Can bar work in the Outback count towards 2nd Year Visa?

by Micx

I have only got a few months left in Australia to complete my first year - I absolutely love the place and have travelled from Sydney right around to Darwin were I have settled for almost 5 months. I don't feel like I got the true Oz exerience.

I would love the opportunity to do some hospitality/bar work anywhere in Oz to meet real people and wonder could it go towards my getting a 2nd year visa? Any help would be great!

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Specified work for second year WHV
by: Birgit

Hi Micx,
I'm sorry, but outback bar or hospitality work does not count.

On my page about this particular work visa for Australia, towards the bottom, I gave a link to the government website. There you can find all the specifics about which regions and which kind of work qualifies.

Here's a quick list of work that does count:

  • plant and animal cultivation (e.g. fruit picking)

  • fishing and pearling

  • tree farming and felling

  • mining (with the recession Australian mining jobs are not as easy to come by as they used to)

  • construction

The work does not need to be paid (volunteer work like WWOOFing can count).

But it has to be listed as specified work. (Here is the full list on the government website. Select the tab "Visa applicants" and click on "Specified work".)

Trying to get 2nd year.
by: Sue

Hi I want to get my 2nd year working holiday and I am currenly working in the out back and have been for 3months and will be until the end of july.
I know I am in the right post code and have an ABN. Am I eligable?

Work in outback? What work?
by: Birgit

I don't know Sue. A list of eligible work is above. I have no idea what work you are doing, so I can only suggest you read the information above, if needed follow the links I gave, and find out.

2 nd year visa
by: Anonymous

I am hoping to be able to get a 2nd year visa. I have limited time, so I was wondering if I have to finish the 3 month agriculture work a certain time frame before my original working visa expires, to be able to apply. I mean, they probably need some time to proceed my request or?

Best regards LM

2nd year visa application
by: Birgit

Good question. I had to look it up myself. What it says on the government site is:
"If you lodge your application in Australia, you must be in Australia to be granted your visa. You should apply before your current visa ceases."

There is no specified time frame for completing the work. Processing time for the second year visa is 21 days (also from the government site), so I'd apply no later than that, and obviously you want all your paper work together by then.

As you can see, all answers to any and all visa questions can always be found on the government site.

where to find jobs
by: Anonymous

Does anyone know any sites or places where they advertise these kind of jobs? Don't know how to go about finding work that will qualify me for a 2nd year visa. thanks

2nd year visa - jobs in Adelaide???
by: Matt

Hello everyone,

I'm struggling to find work for my 2nd year visa. I've got to stay close to Adelaide because my girlfriend works there. Does anyone know of any where I can look for jobs or any information? Thanks, Matt

I'm above 30 years and I'm from Singapore
by: Din

Hi there,

I'm a 37 year old man and I'm from Singapore.
Currently I have a job offer at Darwin Australia as a mixologist. Can I know how the process is?

Be Wonderful,

Volunteer work for 2nd year visa
by: kieran

I have heard that since the disaster in Brisbane, one can now do one month volunteer work to clean up the mess after floods and that is sufficient to the second year visa. How true is this?

by: Anonymous


I am going to work in a roadhouse in the outback this week and will be doing a mixture of jobs, including gardening. Will this count for a second year visa?


2nd year visa work.
by: Anonymous


I'm looking for some advice on regional work towards the process of my 2nd year visa. Does regional work only include fruit picking and farming?

I am a qualified nurse and would prefer to work in this field in a regional area if it is possible.


Any input is welcome as answers are hard to come by.

Counting our 88 days
by: Alan

Hi, My girlfriend an I have been working on a Maron farm voluntarily both full time when we have had the opportunity because we also have jobs in the city and we have been going down on weekends to make up the 88 days, is this OK?

Our dates on our application form are going to be as follows:

August 20th to Sept 17th = 29 Days
October 9/10 and 24/24 = 4 Days
November 6/7 and 20/21 = 4 Days
Dec 4/5 and 11th to 19th = 11 Days
Jan 8/9 and 22/23 = 4 Days
Feb 5/6 12/13 = 4 Days
Apr 2/3 16/17 = 4 Days
May 21/22

We are going to do June 1st to the 28th to make up the rest which is 28 days so all added up we have 90 days, is this OK?


2nd Year Visa
by: Mike

Hi, I have just turned 29 and am about to embark out to Australia on a 1 year working visa! Does anybody know if it will be possible to apply for 2nd year visa even though I would have just turned 30 by the end of my 1st year visa?


Does volunteer work count?
by: Anonymous

Hi, I'm working as a volunteer in the hospital shop here in Adelaide and I want to know is volunteer work counted in my working points for my student residence visa please?

3 Months
by: Adam


I am about to go to the mines (14 May 2012) and my visa runs out on the 17th august 2012. As this is 3 months, will this count towards it as they employ 2 weeks on 1 week off? Do I have to work full 88 days or be emplyed by them?

Can you do voluntary farmwork on a tourist visa to count towards your second year?
by: Fi

I've already had my first year working visa and went to a farm to try and complete my regional work. However, the farm I got to was horrendous, the farmer withheld our pay and didn't allow water breaks in 40 degree heat. (Never go to Dalbeg in Queensland). We subsequently left but I am still desperate for my second year visa.

Can I use a tourist visa to complete my 88 days with voluntary work and subsequently apply for my second year working visa?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

Apply for 2nd working visa within last 3 months
by: Anonymous

Can anyone help please? If my work for my 2nd working visa overlaps my 12 months (1st working visa) can I still apply for 2nd visa and stay on?

2nd year visa
by: Ross

Hi me and my girlfriend are in NT Katherine doing our 2nd year work i am full time on constuction so mine is taken care of. As for her she is doing lemon picking & packing but work is cut short, we have 4 months left to get this done. Now my question is how does she declare work that she is not being paid for,for example she has been working on my boss's house this week, unpaid as he really doesnt need her, she did 4 at the farm 3 at his house, how does she declare it and get it to count on her 88days? Also i have heard that you can get a bridging visa to get your rural work finished,, im wondering how you qualify for that? PLEASE HELP.

Same question...
by: Sylvie

Fi, have you found an answer to your question? I am wondering the same thing..

Right information is critical
by: Anonymous

There are a LOT of rules around the 2nd year visa and I would suggest doing the hard yards and reading up about it or calling the immegration department. The price is too high if you get the wrong information or don't do your documentation correctly. Workaway has some 2nd year visa positions and the hosts may know the rules if they are issuing visas - they will likely get into trouble if they give you the wrong information so get a printout of the requirements from any employer and be sure to keep a diary and photos and a log book! Gumtree is a source but a bit more of a gamble without the reviews that sites like workaway and helpx offer. You could also try workstay and - they seem to come up high in the search results. Too bad they don't have a place to offer jobs here. Good luck.

by: Anonymous

Can anyone tell me if driving jobs go towards second year visa, please.

trying to get my girlfriend's 2nd year
by: Anonymous

My girlfriend worked on a farm in Kununurra but she only was there for 2 months (60ish days) as she didn't know she was going to meet me and will want to come back? My question is what would be the best bet to attempt to get her visa still approved?? Could we say she did a month or volunteer work? Any suggestion would be appreciated.

2nd year visa
by: Naomi

Hi, I am currently working as a nurse and have worked in rural areas. If I took another 3 month contract in the outback nursing would this count? Thanks.

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