10 Days - Flying into Alice Springs and out of Darwin

by John

I am travelling with a group of five and intending on renting a campervan to travel for ten days in the last two weeks in February, flying into Alice Springs and out of Darwin.

I know I have a short time and it is a long distance and am worried I am going to be driving all the time and seeing nothing. Three stops in three places on the Alice Springs to Darwin route would be ideal even if I miss some (if not a lot) of what there is to see, I can always come back. What are the top three places/stops (in your opinion!) to see?

Your website is amazing reading and so comprehensive!

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Alice Springs to Darwin
by: Birgit

Hi John,

Thanks for the kind words. Much appreciated!

Well, you have to drive about 1500 km. Between setting up and packing up camp that doesn't leave much time for exploration. Also, all unsealed roads will be closed in February.

Those two limitations don't leave you with much choice, which makes it easy.

The obvious places are the Devils Marbles, about 500 km north of Alice, for the first night. You can explore them at sunset and sunrise.

Another 650 km further is Katherine Gorge for the second night. You may have time for a sunset walk to the lookout there. Explore the Gorge the next day either on a cruise or a longer morning walk (e.g. to the Southern Rockhole).

In the afternoon drive to camp at Litchfield National Park, and then you can spend the whole next day there exploring all the waterfalls and drive to Darwin in the evening.

It's a very typical itinerary for that drive and takes you to the must sees. (Except for Kakadu of course, but you really don't have time for that.)

You do know what the weather will be like in February, right?

Stinking hot and humid, and in the north it may pour down and you may encounter flooding, so be flexible and keep an eye on the forecasts.

You should escape most of the heat as you will be doing the driving at the hottest time of the day.

If you can get through ok then it will be pretty amazing to see all those waterfalls at that time of the year!

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