Work visa for 30 year old

I am a 30 year old Canadian wanting to apply for an Australian holiday work visa. My question is:

Can I apply for a working holiday visa before I turn 31 and still enter Australian borders after my 31st birthday? Basically can I be 31 to receive my work permit at Australian customs?

I have searched high and low for this answer as it only says 18 to 30 year olds inclusive can apply for this visa. You are my only hope!

Many thanks

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Applying for Australian Working Holiday Visa
by: Birgit

Hi Cris,

Well, you already quoted your answer: "18 to 30 year olds can apply for this visa".

Or, to quote from my Australia work visa page:
"To apply for this particular Australia Work Visa you need to be between 18 and 30 years old."

Not to enter Australia under this visa, to apply for it. (When I get a moment I'll go back and make it clearer.)

Re searching high and low: in all my visa information I always refer people with further questions to the website of the Department of Immigration. It is a very user friendly website and your question is answered there.

Here is their page about the Working Holiday Visa

Under the heading "Who is this visa for?" it says:

"This visa is for people aged 18 to 30 years of age, who are interested in a working holiday of up to 12 months in Australia."

And right below that, the next sentence says:

"Important: Applicants must have turned 18, but not turned 31, at the time of visa application."

At the time of visa application.

If that is still not specific enough, you see a link there that says "Eligibility".

Follow that and you find, under the general requirements for a first application:

You must

  --be aged between 18 and 30 years (inclusive) at the time of applying

  --Important: Your age will be determined as the age you are in Australia at the time your application is lodged (Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) or the Australian Eastern Daylight Savings time (AEDST)). Because of this time difference you are advised not to wait to lodge your application until you are about to turn 31, as the system will take the current date in Australia as your application date.

What that means is don't leave it until the evening before your 31st birthday. Canada is many hours behind us and it may already be tomorrow in Australia... :-)

If there was an additional restriction for age when entering Australia, it would be mentioned, in big bold letters.

You are technically restricted to being no older than 31 when arriving, because you can apply no more than 12 months before your intended date of travel. And at the time of application you can be no older than 30...

There are no additional age restrictions.

Being 30!
by: Anonymous

Dear Cris,

the same problem you are quoting was my problem so I sent an additional e-mail to the Government website and received an e-mail back.

The answer was: yes, you have to be still 30 years old when you APPLY but technically you can be 31 years if you ENTER Australia and be 32 if you LEAVE Australia.

So.... yahhooooo! Have fun!

Greetz of a girl from Holland

When to Apply?
by: Anonymous

I will turn 31 next summer and I want to go to Australia in June 2010 after I have finished my Masters. So should I apply now?

Before 31 :-)
by: Birgit

As was discussed on this page, apply before you turn 31. If you are sure to travel within 12 months, you could apply now, or you can wait until next year.

Just make sure you lodge before you turn 31.

Working Holiday Visa over 30 years old?
by: Julie

Hi, I'm 31 years old and would like to get a harvest job in Australia. Do I have to get a regular visa because of my age? How does it work?

What if you're over 30
by: Birgit

Please see:
Is There An Australian Working Holiday Visa For People Over 30?

What if you're 33?
by: Anonymous

Is there way to still get a working visa?


Please read the information. All this stuff is covered.
by: Birgit

As I just said, please see:
Is There An Australian Working Holiday Visa For People Over 30?

18 - 30
by: Working visas

As long as you have been granted your working holiday before your 31st birthday you will be fine. Once the visa has been granted you have 12 months to enter into Australia to start you working holiday. For mor information -

How to Get a Visa?
by: Anonymous

I wish to get a working visa in Australia. I am 34 now and wanna know if it's possible?

Applying at 30 granted Visa at 31
by: KKC

What if I apply for the WHV at 30 but for some reason it takes weeks/months to be granted and one turns 31? Can I still enter or will I automatically be ineligible for the WHV? I’m asking because I’ve just applied and I’ve just had my medicals and after some research have read that it can take up to 8 weeks if not longer. I'll be turning 31 in 8 1/2 weeks: o(

Anyone have some good solid advice or a number I can call? I am currently residing in Shanghai.

@KKC - How did it turn out in the end? Was the visa granted despite turning 31?
by: KEB

Hi KKC, I have the same issue: due to a medical check (lived in TB country) and despite my visa application being lodged far in advance, I am still waiting for the visa to be granted. Unfortunately, I'm turning 31 in one month. How did it turn out with your visa? Did you get it granted despite turning 31? Does anyone know whether the granting of the visa has to have happened prior to turning 31 too or is it just the lodging of the application? Cheers - KEB

Second year visa
by: Anonymous

The only place I actually got an answer to my question! :) So I'm gonna risk it all and ask one more question, in hopes I'll get an answer! :) So once I get the visa, and I'm 31 when I enter Australia, what about the second year visa? Can I get that one, or am I completely out of luck? :) (Also don't want to waste my time on a farm if I can't be granted a visa anyway).

Help a Dane out here... :)


Re: Second Year Visa
by: Anonymous

I have the same question as Riada:-

I have been granted a 1 year WHV just before my 31st birthday so will travel out there while I am 31. Can I still be granted a 2nd year visa if I meet the farm work requirements or will I be wasting my time due to the age restriction?
If anyone can answer my question or, failing that, direct me to somewhere that can answer this for me I would be very grateful.
Thanks in advance


by: Anonymous

I entered Australia while 31 with 6 days before my visa expired. As long as it's granted you have one year to activate. Sadly you cannot get the second year extension being over 30. (Applies to all visas). It's worth it. Do it

Working visa
by: Anonymous

I am over 30 years old. Is there any type of the visa should I apply for to go to Australia on a seasonal work in a winery?

Thanks for your comments in advance.

by: Dave

Hi I've applied for a WHV 7 days before my 31st birthday. After 2 days it still just says "application received" on the website and there is no option to call / email them. I know I've left it late but I'm really hoping someone can put my mind at ease as can't find out anywhere and have 5 days to go till 31!

Working visa
by: Anonymous

What would be the deal if my wife goes over on a working visa? She'll be 23 and I'll be 32? Is there anyway that I'll be able to get a working visa?

2nd WHV application: intended date to travel
by: Anonymous

Having completed the 88 days of required work during the 1st WHV in Australia in 2010, I am now submitting the online application for the 2nd WHV from abroad prior to turning 31. The online visa application is asking me the intended date to travel to Australia and I don’t know the date yet. I understand that the visa allows me to make my initial entry into Australia no later than 12 months from the date the visa is granted online. Once in Australia, this visa permits me to stay in Australia for 12 months from the date that I first enter Australia and my passport is stamped. Shall I simply state a random date within 12 months from the date the visa is granted and I will still be allowed to stay for 12 months after entering the country?

"Help a Dane out of here..." :)
by: Farmer

"...I'm 31 when I enter Australia, what about the second year visa? Can I get that one, or am I completely out of luck? :) (Also don't want to waste my time on a farm if I can't be granted a visa anyway)."
WTF Rialda!! Don't want to waste your time on a farm if you can't be granted a visa anyway.
"waste your time on a farm", well that's a relief, at least we can reciprocate & won't waste any of our time on you. Better still stay at home. Cheers

by: Anonymous

Hi guys, just a quick question.
I'm doing my 1st year visa now and planning to complete the 88 days required to qualify for a second year . This is my issue, I started my 1st year 1 month before I turned 30 years old. So if I get my second year accepted can I enter the country at the age of 31 ? Because planning to spend a few months back in UK. Before I start year 2. So would be entering Australia around 31 years 3 months old to start my visa.

Thank you in advance.

Am I eligible to get a WHV???
by: Nelson Steven

Am I eligible to apply for a working visa? I am from PNG.

31 want second year visa
by: Anonymous

I am 31 now I’m here in Australia on from America on the working holiday visa. I wanted to try to get a second year visa, is it too late? Am I over the age limit even though I am here now on a first year visa?

2nd year visa
by: Anonymous

Hey. I have a one year working visa already granted and I'm 30, can I get my second and maybe 3rd or not because I'm already 30? Any help appreciated.

2nd year visa
by: Anonymous

Can I get my second year visa and then my third if I'm already 30?

31 in 10 days what are the chances of getting a working holiday visa?
by: Anonymous

10 days until I'm 31, can I get a working holiday visa?

Yes is the short answer.
by: Anonymous

I got mine in 6 days, but I am from Denmark. I even needed to do an x-ray due to living in a high-risk country for over 3 month prior to my application.

Apply for a second year visa NEW
by: Milena

Hi, so I understand you cannot apply for a second year visa if you are over 30 but what if I am 30 when starting the farm work and turn 31 before finishing the 3 months? Would I be granted the second year visa?

Working Holiday visa granted
by: Anonymous

Hey! I applied working Holiday 417 visa when I was 30. I’m 31 now and i got the visa granted. By the time I’ve planned to go to Australia I Will be 32. Will I be able to enter to Australia when I’m 32 years old?

Working Holiday visa granted but 33 years old arrival NEW
by: Martin

I applied for the work&travel visa before turning 31, but due to covid they granted me the visa 3 days after I turned 32. I have till 10. December 2022 to arrive and most likely I will arrive around 7 Dec 2022. This is the day I turn 33. Could there be any problem about it?

As from what I read there should be no problem as long as you have a granted visa and will arrive in the time it says, right?

Thanks for the help!

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