Australia Work Visa for people over 30?

It was always a dream to work and travel Australia and New Zealand, but I never quite had the guts and money to do so. I am a 32 year old German girl (who currently lives in Barcelona).

I figure it's kinda my last chance, before I get really, really old and my question is, do you know if there's some kind of limited Australia work visa for over 30's?

And if not, could I just risk it and go with a tourist visa and still find fruit-picking or farm work? Are the restrictions for Australia and New Zealand the same?

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Re: Australia Work Visa for people over 30?

Your last chance? Before you get really old? Eat your vegies and keep active, and you have another 40 years before you get really old!

Ok, about the work visa: unfortunately there is no such thing as a limited Australia work visa for older people. The working holiday visa is for people up to 30 and that's it.

There are other ways to get permission to work in Australia, but they would involve studying or some kind of employer sponsorship, something that ties you to a specific job for a limited time. You would not have the freedom to travel and work on your own terms, for a full year, as you do with the Working Holiday Visa.

Could you come over on a tourist visa and work regardless? Sure. But how risky it is depends very much on where exactly you are, at what time, and who you work for.

Is it worth the risk? That's a question only you can answer.

You can pick up fruit picking jobs and farm work and just lie about your status and visa. Not all employers check the paper work. But it is not as easy as it used to be.

Some farmers will be happy to put you on and cover for you, knowing very well that you don't have a working visa. They have no choice if they want to get their crop harvested.

It is possible to pick up the odd cash-in-hand job here and there.

There are also options to work in exchange for bed and board (e.g. through schemes like Wwoof).

If this is your first time over here, it will take you a while to make the connections and find the right places and people. Wwoofing is a good start in that direction.

I would suggest you do not count on paying for your whole trip by working over here. I'd rather look at the work as a way to make the trip very affordable to nearly free, and to see a side of Australia that most people won't see.

As for New Zealand, the normal working holiday visa is also restricted to people between 18 and 30. I don't know all the details of their regulations, but would expect them to be similar. (Check out the VOC, that may be an opportunity for you.)

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Can you help me?
by: karla

I am currently in Oz on a year working visa but want to extend to 2 years but I turn 31 in Sept and would not have time to complete my fruit picking. Can I get it any other way?

Extending a working holiday visa
by: Birgit

As far as I am aware you are only eligible for a second year if you complete at least three months of specified work in regional Australia AND if you are still under 31 at the time of application for the extension.

As usual, you can read all the details regarding eligibility for the second year here, on the government site.

You can always check all the other Australian working visa options.

over 31? want a visa for oz?
by: Anonymous

If you are from the UK and are over 31 you can get a working holiday visa for Oz with Bunac... they charge you a lot of money for it but check it out.

by: Anonymous

Sorry, I just said you can get a visa for over 30s through Bunac... I meant for New Zealand not Oz, sorry.

Can I change from a tourist visa into a work visa once I'm in Australia and I find a job I like?
by: Anonymous

I'm thinking on going to Australia at the end of this year. I want to go as a tourist but what if I want to stay longer and work? Could I change my status of tourist to legal worker?

Over 30
by: Anonymous

I stayed in Sydney for over 12 months working on a 3 month holiday visa, it isn't hard to find a job if you have a talent that someone is looking for regardless of visa status. I did have to declare myself an illegal immigrant before I caught my flight home tho, I received a 3 month ban from returning to Oz. I've since been back without problems.

Still risky
by: Birgit

Overstaying a tourist visa is one thing. Getting caught working illegally is a very different one...
You didn't get caught. Others may not be so lucky.

want to / going to
by: Anonymous

Hi, I would love to work in Australia for at least 20 years. The reason for this is that my wife is pregnant and due very soon and my first born is going to start school soon, she's 5. So if I add up and do my calculations I'm looking at at least 20 years of living in Australia where they will go to school and then come back to SA to study full time. My wife will stay home and look after the kids while DOWN UNDER. That's my plan. My brother is in AUS at the moment. That's brilliant... Wish me luck. Next year is my chance.

Over 30 visa
by: Anonymous

Anyone know if you can go on a tourist visa and apply for a work visa when you are out there? If you are sponsored how long are you tied to that employer? Can only get a holiday visa as I am over 30 any advice would be great.

Oz Consultancy
by: Moiz

I am a migration agent. If anyone want any help regarding Australia visa, migration, extension the visa any thing you want just call me my Mobile contact is 0430536532 and my office number is 390907987. Thank you

Best Regards,

33 and want to work in Australia
by: Anonymous

Im Irish and 33, I've just finished studying a Masters degree and before that I did a 4 year degree in business management. I want to know how I can legally work in Australia for at least 1 year. Is there a way that I can do this through my qualifications? I'm due to graduate this September...

Working Visa for Over 30
by: Hannah

I'm 44, and recently been on holiday to Perth and have been offered a job for a year. What do I do now and is it impossible to get a working visa for over 30?

Answer always remains the same
by: Birgit

Check the other Australian working visa options.
See the government website for all details.
Your employer may be able to sponsor you.

Want to work in Australia
by: Alvin Mamitag

I'm 35 years and I really want to work in Australia. Anybody who can sponsor me?

Tourist Visa
by: Anonymous

Hi, I'm a 26 year old South African black guy & would like to apply for a Australian tourist visa with the intention to find a job in construction or mechanical engineering as a drafter. I do have the experience. Are there chances to get that right? Thank you.

Please Help me!!!!
by: Anonymous

Hello all, I am 29 year old male from Greece. I am fed up with the current financial situation here in Greece and I want to go to Sydney to get a proper job and live in a proper country. To be fair, it is not that I haven't had a proper job here in Greece. I have worked for two big multinational advertising firms, but the money sucked! Anyway, due to the high cost and the long wait until the issuing of a working visa, I have decided to book a flight and get to Australia with a simple holiday visa. As soon as I get to Australia - I've got a very good friend there and I'll be staying over - I will start looking for jobs. If I find one, I will get the working visa and stay there. If I don't find a job within 3 months, when my stay ends, I will go back to Greece to work for a low wage, if I am lucky enough to find a job!

Please let me know what you think about my plan.

Thank you

over 30!!
by: Susann Fritzsche

I wanna go to Australia, but I am German and over 30 and I don't really want to spend my last penny in order to do so!! Does anybody have an idea how I can do this?

Age restriction over 30
by: Anonymous


How do they check on your age when applying for visa?

Help the Tiler
by: Anonymous

I'm a tiler from England and I want to work in Australia but I'm 29 now and the time I get round to it I will be over 30. Will this matter because I am skilled in a trade? If it does is there other ways around this 30 year old deadline thing? Please help, thanks.

Working in Oz
by: el2010

Hi, any information on how I can get to work in Oz would be greatly appreciated.

I am 50yrs old and have over 22yrs experience in Quality Control/Quality Assurance and Quality Auditing. Looking at work visa regulations I just miss the age limit!(by 20yrs!!)

I have tested the waters in logging onto agencies in Oz who are very interested in my skills, but job offers ask for working visa?

How do I apply for jobs when the regulations state that 30 is the limit??

Working Visa for Oz
by: Anonymous

I'd like to go to Oz to work for a year in September, I turn 30 in August so know that I will still be able to go in September. My question is this, how soon after I purchase my working visa do I have to start using it? As in, can I get it now but not go until September? Thanks.

Looking for Sponsorship
by: harry

Hi all,

I'm seeking someone who can sponsor my work visa. Currently I'm in Brisbane, holding spouse visa with my wife who's a student. I'm doing a job in cabinet making factory as a spray painter and a carpenter.
So I need someone who can utilize my trade by sponsoring me.


I Need Your Advice
by: Mehdi

I am 29 years old looking for a way to get my visa so that I can be with my wife in Australia. She lives there and I live in Morocco and its hard for us now to be together because they need $1750 for the visa and I really don't know what to do about it. If someone has any ideas please let me know.

Thank you

Sponsor for a Plumber
by: Anonymous

Hello everybody,

I am a 37 year old Italian. I have 9 years of experience in plumbing for house and industrial plants, fire extinguishing systems, irrigation, air acclimatization and more.

I know only school English. So I need a sponsor for the first time.

Please Help
by: the diver:))


I am 44 and a qualified plasterer with over 22 years experience. The problem is that I don't have city and guilds as I am time served. My dad immigrated to Australia and I want to go there to see him but I also want to work there so I don't get bored.

Is there a specific visa I can get to work? Any advice would be appreciated.

Work Visa
by: Anonymous

Hi, I am 37 years old and presently a govt employee in India. Please tell me how can I get work visa for Australia?

2nd year visa
by: Dan


I am 29 years old and on a working visa in Australia. Will I be able to apply for a 2nd year visa even though I will be 30 at the end of my 1st year?

Working Visa for Over 30
by: Anonymous

Hello there !

Can anyone help me, if I can get working holiday visa after 30? I am currently 29 year old. I am thinking to study Masters Radiography in South Australia for 2 years by than I will be 32.

I will cross my age for working holiday visa. After my studies I will have to stay in Australia to complete my professional year.Without a professional degree I will not be able to register as a radiographer.

I am a British citizen.

Thank you in advance for your time.

32 and counting...
by: Anonymous

You're old at 32 and your dream is fruit picking in Australia?

The question is: How did you get so many replies in the first place?

Help please.
by: Anonymous

I am 40 years old, I want to immigrate to Oz.

I am a construction professional with 20 years experience. I know I can apply for a skilled migrant visa. What I'd like to know is can I get out there on a temp visa, find work, then apply for work visa. I want to start work as quick as I can.

Migration Visa
by: Anonymous

My advice to you is get a tourist visa either a three month or twelve month (if you have sufficient funds you will qualify).

Once you are in the country you can either look for a sponsor or apply for skilled migration visa. The skilled migration visa at the moment is an extremely slow process literally years sponsorship or an ens visa is a great option both come through pretty fast.

Also if you lodge a working visa application in the country you automatically can get a bridging work visa if you are off shore you do not and have to appeal the process.

As I am sure you know western Australia and regional Australia visas come through much faster. My advice is do your homework very well and be extremely careful of migration agents a lot are about the golden dollar.

That has been my experience I hope it helps some of you.

44 Years Old and Want to Work in Fruitpicking
by: Anonymous


I'm an Indonesian and I'm really interested to work as a fruit picker in Australia for 1 or 2 years later. But it is seemingly hard for me to get working visa as my age is more than 30. My plan to work as a fruit picker is just to improve my living condition as I am in a financial problem for sometime. So, can anyone help me to support me going to work in Australia in legal visa?

Thank you.

Looking for a Sponsor or a Work Permit to come to Australia
by: kiran kumar


I'm working as a head butcher with pulmanthur cruises from the past 13 years. Presently I'm looking for a sponsor or a work permit to come to Australia and settle with my family. I shall be waiting for your reply.

My email id is -

Do I Need My Papers to Say I am a Joiner?
by: malcolm

Hi, I'm a joiner by trade. But I don't have any paper work to say so. Would I need it to get work on the building sites in Australia? Do I need my papers to say am a joiner? I've worked as a joiner for 12 years but didn't get my papers.

Construction 360 Excavator
by: ricky

I am 32 year old male and have been in construction for 14 years now. I have a 360 excavator licence for 4 years. I can't find any work in Ireland.

So I need an employer who can sponsor me for a better life.

Is there an option to paying massive amounts of money?
by: Anonymous


I feel very old here!!!!

My OH and I are looking into joining our kids in Oz (they can sponsor us all checked out) the only option seems to be the CPV173/143 costing massive amounts of money!

We are both in our 50's and would need to work, not a problem for us so, part from the 803 (I think) the free one which has around a 22 year waiting list (not an option!) is there any other way in?


Get Australian Visa
by: Anonymous

Hi, I had student visa in 2009 for two years but I leave from there after 9 months and came back in 2010 and now I want to go there again.
What do I need to do for this?

Over 40 and Looking for Work in Australia
by: maria

Hi, I am looking for work and a visa into Australia. I currently work in care industry but would be willing to do any line of work. What is the best way without costing loads of time and money? I am British and am 43 years old.

Help a Carpenter
by: Anonymous

Hi, my best friend and his family have just immigrated to Oz and he keeps hounding me to go out as well. I am seriously thinking about it but want to know the best way for me to do that. I am 32 now so cannot get a working visa.

I need help and advice on the best way please. I have heard about sponsered visas but I want to know how do I go about that or is it easier to sort it out when I am over there?

Any help would be gratefully accepted.

Many thanks.

Got a Job Offer in Sydney
by: Jan

Sigh!!! Well I'm 44 and have a good background in electronics hardware and software. I have got a job offer in Sydney but getting a visa is expensive without getting a sponsor.

Need some help with getting it done!

Working Visa
by: Anonymous

I am 36, live in the UK and want to complete a sailing course in OZ and then stay and try to get work after my training. I can't get a year's working visa as I am too old. Has anyone got any idea as to what my options are?


Looking for People Wooffing
by: Francis

We have had several backpackers stay on our farm who work for board and lodgings to get the needed rural requirements for 2nd year visa. We have a small farm and enjoy having people stay and join in our family life. Work is casual.

If you are interested email us at;

Arriving After Visa Start Date?
by: Anonymous

So I have a 1 year visa due to start the day before I turn 32. I'm wondering if I arrive late, will I be granted entry or not be allowed in? I don't mind staying for only 6 months but I have a dream job (1 year contract) that ends 6 months after I turn 32.

Please help??

Return to OZ on Second Year Visa but over 30 Now
by: Anonymous


I am Irish and I spent six months working in oz from Sept 2010 to March 2011 but I then had to come back to Ireland. I am now 33. Is there any way I can apply for a second year visa? I would be guaranteed two jobs' one in either regional or city work.

No Good.
by: Mike

That answer wasn't very helpful. Just...long.

by: j.h

Hi, is there anyone doing work visas for over 35? Or what’s the best way for me to get work in oz or New Zealand. I can drive all most anything. And have a trade in the building

32 and Want to Live in OZ
by: Anonymous

Hi, is there any visa I can get for my age? I am Irish and my girl friend is going to oz. She is a nurse and I want to go with her but not sure if I can. Am I right?

I need to Work as Oldage Care
by: mamatha

I want to travel to Australia for work as old age care. I am 34. How can apply for this and what are qualities I need? Who will provide visa and how can I apply for this.

Sales Consultant Car
by: Anonymous

I am 34 and in car sales from last 12 years. I and my wife and child are hoping to go to Oz for 1 year but sales in not a trade. So need help in finding a garage to find myself a job and sponsorship and I am hoping somebody can help me.

54 and Want to Work in Australia
by: Louis


I m a Christian Musician and recording artist and I’m working on coming to Australia to the Perth area. I’m good in recording audio and video as well as music. I’m thinking of moving to Duncraig area and Looking for a place to stay for 3 months on a tourist visa as I’m handicapped by sight and not able to drive. Is there a way to work and stay at 54 years old? And to stay, what visa do I need to get this to happen for me?

Age Discrimanation
by: Anonymous

Why if you've been offered work in oz, visa is only for up to 30 years of age? Surely there’s life after 30; I got offered work in WA but I’m in my 40s and haven't a payer unless you get some capital. So in my opinion, that’s age discrimination. Anyone else has the same problem?

by: Tom

My other half is 31 and wants to come out for 6 months and wondering what she needs to make this possible or is it 1 year she has to have instead of 6 months as she wants a career break and see what's in Australia!

She works for police in the uk!

And wondering what motions for her maybe.


1 year Contract Australia Visa
by: Mani

I am Mani from Mumbai, India. I am looking for visa to work in Australia for yearly bases. I am a sales consultant in SEO services.

Other Places
by: Anonymous

When applying for the work visa do they really check if you lived in other countries? Because I may be a here for over 3 months but can’t get an x-ray done in time, can I say no?

Will the Working Visa age be Extended to 35?
by: helen

I have just turned 30 & currently on a working holiday visa in Oz. I have until the end of April over here and I am thinking of doing the 3 months regional work required to apply for a 2nd year visa.

But I am unsure if I will be able to return before I am 31 in Nov. Is it likely that the age limit will get extended to 35, like they have done in Canada recently?

Want to work in Oz
by: Rosanne Dixon

I am a 43 year old manager of a business centre; my husband is 41 and a 360 operative driver. We would love for someone to sponsor us so we can work in Oz, please can anyone help!

What I have to do to bring my brother
by: Anonymous

I am married and I live in Australia. I have got a brother who lives in Albania. He has been to Australia 2 times for holidays and he would love to come and live in Australia. He is married and has got a little girl aged 1. He went to study at university to be an accountant, and he now works for the government in Albania and his wife is a teacher he knows how to speak English. What do I have to do to bring him to Australia?

Australia Visa and Immigration - Global Migrate
by: Global

Australia Visa and Immigration - Global Migrate

Your reasons for moving to Australia will determine which type of visa you need. Some visas are intended for family members of Australian nationals, while others are for those who are going to Australia for work purposes. To find out which visa is right for you, start your free visa assessment now.

Australia Visa and Immigration
Contact Us - Head Office (pre-booked appointments only)
International House,
39 Great Windmill Street, Piccadilly
London, W1D 7LX

Tel: +44 (0)207 9934762
Fax: +44 (0)207 691 7969


Work Visa for UK
by: Jatinder


I'm 37 years old girl and doing govt job in India. But I want to work in UK. Is it possible? Please help me.

Work Visa in Australia/ Sydney
by: Praveen


My name is Praveen, I am 1980 born who is looking for a work visa in Australia. I have total experience of 7 Years in Banking, Insurance and Technical support.

Please advise if I can apply for a working Visa for 2 years in Sydney, as I have a friend who is a PR in Australia.


by: ayoub

Hello everybody I’m from Morocco and I am 23 years old and I have aluminium diploma and I want work in Australia as worker but I need work visa to be able to work in Australia. Can you please help me? This is my number phone is (+212) and this is my email address;

Please if you have any information or help please reply me back.

Work Visa
by: Fasil

Give chance for African to get casual job. I just apply over 100 times for fruit packing and driving vacancy but always one answer, sorry.

Need an Australian Work Visa
by: Ethesham

Hi, I am Indian working now in Riyadh in a freight forwarding company. Now I am interested to work in Australia and need to know what the procedures are and need a sponsor for my visa.

by: chris harris

Hi I’m Chris.

I’m 39 been a truck driver for 20 years. Traveled all over Europe.

I have done roping and sheeting to multi-drop around Europe. I’m after someone to sponsor me as a truck driver in Australia. I’m very hard working and will stay out in a truck for up to 6 wks at a time.

Help needed.

Australia Work Visa
by: Durga b.thapa


I am Durga from Nepal. Now I'm 40 years old. I have been trying to go work for Australia before 10 years. I have so many try to agency. I couldn't success. So I request you to if I can do work there? Please give me suggestions. I have 10 year experiences light vehicle driving here in U.A.E. It doesn't matter to me. I can do anyone job. Please contact me at my email no:-) Mobile:-00971-50-7826903 Abu Dhabi U.A.E. Thank you.

Want to Live and Work in Australia age 40
by: Anonymous


I am 40. Education and work experience- BE mechanical. I have 12 years of experience in QA/QC Welding inspection oil & gas sector. Australia is my dream country. Now in this age can I migrate to my dream land?

Dump Truck Driver
by: Anonymous

Hi I’m 29 years old I’m looking to come to Australia to live with my family in Noosa Queensland and to work in the mines as a dump truck driver. What happens after my 1 year working and holiday visa is up will I have to leave my job because I will be over 30 and won’t get another working visa.

Tesol teacher with 2 diplomas in teaching
by: gina kaur

I'm 54 yrs of age, I teach English, Anyone willing to sponsor me, esp. the Education sector. Good with children. There are 4 of us in a family. Love to make Australia our home.
Been there a couple of times. My email :

Work in Austrália
by: Maria João Duarte


My name is Mary John; I am 44 years old and would love to immigrate to Australia. My qualifications undergo a degree in Computer Management and I am a professor of Informatics at age 17.
At this time no work, I would change his life and start a country of opportunity, such as Australia.

I would like information on how to obtain a work visa.

Thank you

by: Anonymous

Stay where you are! Australia doesn’t need any more immigrants! We dont like you. Destroy your own country.

by: Anonymous

Charming comment above

IT/Telecoms Sponsor
by: Gary Conway

I would really like to make the jump to OZ but at the age of 44, I fear my time has come and gone, even though I have another 20 odd years to offer.

I have vast experience in IT/Telecoms/VSAT.. Where do you start to look for potential sponsors - is it just a case of contacting likewise companies with a CV etc?



Oil/gas industry
by: Anonymous


I am a 34 year old man who currently is a blaster/painter in the offshore rig industry. Can someone provide me with details on how to obtain work in Australia or provide me with details of relevant agencies to contact?


Weird one
by: Nickie


I'm 31 years old and really want to get a working visa for Australia... I used to live in Australia as a kid and go to school in Sydney (Marayong heights primary school)...
My parents emigrated from Scotland to Australia in 1989 for 2 years before we come back to Scotland because my mum missed her family...
Returning to Australia has always been on my mind but not until now has it become possible...
Do I get any exceptions on getting a visa haha or because I'm 31, have to get a 3 month tourist visa?
I was hoping for a working visa to come over and work as a chef...

Any help very much appreciated


To find a work visa.
by: m.h.m.shafrikhan

hi i am 33 now.from srilanka really want to find a job in fruit picking industry.
if any one can sponsore me wil be more helpful.
thank you.

jobless young man
by: amine ouelji

hey guys,im 23 years old man really want to find job in farm picking in australia can you help me please,i have to save my family sponsor me promise you won't regret thank you

44 old Truck Driver
by: Anonymous

Hello I m an experience Truck Driver still i m working in UAE from last9th years so i m interested work visa of Australia so plz help me thanks my EMail Is ( thanks

getting a job in Australia
by: Vincent

Hello! I'm a Vietnamese single man, I'm 35 years. I can speak good English, I'm currently working for a travel company in Hanoi. I also used to work in the hospitality industry, I worked as a restaurant waiter and hotel receptionist in Hanoi for several years. Is it possible for me to find such jobs in Australia? Or farm works like picking fruits will do. As far as I know it's very hard to find a job in Australia. But I really love this country as well as its people. Any information, please send me an email to . Thank you!

Finished at 30.
by: Anonymous

It's quite depressing to think that at aged 30 the Australians consider you to be "finished".
What about the next 50 years or so of life? Or do they have Euthanasia at 30 over there?

48 yr old teacher
by: Anonymous


I'm a 48 year old teacher of Secondary Physical Education, I hold a BA Hons Degree. I have just 3 years experience in the job but I have a potential sponsor already. Apart from teaching I am a highly qualified Rugby League Coach with experience at both Amateur and Professional level. I have a second sponsor who wishes to sponsor me as a Coach at a Professional club the income from which will supplement my teaching income. I have no desire to travel around Australia and would hope to stay in both roles for 12 months or more.

Is there any hope of me attaining a visa?

seeking visa.
by: Anonymous

Hi,am 37yrs old,a dog handler as my professional/trainer been working in this field for 10years,beside that would like to apply for a visa which kind of visa do I have to apply for?
Would it be easier for me to get a job in Australia as a dog-handler/trainer?
Please advise,thanks.

Experience barber
by: Turkish born British

Hi I am reggie 35 years old I love to work in Australia I have a plenty experience on barbering plus SCQ2 certificate I need sponsor visa to get Australia anyone would be considering to sponsor me ? Thanks

Am aged 50
by: Pill

Am aged 50 and have experience working as administrator in human resources for past 18 years. Am planning yo get a job at Perth since I very much interested in the place. Am healthy woman. Could you advice me how to obtain the working visa for me to get a job.

Make friend with an australian family
by: Anonymous

I am a mother and grandmother as well. All along my hubby and myself really want to make friends with any Australian family. Can anyone respond?


Information of Australia
by: Dipendra

Hello I ma Dipendra From Nepal
I want to be Working in Australia,s AMPC Industries for Butcher Work. so please Australia Immigration work Permit for Butcher work in Australia,s Nepali's people and i have complete of Butcher 3 level Training as well IELTS Course and i have 3 years work expressions was a butcher work.

by: Umamahesh

I am 40 years old ,and I passed 10th class, and I have good experience in van ,car other light vehicles.i am an indian,and had driving Licence. Can I get job in Australia. What is the migration process to me and family with two kids.thankyou

Requesting sponsorship
by: Anonymous

Hello I'm a 31 year old male living in canada wondering if it was possible to get some sort of sponsorship through a panel beating shop in Adelaide. I have friends there so my room and board is covered I have 8 years experience in the trade. If anybody could give me any help it would be greatly appreciated. My email is Cheers

Truck driving and sampling
by: Anonymous

Hi I'm just wondering if truck driving and sampling on a remote minesite is considered as specified work for second working holiday visa?

please help me
by: kalani

hi, I am planning to go to Australia with the hope of my higher studies. I have already completed my BBA degree. but for three years I haven't worked or studied. is this goin to affect on my student visa application? can't I get the student visa no matter what? please help me.

sponsor my working visa
by: rickwmy

Hi there, i am 35 years old malaysian, am currently in townsville looking for someone to sponsor my working visa here in australia as love the friendly people here.

I can speak fluent english, mandarin, bahasa malay which is helpful to your organization, besides having 13 years of experience in logistics and international sales as value added advantage.

Please contact me at

I look forward to your kind favor reply.

by: Anonymous

Am 54 years old. MAJOR SKILL: Expert on Microsoft Word and Excel functions during the making of Feasibility Studies with regards to its financial aspect and any related figure or mathematical/accounting work was already done too speedy by linking and connecting its sheets with the use of formulas in excel spreadsheets. I Can Make my own quickbook for bookeeping. Using my mentioned skill, I able to meet the required deadline and or submitted my job in advance. I able to help my bottom lines to do their job faster out of the use of computer. My clients need will be served right away without too much waiting, due to this skill that I have, my boss appreciated my capabilities which recommended me to be the next rank of her.
MAJOR SKILL: I am skilled on researching. Anything that where I was in doubt or confused, whether that would be related to communications or figures, those will be answered through online researching.

Australia i like to work there
by: Shiv nag

Hi im from India, can anybody tell how can i get the job in Australia legally, can anyone help getting work visa, to work in Australia..

Skilled wall and floor tiler
by: Timothy Hutchinson

I am a highly skilled wall and floor tiling contractor with over 30 years industry experience. I work to only one standard....the highest!
I am 48 and extremely fit and healthy.
Having lived in the UK all my life I now want to work in Perth as I have close relatives living there. I visited some months back and was completely hooked on the culture and Auzie way of life.
Are there any companies that would be interested in sponsoring myself?
Kind regards.

visa tourism and work
by: Janny

Hi I'm janny I'm 24 year old.
I'm looking Australia work visa. I'm from Indonesia. I have my experience working as cashier welcome and 7_11 shop in Hong Kong. Thanks for your help. Have a nice day.

by: Courtney

So November 2013 I went to Australia on a working holiday visa. 10 days after arriving a family emergency happened back home so I had to leave. Now everything is better and I was wondering is there anyway I can go back? I never cancelled my visa, and I only worked at my job 2 times. Someone please help, I want to experience OZ again!


would like to work in australia
by: ni made dewi rahayu

hello, i m 28 years old female,from bali-indonesia
i want to work in australia.
what kind of visa i will need to apply? please let me know?


wanna work at vineyard or farm
by: Emily Kam

I am 33 years old and working in Canada, and looking for an opportunity to work at vineyard in Oz (i dont mind to work for free actually) just want to get some experience and a new lifestyle, what would be my step 1 to archieve this?
thanks all

35 year old American wants to work in Australia
by: Anonymous

I'm 35 years old and really want to do something different with my life. I lived in London on and off for 2 years for school and then I got married and stayed there for another 4. I'm divorcing and want to do something exciting. Im a certified interior decorator with 2 years of design school (no degree).

Am I over the hill for this type of endeavor as far as visa and job opportunities go?

desperate for a change

want work visa -from India
by: B.S.Rawat

Hi, I am 39 yr old and looking for Work Visa from INDIA. Is there anyone who can please help me out. One of my family friend is in Victoria and wanted to help me in terms of living and fooding with him.
Please suggest me and do the needfull!

by: emma

im 32yrs from Fiji and im looking for someone who can sponsor me for three months on my staying there and having some job like in hospitality.
Will be very happy to hear your response as soon as possible

how to convert visitor to work visa
by: Anonymous

I am on visitor visa for three months without condition of No further stay. I anm 46 years old and have 25 years experience in accounting. Can I apply for 457 or 489 visa during my stay?? if yes How or who will help me in this regards

Try Bangkok
by: Anonymous

Very far from guaranteed - but when I was 34 I applied for a Young Person's Working Visa at the Australian Embassy in Bangkok...I got it!

work visa
by: sekh haidar

Dear sir
I am Sekh Haidar, I am Indian, I am looking for job in Australia and NZ, please anybody can help me.
I am Indian cook. I did diploma in hospitality. I have 4 years experience.

get a job
by: alice thomas

i am 51 and residing in India. I want to get a job in australia. I have a degree in Economics and PGDCA. I am willing to do unskilled labour. Kindly reply in

Getting visa
by: alice thomas

I am 51. and an Indian. Can I get a visa for unskilled labour?

by: Anonymous

I'm 36years old from Pakistan but now I'm in Malaysia since 7 years working in construction company. How can I apply work visa in Australia. Thanks

labour work visa
by: Asif Iqbal

I'm Asif Iqbal from Pakistan. I'm 23 year old. I want work visa of Australia. How can I get? Any one help me. My Email:

Everbody wants to go..go..
by: Mark R H

Well, I spent a great year in 95/96 on a 12 month working holiday visa (then as a 23/24 yr old) and returned the following year on a 6 month tourist visa - I loved backpacking and hitching around Oz and I was getting over $10 per hour then (£5) cash in hand, that's 20 years ago. Now in the UK the minimum wage is a paltry £6.50 an hour. I'd love to go back to Oz, one of my favourite countries out of over 30 travelled - Maybe I could swap my British passport for an Aussie one? I'd give up Britain anyday, it's a banana republic. Maybe the Aussie Govt should consider over 40s for working holiday visas - we don't all have a ball and chain mortgage and want to spend our lives in the same boring 9-5!!

can you Help me?
by: sunil sharma

I'm a still photographer and 38 years old, wanna work in Australia.

I'm 24 years old man, can I visit Australia?
by: Pascal mugobozi issa

Hi, I'm Congolese who live in South Africa, but I want to visit in Australia on 23. December 2015, what can I do get a tourist visa or how can I. Can someone who can help me to get a tourist visa to Australia? Please.

Work visa
by: Prabhjot kaur

Respected Sir/Mam....
This is Prabhjot Kaur, 40 yrs old from India. I did b-ed and post graduation having good experience. I want to do job in Brisbane Australia. Can you help me. Pls suggest me.
Thanking you,

work visa in Australia
by: Manoj

Hi, I am 39 years old, I am a commerce graduate, I am working in goverment department, I want to migrate in Australia. Is it possible to get work permit or work visa? So please kindly help me.

Problems with second year visa
by: Taylor121

Has anyone else had problems while applying for their second year working holiday visa? I worked the mandatory minimum of three months from the 29/7/14 until the 28/10/14. I worked for one employer the whole time but they only gave me two days a week work however I was still employed by them full time. Now the visa department are talking about denying my visa. Anyone else had this problem who could lend a hand and give some advice? I've searched the internet high and low and I'm desperate to get back to Oz. Thanks

2nd year
by: Anonymous

I'm 30 now and just started my farm work, will I be able to get my second year still, I turn 31 on November the 14th! Would I have to apply before I turn 31 or as long as I get it done in my first year on my working holiday?

190 VISA
by: Drew

I am in the process of getting a 190 VISA using a MARA agent. If I meet all the requirements what are the chances of getting that VISA approved you think? Second if it doesn't get approved what are my options? Found my soul mate when I was on tourist VISA and she because of her ex is ineligble to sponsor anyone for a partner VISA. I will do ANYTHING to be with her. Cheers.

fruit picking
by: jenny

It's my dream to go to Australia for fruit picking, I can not make it because I don't have enough money to travel to Australia, unfortunately my sister got my visa and ticket and currently living in Cairns, if any possibilities for me to work in the farm please am kindly asking if you could help me with more information.
Thank you.

visa working
by: Anonymous

I want working visa in fashion designing. ...from india

turning 39yo and worried
by: Anonymous

Hi! Would it be hard for me to look for a job in Australia? I am a nurse and I am planning to be registered in Australia. But I am worried of my age. I might get rejected from getting a job because of my age.

school jobs
by: Anonymous

Hi, I am a 40 year old lady. I want to move out of india. I have rich work experience but my qualification is not completed third year of graduation. Can I get a work visa? Could you suggest school jobs for a woman who has administrative experience but wants to teach pre primary children? Thanks.

Help please
by: Jamie

My plan is to apply for my visa next month just before my 30th birthday and then save for 12 months and go just before it expires on my 31st birthday but what if I do 3 months farm work out there? Can I still apply for a second year even though I'll be 31?

Over 31 what are my options for Oz
by: Kelly

I've just come back from Oz on a holiday visa. Only 5 weeks and I fell in love with W.A. My cousin has now got a sponsorship :). However, I'm 37 years old! I have been looking for admin sponsorship jobs & haven't found anything for 457 sponsorship. I've also got friends who now have residency before 31. I've been told about family sponsoring you or the government. Instead of 457 sponsorship through an employer.
I just seem to be going round in circles! Would really like to be out there at end of this year.

over 45
by: Anonymous

I'm 48 years old Canadian plumber. Do I have any chance to get the work permit to Australia?

by: Anonymous

Does anybody actually respond to your comments?? Still awaiting feedback!

can you help please: TOM
by: Tom

Hi there, I am an Irish Citizen 48 years old. I am an advanced scaffolder and want to know what visa I need to apply for to work in Australia.
Regards, Tom.

by: Kalpesh

I'm ready for job

working holiday visit turning 31 very soon
by: Anonymous

Heeello !!

I'd love to apply for a working holiday visa for AUSTRALIA unfortunately I've got to wait another 3 weeks before I have the okay from my office.

My Question: I'm turning 31 on the 12th of April - If I'll apply for the visa in the beginning of April, still being 30, and get the Visa (with waiting time for the confirmation) after I turned 31 - is it still okay? Or does it only work if I'll get the stamp|okay when I'm still 30?
Also, I'm a pre school teacher - is it possible that they'll want a health check as well ?

mmh, thanks a ton for your answer <3

38 want job in Australia
by: Sunil

I am 38 from India, how can I get a job in Australia, I know farm work, and good in English.


I have 35 years production planning experience from a production unit established in Pakistan. Now I like to serve in any multinational company for a few years working in Australia. Is it possible or can any company sponsor in this regard?

Over 50 workers
by: Anonymous

Is it possible for a married couple in their 50s to work in Australia? My husband has 30 years experience in gold mining and I have 30 years experience as a licensed nurse. Our kids are grown and we want to go somewhere different yet still be productive. We are healthy and plan on working for another 20 years. Comments appreciated

No Kelly
by: Anonymous

Kelly nobody seems to respond - well I'am now but I've not the answer to your question - Australian immigration formalities are a nightmare for everyone- I wouldn't bother - just go on a 6 month tourist visa and seek work, cash in hand, whatever. They like to make things difficult so subvert the system - don't do it by the book - it's a waste of time. Oh and don't carry your CV of work travel guides in your baggage and don't take a smart phone - just a dumb phone without internet. When you are in Auz get your CV sent over via the PC in local libraries. NO.WORRIES.

Chef visa
by: Anonymous

Hi, I am a fully qualified chef and am 34 years old. I would like to go to Australia on holiday with the intentions to look for work with sponsorship. I have inquired about a working visa from the UK but it costs thousands. I don't want to do any thing underhand. Can anyone suggest the best options?

process to sponsorship
by: harry g

Hi, one of my known person is in Oz and he is settled there, he wants to sponsor me. What is the procedure for that?

what to live and work in Australia
by: Anonymous

I live in Ghana and want to travel and work in Australia as a receptionist or secretary. How can I apply for my visa?

Over 30
by: Anonymous

Hi Everyone,
Looking for some help. I lived and worked in Oz under a sponsorship visa for 4 years. Came back to Ireland about six months ago and never did apply for residency while I was there! I know, I know! I should have. Anyway, I cancelled my visa when I came home but I am kind of thinking I might want to go back... Can you give me my options? I don't have degree but I do have a lot of experience in certain sectors.
Thanks for your help!

36 year old secondary teacher with 12 years exp
by: Nanu

Hi, I m 36 year old educational professional. Wants to get a PR for Australia on the basis of my experience in secondary school teaching which seems to be difficult as per the consultants here. Can you kindly guide me? I have 12 years experience in English language teaching.

ask for work
by: sedodji kouassi

I'm Togolese, I live in Togo, West Africa country. I haven't a job in my country, I'm suffer. Please help me to find any job in Australia. Sedodji Kouassi bp 60828 lomé Togo

South African
by: Anonymous

Good day

My name is Sanet. I'm from South Africa and married with no children. I'm 32 and my husband 33, we would like to work in Australia for 4 or 5 years and come back to South Africa. I have experience in switchboard operator, retail work, receptionist and admin clerk. I have a diploma in human resource management. My husband is work for electronic company and he has a diploma in drafting. It is our dream to work in Australia. Please we need assistance.

Need help, thanks.
by: Nick

Hi! I'm Nick from Germany.
I'm 30 years old, born 12th May 1986.
Is it to late for me to apply for a working visa to Australia?
I wish to work and stay in Australia for 1 year total.
I will appreciate your response.
Best, Nick.

dependent 457 visa
by: Anonymous

I'm turning 39 presently, working in the farm in Queensland with a dependent 457 visa with my husband. My employer is willing to support me to have my own visa, but I'm not qualified to the working list acreditted. Please advice what's the best for me to do. I want to stay in Australia since my children is with me and I am the only one supporting them financially.

please help
by: Anonymous

Hi I am Made from Bali, Indonesia. I am 29 years old female. I am looking for a job in Australia. I have 6 years working experience in Prudential Life Assurance and AIA Financial. Please kindly help if there is a possibility working in insurance company or as a fruit picker.

I appreciate very much for getting the response.

Many thanks and best regards,

need job

Hi I am Made from Karachi, Pakistan. I am 32 years old male. I am looking for a job in Australia. I have 10 years working experience in accounts and computer operator Financial. Please kindly help if there is a possibility working in packing company or as a fruit picker.

I appreciate very much for getting the response.

Over 30
by: Owen

Hi, I'm from Malaysia and my mother is over in Perth, married stepdad who is an Australian himself, she's 70+ at age my stepdad is near 80 and I would like to be there for them. What ways can it be done? Perhaps as a caregiver?

I would like to work in Australia
by: Anonymous

I'm a 37 years old man, I want to work in Australia but I don't know how. I'm currently working as an English Speaking Tour guide in Hanoi, 🇻🇳Vietnam. Can anyone help me? I can be reached at thank you.

Work permit visa
by: Anonymous

Hi, my nephew is 25 years old, from Nepal, he has finished his junior college since then he is loitering at home doing nothing. He has done diploma in software and hardware in Nepal. And now looking to work there in Australia. What should he do to get a working visa and how long does it take to process those documents and where does he have to apply for this work permit visa? Looking forward a great help. Thank you

I am 42 years old, I want to immigrate to Oz.
by: Anonymous

I am an IT professional working as QA with 12+ years experience. I know I am not eligible for apply for a skilled migrant visa. What I'd like to know, is there any way where I can get in OZ on a temp visa, find work, then apply for work visa. I want to start work as quick as I can.

a question not a comment
by: nichole

My boyfriend is an accountant from America, he is 35 years old, I am wondering if there is any type of work visa he can apply for. He is currently here on a 3 month work visa but that runs out in August, can we extend his visa although he will not be working for the same company. Thank you.

We welcome overseas volunteers
by: Anonymous

Offering a farm stay type accommodation/some meals, in return for volunteer work. Gardening, home duties/cooking/odd jobs, we run a music festival here in September. Lots of preparation and we will welcome married couple/singles. Retired school teacher & ex nurse are your hosts! Please contact us, we look forward to making your visit to Oz a special one. Regards Norma email

by: Tim

Hi, I have done 2 years over in Oz on a WHV but I am back in England. I'm 32 and been offered a job back over in Oz but no sponsor. Which visa would you think would be best for me?

by: Anonymous

I am looking for a gardner/labourer in Melb, Aus.
Drivers licence essential.

I really need Australia working visa
by: ohagwu Clement

When is the right time for 30 years Australia visa applicant?

Any chance of job?
by: Anonymous

I will turn 42yrs this Feb, a single mother of 6yr old daughter. Have been involved into training (communication, soft skills, retail).
Want to give my daughter quality life with world class education. What are my chances of getting a job, am okay working of course, as long as my daughter's future is bright and secured.
Kindly advise.

advice please kindly, thank you
by: antonia

Hi, please help and advise. I am 38 yrs of age and am wanting to visit my brother and wife in Australia who are South African and living there. They have emigrated and are not long off their residency. I would love to go visit but stay and work, I am a well qualified massage therapist and have applied and received work interest in Australia, now looking at working visa I am having a bit of a struggle. How can I visit Australia at my age and work??? Thank you.

Over 30 years old
by: Anonymous

If my husband is 28 and I'm 33 can we still go to Australia for Work visa for one year? Even if I'm over 30?

by: Lisa

My boyfriend is 36, I'm 32. We would like to go to Australia for a year. Coming this December 2018, could we get a visa to travel as we have savings or work in between jobs. I have family there that are from Australia. Would we be able to go and get a visa? Or should we just say it's family visit as we would have accommodation sorted. Thanks.

32 and want to come to work in Oz
by: Anonymous

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help and point me in the right direction. I have a sister in Sydney and am wanting to take a year out and go and visit her, but with the working visa only being for U31. Can anyone know of any other ways apart from studying? Thanks in advance. 😘

Student working hours
by: Anonymous

How long can a student with work limit of 40hr/fortnight work on uber eats?

by: Lahiru

Hi, I am Lahiru. I am 25 years old. I would like to work in Australia. So someone can give me a job? Please help me.

im just 40 & chef by trade looking to work in Australia
by: Sam Atkinson

I'm looking to work in Australia as a chef, been a chef since I was 19 and always wanted to go out to Australia to work and live but ex partners got in the way! Now I'm single and have 5k to play with. So I would love to follow my dream and work/live in Australia, maybe even meet my future wife out there but primarily work and live there. If anyone has any suggestions or helpful advice I would love to hear from you. Kind regards, Mr Sam Atkinson.

Wanna work but Older...
by: Christian

I'm looking to get into Australia and work. I'm 46 years old. Is there an agency out there that hooks up employers with people like me that have limited skills? I can be contacted at

Wanted: workers interested to work on holiday work visa 462 Australia
by: kumar

We are looking for workers who are interested to work in Brisbane, Australia, on a tourist working holiday visa 462. Company: Himalaya Villa. We will prefer Bali workers. If you are interested please contact Kumar 001161 466189107 or email

Heavy plant operator
by: Denis

Hi, I'm looking for some help. I am 44 years of age and I'm looking to go down to Australia to work for a few years and see how it goes. I wonder, can anybody help me? I'm an experienced excavator driver, bulldozer driver and also artic truck driver and experiencing the three categories for over 20 years, looking for some advice on how I could. Thanks.

Care giver
by: Tome

I am living in USA, I will like to work in Australia, so how I get visa?

Job seekers from Indonesia
by: Nova

I am from Indonesia, over 30, and need work in Australia. Anybody can inform me? Thank you and GBU.

by: Anonymous

Can I get an over 30 working visa for Australia even when I was exterdiated out of it in 2014 on a U.K. Warrant?

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