Darwin - Tourism In The Australian Outback
Darwin, the tourism capital of Australia?

No other capital is so conveniently located if you want to see the Australian Outback.

You can fly to Darwin from anywhere in the world or from within Australia. And once you are here all of Australia is open to you.

From Darwin you can easily make your way to Kakadu or Katherine Gorge, across the Australian Outback to Alice Springs and Ayers Rock, or across the beautiful Kimberley to tropical Broome.

Darwin is a great place to fly to or from.

The Airport, the Darwin Tourism hub

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If you arrive or depart from Australia via Asia - as anybody from Europe, the Middle East or Asia will - then flying to or from Darwin cuts four hours of a long haul flight that is strenuous at best of times...

The Australian airline Qantas has partnered with many international airlines. No matter which airline you prefer, you should be able to book a flight to Darwin with them, with Qantas carrying you the last leg of your trip.

The partnership with Qantas also offers the benefit of packages including Qantas domestic flights within Australia. Strongly recommended if you want to see several locations on your visit. This is a big country....

You can learn more about international air travel to Australia in the section "Getting There".

Darwin Airport | Train and Car Travel | Where to next?

Darwin Tourism - The Airport

Darwin airport is small and the staff are extremely friendly. No luggage trolley pushing marathons, no hours of waiting in endless check in, immigration or customs waiting lines. (And a better chance to make that flight if you're running late for some reason, I'm talking from experience... )

Darwin airport is only 13 km from the city and many hotels offer a pick up and drop off service. Taxis are always available, and for the budget conscious traveller I can recommend the shuttle bus. For a few dollars you will be taken from Darwin airport to and around the city. It stops at most hotels, motels and hostels on the way, and at other locations on request.

All major car rental companies are represented at Darwin airport and you can have your vehicle waiting for you.

And stop by the information booth and grab one of the free booklets with all the maps, information about what to see and do, upcoming events, festivals etc.

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Darwin Tourism - Train and Car Travel

The Ghan arriving in Darwin

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Darwin has so much to offer already, but in February 2004 Darwin tourism received another big boost, and travellers a very interesting new option: the Adelaide-Darwin Railway was finally completed.

2979 km of train travel on the Ghan, across the continent from South to North and through the "Red Centre". This is one of the great rail journeys in this world.

The same transcontinental travel to Darwin can be experienced by car along the Stuart Highway. It's a long drive, but many interesting places on the way invite you to stop over. Coober Pedy, the opal mining town, with its underground houses, shops and accommodation. Alice Springs, and a side trip to Ayers Rock. The hot springs at Mataranka, Katherine...

The highways from the East and West coast join the Stuart Highway at Three Ways Roadhouse near Tennant Creek or at Katherine, respectively.

No matter where you drive from, it's a loooong way. These tables with driving distances in Australia will tell you just how long...

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Darwin Tourism - Where To Next?

Of course the driving can be done in the opposite direction, too. Use Darwin as a starting point and discover the Australian Outback from here...

A not quite so long drive is a round trip from Darwin through Litchfield National Park, to Katherine. After visiting Katherine Gorge National Park head back up, visiting Kakadu National Park on the way back. Allow a minimum of five, better seven to ten days for this trip.

The other popular drive leads from Darwin to Broome. Drive through Kakadu (Litchfield can be visited in a day trip from Darwin), Katherine, then on the Victoria Highway to Kununurra, and finally on the Great Northern Highway or the famous Gibb River Road to Broome on the West Coast. This drive through the Western Australia Kimberley region is probably the most spectacular drive that Australia has to offer...

I wouldn't call Darwin a tourism capital if it wasn't possible to do all these trips as an organised tour as well. The selection of tours available from Darwin is staggering. There is something for everyone, for every budget and time frame. Any tourism office, travel agent, or the receptionist at your hotel will be more than happy to help find the perfect tour for you.

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