A way to deter Goannas?

by Kat

Large Goanna Lizard

Large Goanna Lizard

Is there anything I can do to keep Goannas away from our campsite? We have a child under two and are worried about the Goannas that hang around our campsite when we go on holidays.

We camp at Bribie Island QLD. We tend to have anywhere from 4 to 8, and they are very large goannas! They carry on about their business as if we weren't even there! They are not scared of us at all!

We are very careful about food and rubbish, too. We don't want to hurt them in any way but it's hard to relax with them around. I was hoping you might have some sort of miracle scent or something that might deter them.

Response to: A way to deter Goannas?

Hi Kat,
I understand your predicament. We had a couple of big goannas at the sugar mill in Kununurra where I used to work. They'd strut around as if they owned the place, and they hissed at us whenever we crossed their path!

And I know how big the buggers can get! (They never worried me, but I'm a bit bigger than your two year old.)

I don't think that you really need to be concerned, but I do understand that you can't relax.

I'm sorry, but I don't have any suggestions, and certainly no miracle scent. Once animals are that used to humans it's hard to come up with something that would impress them. They've seen and heard it all ...

Maybe another reader has any suggestions? Please chime in via the comments if you do!

(And for overseas readers, who wonder what the heck we are talking about, here is the page about goannas / monitor lizards.)

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Suggestion to exclude lizards
by: Ray Zimmerman

I am glad you want to avoid harming these amazing creatures. The biggest lizard I have ever seen here in south central British columbia wsa a Northern Alligator Lizard, about 8 inches long, weighing less than a Perenty tongue!

Perhaps you could try different textures - say a slippery plastic sheet for starters - to find something they don't want to cross, to serve as an exclusion barrier.

goannas and kinds
by: Marianne

I would be worried about a young child near goannas too, they have a go at anything, unafraid. Have lived in the bush many years, and find the goannas are getting bigger all the time, breeding Comodo dragons here. The only deterent I have found is a large dog, goannas dont like big dogs, just the dogs presence is usually enough.

Big Dog?
by: Bollard

Yeah, I'd take my chances with the goanna over the big dog around my 2 year old.

Big Dog!
by: Anonymous

If you have a well trained large Dog, your 2 year old will never be safer. Strangers and lizards alike will no longer bother your child.

Options and Advice from one with Experience
by: Anonymous

I live on a farm and the bastards love eating our chickens and going after our little dogs. I love native animals but these things are quite cruel. I don't want to create animosity towards these animals- they're simply big and stupid and hungry. Sure they wouldn't go after a child (baby alone in a crib I'm not so sure-coarse you will always be watching it so nothing to worry bout there). You certainly don't and should never kill them (by the way it is illegal to do so!). Better to relocate them (rangers will say this is illegal too cause they are territorial but its certainly less cruel then people killing them). The best way to deal with them is a) get a wooden pole, thread a rope through it, make a lure, get the thing by the neck with the rope holding onto the wood to lift it, pulling tight on rope(don't worry they're tough- they will twist and hiss, that being said don't break its neck... but its not something you can be gentle about either), throw it into your family bin and relocate it far into the bush as you can go- away from ppl's houses (be considerate)and anywhere where there may be endangered species liable to get eaten by it. b) if the thing runs away (which they normally do) or it isn't in your chook pen and is able to be cornered, then leave out a cage-trap (quite easy to make- look it up online) with some meat (not dog food! For the love of God try a cow bone or a hunk of steak they won't take down a cow- but if you get them liking dog food it will go after someone's dog and encourage them near ppl- they hunt by scent remember! They can smell empty dog food cans- which brings me to my next point, wash out your meat trays, and dog food cans etc if you have a goanna problem). We have relocated 5 goannas now, so I'm speaking from experience here.

by: Steve

I have at least 2 in my roof, one over 4 foot long. Don't particularly want to kill them but it's getting beyond a joke. However don't want to end up with worst of all worlds - ie dead goanna in roof. Any suggestions?

Roof dweller
by: Rod

i have a 4-5 foot long goanna in my roof also. I'm not keen on it getting so big it can't get out of my roof, it's already caused some leaks and I imagine could do a lot more damage if it gets stuck, or stink like hell if it dies up there.
Any ideas on who to call in Sydney?

Troublesome Goannas
by: Gayesy

We live in Killaloe (near Port Douglas) and have many goannas living near us. They like to come and sunbake on our driveway and wander around. However, lately one has taken at running at us on different occasions. I am not quite sure why this is happening or what it would do if we didn't stamp our feet or carry a broom with us. As quickly as it runs, it loses interest. This behaviour is a bit out of the ordinary and I am wondering why. Does anyone have any clues?

Bubble wand.
by: Steph

Camping at Ocean Beach campground, I understand your gonna struggle. We'vet determined a bubble wand will let keep them at bay for a little while. It seems to scare them off.

Way to deter goannas
by: Lisa

I have a goanna in my roof. How can I remove it?

Reptilian Warfare!
by: Anonymous

My comment is that I'm trying to establish what, if anything, will deter goannas, that visit our roof area?

Goanna problem?
by: Anonymous

Shoot them!! There are a lot around where I live and they are always killing my small/ baby farm animals. I shoot them and take them to an Aboriginal community close by.

Goanna attack NQ 15th Aug 19
by: Di

See the latest news about a goanna attacking and killing a dog and seriously injuring its owner:


I think I have a goanna
by: Anonymous

I thought I had despatched the latest killer of my chickens, a feral cat, but no. I could tell the predator was different as the killing was different. It came again last night, five chickens in about a week. The main body uneaten but the insides eaten. I've read goannas eat chickens. The holes dug to the cages look goanna size. I live off an area where they are doing big road works so I think the killer has been evicted from its home territory.

goanna + medium dog problems
by: Anonymous

I have one goanna dwelling in my tree and we havea medium sized spaniel dog and 2 little kittens and this goanna friend is quite a problem. I have heard of them attacking dogs and small children and cats. Is there any safe way to get rid of him or a person who can come and relocate him?

Deter Goannas ... with a big dog NEW
by: Campbell from Marom Creek

Yeh I rekon a big dog is the asnwer.

We had two big boys (over 35kg)and never a problem with a Goanna.

One of our dogs died suddenly and the other is a deaf 10 year old.

Since then a Goanna has been sniffing around, nicking eggs, killed and eaten the innards out of one chook, killed another but got interupted before eating it.

Gert a dog!

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