Got A Working Holiday Visa for Australia?

"Now How To Go About Finding Work in Australia?"

Finding work in Australia is not that hard. Got a working holiday visa for Australia? But not sure how it will all work out and how easy or difficult it is to find work?

It seems most people are rather nervous about this aspect of their upcoming working holiday in Australia!

There is absolutely no need to be nervous at all.

The good news: Australia is such a big country, it's always peak season somewhere. The work is here, waiting for you.

The bad news: Australia is such a big country, if you land in the wrong place you may be thousands of kilometres from where the work is waiting for you.

It does help to get some directions!

Would you like some hands on help with finding a job once you arrive in Australia? Then see this page about arriving in Australia with a WHV.

The easiest to find work for people on working holidays in Australia is fruit picking jobs and work in the hospitality industry.

I already covered fruit picking jobs in great detail. I also wrote about work in the hospitality industry and some other ways to work as you travel Australia:

But I also have another tip to share:

People hear Australia and they think Sydney.

Most working holiday visa holders fly to Sydney and they seem to think Sydney is the hub for everything and since it's the biggest city it must be the easiet place for finding work in Australia. That couldn't be further from the truth!

Western Australia is where the work is!

Right now all of Western Australia is DESPERATE for workers, especially in the hospitality industry. Why? Because of the ongoing boom in the mining and resources industry. Everybody is flocking to the mines and oil rigs and gas plants. As a result the restaurants, pubs, hotels and just about any other business have major trouble finding the staff they need.

Cafes and restaurants have had to close down beause they simply could not find enough staff to continue!

Update: Our mining industry did not escape the globel economic slowdown... It isn't growing as rapidly as it used to. But that does not change the fact that Western Australia is the best place to find work in Australia!

The situation is so bad that the Western Australian Government has even launched a new website, just to attract more working holiday visa holders to Western Australia!

It's here:

The site tells you more about what kind of jobs are available, how to find them and also has a list of email contacts for employers in the hospitality industry. Unfortunately that list focusses to the big hotel chains and resorts.

If the flashy resorts aren't your cup of tea, then hopefully this Outback Pub Barmaids Program from WorkStay is! (Don't miss the testimonials.)

If you want to work and travel Australia, use Sydney only as a jump off point. Spend at least the working part of your working holiday in Western Australia. You may just find out that you want to spend the rest of your time there, too...

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