Backpacking through the Outback

by Mickey
(New Hampshire, United States)

I am interested in taking about a month trip through the outback. Camping, hiking, just being outdoors. I am a current college student in the states so my plan is to go for the month of June (I know that it will be busy).

I would love to spend as much time in the middle of nowhere (safely) and away from tourists as possible. My plan was to rent a 4wd campervan and travel north from Adelaide up into the outback. I would like to see the "must-see" attractions but want to spend more of my time out in the wilderness, with aborigines, learning the culture of the areas, animals, plants, take boat trips through very remote areas.

So if anybody has information I would love the help.
My email address is Thank you very much for your help.

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Don't be fooled
by: Roy

Our aboriginal ”culture” is just a myth – what you’ll see may be much too different to what you read in the glossy tourist brochures... Visiting aboriginal land is practically impossible (if you happen to be non-aboriginal), but if you take a good telescope and climb Uluru (hardly possible too...) you may have a chance. Prepare to be disappointed and make sure you have serious life and travel insurance. If you’re coming to Melbourne give us a call – several good spots around – safe and open for everyone – black or white!

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