPG users in Australia. Called LPG Locator Australia, you can download this APP from iTunes. It is very useful for trip planning. Info about the APP is also on Facebook and Youtube.

by: Roger

I have been searching for a GOOD android LPG for Aus locator. Found one but appears not to have independents covered. Any thoughts or help?

Around Oz with LPG only
by: NevilleW

I intend to travel from Melbourne to Perth and then to Darwin in a Falcon LPG only car Sedan. I cannot find a map that gives me confidence that I will find LPG in every big town. I intend to not get off the A1 all the way, so I may be ok if I just keep topping up with each big town. The RACV had nothing and just said assume all petrol stations (in their "Camp7" guide) will have LPG, that is not the case In Tassie. I think I will be ok, but it is risky.

LPG locators
by: Anonymous


It seems that there is no comprehensive list of LPG stations...only apps from each of the major suppliers.

Sooo, I had a play with the apps from Caltex, Shell & BP.

Caltex and Shell have very good apps but Shell seem to have less LPG coverage. I will use the caltex App as my go to to help me locate LPG stations. with the other 2 as back up.

LPG Locator app
by: Gary

LPG Locator Aust is a great app, very very handy but only available for iphones and ipads at this stage, hope they release an android version soon!

fuel map
by: seTup oNe

Fuel Map for Android, just select LPG as fuel type.

Is LPG available at all Service Stations from Ceduna to Perth?
by: Anonymous

I have NO SMART Phone, what can I do, as they all promote the use of Apps?

LPG only car
by: Anonymous

What about Cairns to Darwin and Darwin to Broome ?

LPG servos
by: Tony

Has anyone traveled from Brisbane to Cairns in an LPG only vehicle? If so are there autogas stations located all the way up the east coast?

LPG only Townsville to Melbourne
by: logeybear

Hi guys, I just travelled up and down the east coast in a LPG only van and I found fuel along the way easily. Only one spot I couldn't check because I wouldn't be able to make it back to the highway on one tank. Used the app LPG finder and it was ace. Going to head to Western Aus soon so fingers crossed it's as readily available as the whole east coast! Happy travelling hommies!!

by: Merv

Travelling from Gold Coast to Alice Spring on LPG only. Is there enough service stations within 500km of each other?

by: Merv

Hi, I'm still wanting to know if there is LPG stations from Gold Coast to Alice Spings on the M1 within 450ks of each other.

North Australia mainly diesel and petrol
by: Anonymous

I drove from SA throughout Victoria on a dedicated LPG vehicle, and had no promblem finding stations that had LPG. As oil companies make LPG,as well as petrol, you will see LPG outlets increasing as the oil companies contribution to reducing greenhouse gases. At the moment the east of Australia you can drive all the way from Melbourne to Cairns in a LPG or hybrid car. But if you try heading north from Adelaide or Perth, there is still a lack of LPG on these routes. The enviro minister should be doing there job and reducing diesel cars as diesel fumes are very toxic, with cancer causing compounds. The diesel promblem in Australia is real. We produce our own LPG gas from Bass strait, and LPG should be cheaper than what it is, so they're making huge profits. Countries in Europe are banning diesel cars, or setting dates to, as their toxic effects have been proven.

LPG coverage AUS
by: Anonymous

Northern WA and NT are the 2 states with poor LPG coverage. Petrol and diesel rule there.

No lpg up north
by: Anonymous

Don't try going to NT on a dedicated LPG . You will end up stranded and having to pay for a truck tow. This is diesel and petrol only. Being a small state not worth their money and many suvs, pickups and 4wd in NT on dedicated diesel or petrol only. I did not see any LPG seller in Darwin when I was there 2 years back. Stick to eastern and south states for LPG.

LPG Availablility on M1 in Queensland
by: Anonymous

Hello, I went for a trip from Brisbane to Ingham last May (2018). I found it very difficult to get LPG, the older service stations have it but often their pumps are broken and they do not get them fixed quickly, it can take weeks! Ended up on a tilt tray to get to Mackay from Rockhampton because the service station I intended to fill up at, had a broken pump. Very disappointing and frustrating. You need to call ahead to the individual service station to make sure they have LPG and that the pump is working!

Im Driving Adelaide to Alice Springs
by: Anonymous

G'day Guys
Im wanting to drive from Melbourne via Adelaide to Alice Springs (Uluru) in a ford falcon dedicated gas vehicle am i going to have issues with buying LPG from Adelaide to Alice Springs?

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