18yr. old traveling Australia alone

by Jill
(Canton, Georgia, USA)

My son Kevin will be in Australia by the end of this month. He wants to camp in a tent. I say stay in hostels. He will probably do both. What are the important things I should purchase for him before he leaves other than the obvious that many people forget? He is a novice camper.
Jill Dennis

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Your son will be fine.
by: Birgit

Hi Jill,

Australia is a huge continent, not a tiny island. What your son needs depends on where he wants to go. Up north he needs to make sure he stays dry right now and that the mosquitoes don't eat him. Down south he might need to make sure he stays warm (but that depends on the season, I don't know how long his trip will be).

The not so obvious things he might need really depend on what he does and where and when. He'll figure things out as he goes and we do have shops in Australia. If he needs something he hasn't got, he can buy it here.

The problem with gear is that people always take far too much, not that they forget something. He should take as little as possible.

He'll be fine!

If he is spending time in hostels get him a few good padlocks so he can lock his bags properly.

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