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Get information and help with planning your trip
to the Western Australia Kimberley region.

To visit the Western Australia Kimberleys region in the Australian Outback is a big trip for most people.

It makes no difference if you are from Australia or overseas, you will need to do some planning.

Unfortunately there isn't a lot of detailed Kimberleys information available online (though I'm working hard to change that...).

So where do you go to get help and more information about the Kimberleys in Australia?

You might want to know more about travel distances, the time recommended for different parts of the trip, what tours are available, etc.

Especially if you are from overseas and have little time you might find it hard to work out a detailed itinerary for your visit, and to contact the individual hotels, caravan parks or tour operators.

The KVC can help you to
plan your trip to the Kimberleys

This is where the Kununurra Visitor Centre can help you. It is a great place to walk into and get information, help, advice, maps or brochures while you're in town. But they are also happy to help anyone contacting them in writing, by phone or via email.

The Kununurra Visitor Centre is a not-for-profit organisation. Their main goal is that you have the perfect holiday in the Kimberleys. Like me they hope that you will love it here as much as we do, and they will do their best to make sure you enjoy yourself while in the Western Australia Kimberleys.

So what can they do for you? The Kununurra Visitor Centre does not only help visitors to Kununurra or the East Kimberley. They can organise your whole trip from Darwin to Broome, and to anywhere in between.

One of their specialties is itinerary preparation. I consider that very important for overseas visitors on a tight schedule.

They take pride in matching the right tour operators or guides with the right clients, and they can also send you brochures and information packs.

So if you're ready to get serious about your visit to the beautiful Kimberleys in Australia, why don't you contact them through the form below? It will send an email to them. The more details you provide about who you are and what you are interested in, the better they will be able to help you.

(If you have any problems contacting them, or would like to provide me with some feedback on the service you received, just email me through the form on the contact page.)

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