4WD trip Coober Pedy to Arkaroola

Ridgetop at Arkaroola

Ridgetop at Arkaroola

Is it feasible to drive from Coober Pedy to Arkaroola within one day using a 4WD car? This trip will be part of a 10 days travel from Alice Springs to Adelaide in the period 3/1/08 till 12/1/08.
Thank you in advance for a quick reply.
Kind regards,
Jos & Rosita

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4WD trip Coober Pedy to Arkaroola

Hi Joe & Rosita

I'm embarassed to admit that I had to look up where Arkaroola is. Wow! It's time I finally make it down south to the Flinders Ranges.

Driving there in one day from Coober Pedy...

Hm, difficult question. That's a good 600 km on roads that may or may not be pretty rough. I assume you are asking because you just do not have the time for one more stopover?

It can be done if there has been no rain and if all the roads are in good nick. If that's the case then it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

But the weather has now become so erratic that just about anything could happen. And I'm not sure how often those roads get graded, and when. It could also turn into an awfully long day, and you risk that the weather or the road conditions ruin your plans, because you don't really leave any breathing space in the schedule.

Have you contacted the people at Arkaroola with that question? I think they would know the roads in the area better than I do. I'm sure they have many visitors coming from or leaving towards Coober Pedy, so they may even have experience with that particular question.

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Great Journey
by: Old Timers Mine

Yes it is possible to go from Coober Pedy to Arkaroola, there are two ways, via the Stuart Highway and by the Oodnadatta track. It will take you most of the day to do so. The track way has amazing unique scenery, Arkaroola is a stunning destination. While in Coober Pedy call in and see us at the Old Timers Mine. 2007 Tourism silver and bronze medal for tourist attractions.
Hope to see you soon,
Trevor Berry
Old Timers Mine
ABN 60 769 754 888
Ph 08 86725555
Berryd Opals
ABN 35 015 925 246
PO Box 711 Coober Pedy
South Australia 5723

If you want accurate information...
by: Birgit

...always ask the locals :-).

Thanks for chiming in, Trevor. And nice to see you here. (I remember you. We had long and interesting chat when I was in Coober Pedy in May this year. Though you wouldn't remember me, with the amount of people coming through your shop every day...)

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