Climb the rock!

by (Anonymous)

I climbed the rock back in 1987 and it was a soulful experience. All Australians have the right to climb and they should. I felt more in tune with our country, gained more appreciation of our land and got an insight into Aboriginal culture. Just like when I visited Katherine, Kakadu and Arnhem land.

No one has a moral right to exclude their fellow countrymen from enjoying the experience of the natural wonders of our great country. I fully support that along with those rights comes the due respect and proper treatment any place in our country deserves. If any group of people want to worship in a location to the exclusion of others - I suggest they build a church and then they'll have the right to let whomever they want in or not, just like their own home.

No one, no matter what argument they put up, has the right to exclusively control the great outdoors.

My mother is buried in a cemetary. I don't have the right to tell everyone they can't walk over her grave because it is sacred ground to me and excluding them from visiting their loved ones.

We will never progress in this country as long as people continue to keep making conscious divisions rather than concentrating on all being Australians.

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