Argyle Diamond Mine

by Stefan Lund

Argyle Diamond Mine Process Plant

Argyle Diamond Mine Process Plant

I read somewhere that you work for the Argyle Diamond Mine and I was wondering if you could get me a couple of months work there? I'm a university student, and I really want to go to Australia this summer, but I'm pretty broke so it would be nice if I could earn enough to pay for the stay and maybe also the return ticket.

I think I will be in Australia from June the 20 until sometime late August or early September, but I'm pretty flexible. Any way I don't really have any experience in the mining business, but I am very willing to learn :)

Stefan Lund

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That's not how it works
by: Birgit

Hi Stefan,

Sorry, but that's not how it works :-).

To start with, if you re-read the page about finding mining jobs in Australia, you'll see I say I work AT Argyle Diamond Mine, not FOR them. I work for one of the labour hire providers contracting to ADM.

Even if I was working for ADM itself, and even if I was in a position where I have access to people who do any hiring, there is no way anybody would give you a job for 2 months, not knowing you, not knowing if you will indeed show up when you say you will etc.

Also, there is no point in training someone who has only two months time. All you can expect to get under those circumstances is work during shuts.

Want to work in the mining industry? It is possible to pick up a few days work, even if you are on a working holiday visa. But you need to get here first. And then it's a matter of being in the right place at the right time, talking to the right people.

To get work at Argyle Diamond Mine you would talk to Kimberley Industries. You will have to do a safety induction and then you can go out on a shut down as a fire watcher/confined space observer/trades assistant. Shut downs currently happen once a month. (I think, they change it all the time and I haven't been doing any for ages.)

That's how you start. If you are lucky and they happen to have more work available, then it may turn into more work. People do go out for a day or two on shuts and end up staying weeks. But it takes a bit of luck, and it's up to you to make it happen.

Normally, if you have no clue, have never worked on an industrial site before, and, most importantly, can only stay for a limited time anyway, then you can't expect to pick up more work than a few days here or there in your travels.

You are student and have no money? You'll be fine. Just don't be afraid of work. There are always fruit-picking jobs! And any towns near big mining areas are booming, so there are plenty of other jobs around as well.

You'll always find a job here!

The Argyle in 1977
by: Eric Hayman

Back in 1977, it was possible to get a job on the Argyle just by walking into a mining company office in Perth. I know – I did it!

Out of money, I went into the first mine office on St George’s Terrace, Perth and asked if there was any work going “up north”. It could have been any of the companies with operations in WA, but it happened to be CRAE’s – Conzinc Rio Tinto of Australia Exploration – and CRAE was in the process of surveying what would become the biggest diamond mine in the world: the Argyle.

“What have you done?” I was asked. Fortunately, I’d worked on a UNDP diamond exploration project in Lesotho, southern Africa. And when it turned out that the CRAE chap had gone to university with the geologist in charge of the Lesotho project, the job dropped into my lap when I said two words: “Peter Nixon”.

From June to October, I worked collecting sediment samples, operated a core drill, pegged out claims, and washed samples.

We camped in the bush, flew from site to site in a Bell Jetranger helicopter, drove around in Toyota Land Cruisers, slept in swags under canvas tents, and ate very well.

One of the most singular things some of us did was to work in the nude. What was the point of wearing anything in the high outback temperatures, especially when we were standing knee deep in a billabong sieving sediment samples?

In October the Wet was due, and the work was run down until the following year. I left the Derby base, bought a car on the back of my new wealth (outback work did pay well) and continued my travels around Australia.

So, Birgit and Stephan – that’s how it was then. (And I had a German great-grandfather!”)

A bit of my verse came from that time in the Kimberley:


Tonight, I’m at The Stables,
to listen to singers of folk,
to their Dillon, McColl and Seeger,
to each chorus and hand-clapped beat -
but the Kimberley’s my goal tomorrow morning.

From two weeks on “The Terrace”,
the tramp from firm to firm,
from Anglo to Amax, Newman to Cliff,
for a job on the mines up north.
Now the Kimberley’s my goal tomorrow morning.

The last of my savings, they went on booze,
and a knocker from Perth’s lower side.
The hostel I’ve paid for my final night’s keep,
and next week I’ll be hit for the Mickey Mouse flight
to the Kimberley, my goal tomorrow morning.

© Eric C. Hayman. 28th June 1977 and afterwards.
The Stables Folk Club, Perth, Western Australia.

More Aussie verse to come.

Regards – Eric Hayman.

Someone Please point me in the right direction.
by: RJ

Hi all,

How hard is it for a female to seek employment in the mining industry? I have 6 years experience in the Defence Force (Navy) working in weapons, small fire arms, Force Protection, Standing Sea Fire Brigade, painting, been to IRAQ, ect... I also have my dogging licence/drivers licence, however it seems unless I have a MR, or HR licence I have no chance.
I am willing to relocate, and do FIFO, where do I start? And should I go and complete some courses first? I am 24yrs old, fit and healthy, and have held a security clearance already.

I am willing to do any job, because we all have to start somewhere now don't we!

diamond driller
by: ken

I am an exp diamond driller of 8 years working everywhere from Africa to Canada. I currently live in Canada I was hired in 2008 by ACM and giving a 4 year work visa for AUS but the drilling slowed down and I never got out there. I am still looking for work in Australia but don't know any companies there, like I say, I have a visa but no contacts, any ideas? I am willing to move there for as long as I can get work.


Jobs at Argyle
by: Martin

Try your hands with the catering company that services Argyle mine site:
Ask for Diana Price, she is very helpful.

No vacancies in Security.

Good luck

Security work at the diamond mine!!
by: Anonymous

Hi, I need to know any companies or contacts to approach for work as a security guard. I'm cert 2, got my aviation cert as well national security. Really want work in a diamond mine!! Email me at cheers!!!

Argyle Diamonds
by: Aniket

My name is Aniket and have done my graduation in diamond from GIA and I am searching for job.

family opportunity
by: Tyrone ARGYLE

I reside here in Vancouver BC and was requesting for family assistance for employment opportunity within my family name.
Name's Tyrone Argyle,

Security work at the diamond mine
by: Anonymous


I also need to know any companies or contacts to approach for work as a security guard. I have 5 years experience and am reliable.

Please contact me at


Business Opportunity
by: Steve Emasealu

Will your company Argyle Diamond Mine be intereseted in a mining businesss in Angola? I have a very close relationship with some of the Angola government official in the mining business and I can introduce your company to those official.

Please, send me an email if you are looking for to enlarge your business into Africa and especially Angola that has an aboundant of this product.

Kind Regards,
Steve Emasealu

by: ***

RJ: I was looking at the comment you left on this site and was wondering if you got a job, where and how?

I am a 22 year old female looking for work in the mines, I would love a point in the right direction! :)

Cleaning or Bar Work Wanted
by: Laura

I am an 18 year old female and I'm very much interested in doing fly in fly out cleaning or bar work.

I currently have my RSA and Would love some help getting into the industry.

Thank you.

some faker going around using Argyle Diamonds Co name
by: Anonymous

I've seen evidence on the internet, even googled it & I came across pages of incriminating stuff that could put the faker behind bars or have him facing a lawsuit from Argyle mines (if they really wanted to do so). This faker loves to call himself President of the company Agyle Enterises (Mines). He posts stuff on Twitter & Facebook that is military related. I thought that you should know about this. Thank you for your time!

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