Bicentennial National Trail - Lets do it

by Helen

Are there any others out there with a desire to do a trip along the Bicentennial Trail? Preferably I'd do it on horse back with minimal gear. I should mention that I do not intend to do the entire trail.

If anyone is interested please get in touch. My email address is

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trail riding

hi Helen,

My name is Rick Page and i am currently living in southern Queensland. have spent the last 15 years of my life organising long distance trail rides in africa and europe on horses. i saw your post about the bicentennial trail with minimal gear. i would be interested to hear your plans as i quite fancy it myself although i am nt sure minimal gear is possible because of the needs of the horses. What did you have in mind?



I'm going to do it!
by: Ellie Neff

I am orgainsing a trip up the trail starting at healsville we are going to see how far we can get in a month we are doing it to rais funds for the breast cancer foundation. We have pack horses and all our own gear if you wanted to join us you would have to supply all your own horses and pack saddle gear... but i'm sure we can work something out so we don't ahve to double up on gear.
if your interested let me know you can contact me at

Let's do It
by: Ckedz

Not sure how old your posts are about the national trail, but if they are recent ie 2010, I am getting together a trip in April, but still looking for gear. If anyone is interested in joining in or would like to sell or hire pack saddles or any other gear, please email me at

national trail
by: doug

Keen to do it myself. I have one good saddle horse and one good pack horse but chasing gear.

The Entire Trail
by: Chyna

Hi! I'm hoping to travel the entire length of the horse trail in October, 2011 (originally it was in Oct 2010, but I sustained a back injury which has deferred my plans). I'm hoping to raise funds for the KidsHelpLine counselling telephone service, and intend to draw media attention (local, national and international)in cooperation with the government Tourism to the BNT as an option for travellers. Hopefully it will increase govt funding to update the condition of the BNT, whilst providing increased employment opportunities to horse related industries along the trail. eg. farriers, breeders, trainers, saddle makers, vets, etc. If anyone is interested in travelling all or part of the trail with me, I would be interested in hearing from you. Otherwise, happy trails! :)


Looking for someone to do the trail
by: Graeme

Hi, I am interested to start from the south and head north. I would like to leave Sep - Oct 2011. Anyone interested, please write.

by: Chyna

How far are you going to travel from south to north? I would be interested to know.


by: Julie

I am hoping to do the Canberra to Healesville. Was hoping to stasrt in October but have had to pospone.

by: Helen

I had no idea that so many people had responded to the advert I put on - ages ago.
I was expecting people to reply to my email address and heard from no-one. So update. I have not left yet. Maybe in 2011 -

To Chyna
by: Chey


I am definietly up for doing the whole trip (Healesville to Cooktown), south to north in Oct 2011. Please email me at to chat about it more.

I really like the idea of bring exposure to an important cause.


why not add a cause
by: helen

I see I should check emails more often. To the few people who would like to do a trip - why not add a cause - as someone suggested and some have done. I have recently spent time with people who own and drive Clysdale - imagine doing the trip like Trinity - lying on a sled behind a great beast. I am joking. I think. Alas, contact me via my email address please, those who are serious for a 2011 trip

Don't need a pack horse!
by: Rebel

Hay there Ya'll.
My hubby and I have done bits of the trail... we actually went for 2 weeks without a pack horse... down in the Guy Falkes national park from Ebor NSW.
If you pack well enough and have good seasoned horses you can get all the gear you need on ya horse. I made up pommel bags outa light canvas and we took bed rolls and saddle bags. I worked out rationing for food for 2 weeks right down to the last teaspoon of sugar.
I must say when we got back toebor it was straight to the takeaway for bacon and egg burgers and cappaccino.
There are great places to do day rides... hang out with the brumbies... YES, they are still there, plenty of water... it was heaven... Basically we did it pretty rough but that was what made the adventure.
We have also done Kandos to Queensland... with pack horse... that was fun too but not as challenging.

How can I access the trail from Brisbane?
by: Tom

Hello all. I am arriving in Brisbane the 23rd of Nov. (flying in from USA) and I'd like to trek some of the trail, probably headed south. Can anyone tell me how to access the trail from Brisbane? Thanks!

National Trail
by: Brian & Raelene

Raelene and I are planning to do the section from Biggenden to Woolooga in April 2011 just before and during Easter.

I have the map and guidebook for this section. The plan is to arrange for a support vehicle/s to follow and meet us at each camp site. That way pack horses are not required.

This ride is expected to take 6 to 7 days

We have did the Great Kilkivan Horse Ride in April this year, and the Woologa to Widgee ride in September this year.

My email is

National Trail
by: Brian & Raelene

The floods in Queensland have changed our plans re the National Trail for this year (2011)

We are planning now for Easter 2012 to do Biggenden to Woolooga. We would also be willing to pay someone to drive our vehicle as support vehicle to meet us at each campsite.

Any one interested in riding with us and / or to drive a support vehicle please contact via email

We are also planning to do the Great Kilkivan Horse Ride in September this year (2011)

Climate Change Footwalk Fund Drive
by: Latin nDrihin


I am a climate change activist from Papua New Guinea and will be accompanying a thirteen (13) year old boy by walking on foot and counting every footstep from Cairns to Canberra in October 2011. The walk is regarded as climate change foot walk fund drive to raise funds for planting 500,000 mangroves for 500 communities in the Pacific Region in 5 years.

During this walk drive the GREEN TV South Pacific Pvt. Ltd will be doing a documentary as first of its kind Pacific Islanders and Papua New Guinea to walk for such distance. If any body is interested in joining me for the walk or wish to support in cash or kind, please email and we could have more detailed chat.

Why Not?
by: Tom

I would not mind giving it a go. Though I don't think I would get enough time off to do the entire trip but love to do some.

Please get in touch with me at


2013 Starting Cooktown
by: Sue

Hi all,

Just discovered your blogs, have done a few sections from around Mt Molly FNQ and Wollemi National Park to Taralga near Goulbourn, found myself always looking for National trail signs.

Recently went to Tasmania and did some of the Tasman trail which is a logical extension of the BNT just another 300+km. Planning to start from Cooktown in April 2013 with friends using horses and backup where possible traveling as light as possible. No definite length of trek as yet but off course dreaming of the entire BNT.

Any one has advice or interested may contact at

Pack Horse for Sale
by: robyn

I have a very handy experienced packhorse/stock-horse/campdrafter for sale.

He is 5yr old brown stock horse bred gelding, 15.2hds. Excellent type and would be suitable for any activity. Has been used for cattle work in steep Hunter country so is safe on his feet in slippery country, used to river crossings, good mouth and is quiet. He has been recently packed on a trip through the Guy Fawkes with no problems.

If interested please contact me on 0267335318 or email

What a great idea for the whole pacific islands.
by: Koni N'Drihin

Bro (Latin) it's a great idea and I believe the Australians and the Pacific Islanders and PNGns in Aussie will appreciate the idea as it is for a good cause. Please do it for the good of the pacific people. I am keeping up with the media about your news.

Common goal
by: Helen

Hello to everyone interested in riding a section of the BNT.

Having somehow started this blog, I note that none of us seem to be connecting. Maybe someone has an idea on how we could communicate more efficiently. I am interested in the 2012 Easter ride with the couple who are looking for a driver. Please check my blog.


by: Birgit

Start a Yahoo group?

Biggenden to Woolooga
by: Brian & Raelene


Yes, we are still wanting to do Biggenden to Woolooga Easter 2012. We took a drive early this year and checked part of the section from Biggenden. It looks like we could have a vehicle support at each campsite.

Yourself and others who are interested can email us direct at

Heading north 2012
by: Sam

Good day,

My name is Samuel Alexander and this year (2012) in late February, I am planning on riding the entire length of the national trail on horseback to raise money for the Royal Flying Doctors Service. I have been planning this ride throughout the year and am in the final stages of buying and testing horses and equipment. I am writing here to inform anyone who might be interested in following my journey on my website be interested in joining me on a section of the trail or maybe might just like to visit me when I pass through your local area.

I have just deferred my medical studies in victoria and am now on a full time plan, seeking sponsorship, promoting and recruiting for this ride. So if you are interested in joining or helping out please email me at or visit my website

I am planning on leaving from Healesville Victoria, taking 3 Australian Sock horses and posting regular blogs and videos of my journey to stimulate donations towards to RFDS. Finally, I also intend to promote my journey in local towns and schools along the trail. So if you would like me and my horses to visit your school or town, please also email me.

Happy trails,

BNT ebor to qld border?
by: Dallas


I am keen on doing the BNT starting at ebor and travelling north for a month! I'd prefer to do it with a pack horse but am having difficulty finding gear! The only gear showing up that won't cost a huge amount of money is from a Canadian company!

I'm also keen to trek with out a horse and carry my gear myself! If you have travelled this trail could you comment on the suitability of the trail? Also how often is this trail frequented by other travellers? If you have any info or know of any pack horse gear suitable for a 14.3 crabbett could you let me know?

Also, I would be interested to have a travel buddy! I'm 28, fit, bush experienced keen for an adventure and am able to take one month off at any time! If you are keen you would not need to come for the whole month your time is up to you:)Cheers!

Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Also if you know of any experienced pack animals I'd like to know! Nothing overly expensive.


Happy travelling:)

by: Dallas

Could someone start a facebook page so we can chat easier?

Biggenden to Woolooga
by: Brian & raelene

The rain and flooding has prevented us from doing the Biggenden to Woolooga section last year and this year. We are planning now for the week before and up to the week after Easter 2013, Biggenden to Woolooga.

We will be planning to have a support vehicle also to meet us at each camp site. Expecting to take 6 to 10 days. Any non smokers wanting to join us can leave a message on this site or email us at

Brian & Raelene

Less horseshoe Replacement
by: Chyna

If you are searching for a horse shoe that is designed to last long time for your horse on the BNT trail, then you should contact Paul Reeves on: 0407 235 019/1300 737 182. Alternatively checkout the website at:

Entire BNT Nov/ Dec 2012
by: Anne

Is anyone planning to do the trail end of this year? We're 2 people from Germany, getting to Australia in October and then hoping to start the trail in Nov/Dec.

I would also very much appreciate reports from people who have done the trail starting in Nov to learn about weather conditions etc.

Thanks for your help!

Travel Start Times on the Trail
by: chyna

It is recommended that if you are starting in October on the trail that you start at the Victoria (Healesville) end, and if in May at the Queensland (Cooktown) end.

Octobert in Victoria allows you to avoid the winter months in the Alpine region by the time you travel through the highest regions. May in Queensland allows you to travel before the wet season comes in, which could strand you in hostile terrain for months.

Make sure that you travel with an EPIRB in outback Australian terrain in order to allow medical rescue if required, as sometimes you can be 3 weeks travel from the nearest road.

Packhorse for sale
by: MiaGG

I'm looking for a packhorse for sale (wanted late 2013- early2014)

I’m located in NSW and interested in starting horse trekking next year. We wanted a packhorse as mainly a back up horse.

Must be broken in, not TB or Arab, 5+, solid by nature, sound, healthy, happy!! Must be for beginner adult rider - as dad wouldn’t fit on my pony :) so 14-16hh

My Email is:


Facebook page started
by: Anonymous

I've started a Facebook page called BNT Discussions.
Please come on over and join in the discussions!!!

Biggenden to Woolooga
by: Brian & Raelene

April 2014 is now the plan. Biggenden to Woolooga
Commencing Easter Sunday from Biggenden, Should arrive at Woolooga Thursday 24/4/2014.
If you want to join the ride email to

Trail Ride max 3Month...
by: Anonymous

Hi there,

I am interested in doing a 3month trail ride from Queensland / Sunny Coast towards NSW..... anyone keen to join?

Havent planned the tour yet, just got some unexpected HOLIDAY TIME, so why not go on a long trail ride?!?!?

Anyone keen? Send me a email!

OH yeah, I am 31 year old easy going female....

BNT Discussions
by: Helen

Dear Anon. Fourth last comment down page; I looked for your BNT Discussions Facebook but could not find?

Late 2014 into New Years 2015 ride Aberdeen to Ebor
by: Hannah


My younger sister and myself are planning a ride after Xmas 2014 leaving from around taree/ Forster heading up the BNT towards Ebor . We are in the planning phase now , looking at taking 2 riding horses and one pack horse , if anyone wants to join us or meet up along the way or has any advice please give me a text on 0435628653 . Looking forward to hearing from you - Hannah

Bring it on
by: Corey


I am planning on doing the trail late 2015, Have ordered horses to do the job as my endurance Arabians may not hold condition for such a long trip. I have new pack saddle from outfitters in the states. I will start from the south and head north. Can"t wait


What's your plan, Corey
by: Mander

What's your plan? From where? To where? Start date? End date?

by: Corey

I will be leaving from Healesville at the end of October heading to Yaouk ,If everything is ok with the horses I will continue north. I have no end date I will take it one day at a time.


BNT - Healesville to Yaouk
by: Anonymous

Hi, Corey,
I live in Melbourne. How about you?

I've done the section from Healesville to Marysville (see my tracklog at

I am interested to do the broken (unmapped) sections by MTB with you; see the BNT Victoria section (
and NSW section (

You need guidebooks 11 (I have 1991 edition of this book) and 12 (I have this book).
Guidebook 11 now splits into 2 detailed colour guidebooks:
1. NSW - Yaouk to Tom Groggin 2009 (I have this guidebook)
2. VIC - Tom Groggin to Omeo (I don't have this)


On the BNT
by: Sue

I am on the trail currently near Monto any body interested ?..all going well from Kuranda down horses good people fantastic have a back up vehicle....

On the BNT
by: Sue

I am on the trail currently near Monto any body interested ?..all going well from Kuranda down horses good people fantastic have a back up vehicle....

On the BNT
by: Mander

Monto, about the same latitude as Bundaberg in QLD?
Do you carry GPS or just use the GPS on your mobile?
Do you record tracklog (using GPS or GPS app) to enable other BNTers to follow your footstep by posting your tracklog on, or add/update the

Would like to hear your BNT experience (on your FaceBook, BNT's Facebook, etc.)

I want to do the Bicentennial Trail
by: Ange

Hi, just wondering if anyone can recommend or knows of a company that do a complete trek of the Bicenntenial trail, horses and equipment included?
I have been searching but can only seem to find sections.

Many thanks

Ange guided trip with equipment
by: Jo

No one that I am aware of. Self sufficient. There is a guided trek in the high country Vic with horses.
I am wanting to do some sections in Qld down the track but trying to find pack mules. Less maintenance than horses. I will walk with the pack mules.

real trail
by: Anonymous

rode trail march 2015 Healsville to Howitt, maps don't tell the real story, some tracks over grown, some cannot negotiate, riding Howitt to Omeo march 2016

by: Sue

Would like to make on tact with anonymous. I have been doing trail Kuranda to Nundle, off for winter then back on trail as snow melts... interested in your comments about Healsvile to Howitt... the more info the better... Sue

by: Helen

I know of some people who have done the trail with camels. I will try to make contact with them asap and tell them about this site - as I am sure they can answer many of the questions being asked.

by: sue

Leaving Canberra November, others leaving around this time heading south...anyone wants info or has suggestions wsclifton

by: Sue

Thanks Helen, I am happy for info as long as I don't see the camels. My horse is terrified of camels, it's not pretty.

Camels & horses
by: Helen

It's a long trail - Grin.

Real trail
by: Sue

Interested in your comments as we are heading that way January. Can you give us more information, have books, maps etc., but updates are not giving us much.

Wanting to do trail around Sept 2016
by: Minne

Want to do the trail around September 2016. Currently in New Zealand, arrive in May 2016 in Australia and preparing starts from then on so it might be postponed. Have to get everything, from horses to a tent. Keen on some advices, good stories and company maybe?

Don't know if I go south to north or v.v. Depends or where I can get a good and strong horse and the rest of my equipment and preparation.

I am Dutch, easy going and a travelling horse lover. Shoot me a message if you're keen on giving advice or anything else!


Minnie. BNT
by: Sue

Have just finished BNT. Have you checked BNT website as their are a lot of Blogs at the moment people travelling on the trail. Most going from South to North. Will email you.

by: Sharyn

Hi, I got good sound horses, hoof boots, some pack equipment, hobbles etc. Would like to meet up with someone on the trail between Biggenden Mount Perry to do some of the trail. 25/02/16. email

by: Anonymous

Hi Sharon, best idea is to contact coordinator for that section of the trail, through the BNT website, or advertise on the BNT site.

Riding Australia
by: Christie

Hi everyone,
I've been very interested in riding around the country, starting from Sydney and heading through QLD across to Broome, then down to Perth, and back across to Sydney. Of course this is a massive undertaking and I'm just looking for some opinions and advice, what trails do people recommend to travel this way, and anyway know of any horses, gear that I could get info about? I would be looking at 3 horses, plus backup trailer. I've been riding my whole life and thought this would be a fantastic adventure and something I would never forget. Thanks for your help!

by: Mick

I have the BCT on my bucket list and would like to do it in stages. I would like to make a start next year, and then each year after that. Initially I would of liked to do it on my own but after reading and talking to people probably better in a small group. Not sure where to start but need to begin to put things in place about now. Anyone have similar ideas?

by: Sue

Hi Mick, great thing to have on bucket list. Which end are you starting? Have you contacted the BNT? The coordinators are good value, if you pick a section they will be able to help you out, might even know if anyone else is planning a trip at the same time as you have you read the blogs that people have written.

we are here!
by: Anonymous

We are finally on the BNT! Currently in SE Queensland. If anyone is interested in following our travels, we have a blog at

Doing the bicentennial trail
by: Linda

I will be doing he bicentennial trail in 2022. That will be my gift to me for retirement. Actually I would go tomorrow if I could. Feel free to get in touch if you can add to my prep ideas or if this is something that you would like to plan with me. I will be doing the whole trail.

BNT 2022
by: Carolien

Hello Linda,

I'm also saving up money to ride the BNT in 2022. This is the time I need for all the preparations and saving up. How can I contact you? Because maybe we can help each other.

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