Book Katherine Gorge canoes in advance!

by Sagar
(Auckland, NZ)

Canoe in Katherine Gorge

Canoe in Katherine Gorge

We just returned from our big outback trip and one of the places we stopped was Katherine. I would advise all you guys, esp. young backpackers out there, to book your canoe in advance. We went there pretty much last minute but all their canoes got booked out the previous week - bummer!

So we had to take the boat cruise (it's kinda boring, but if you prefer something less adventurous or a peaceful boat ride in the sunset, then go for it) and saw a few fresh water crocs. Nice cruisy ride but it was something I wouldn't do again.

So please try and get your canoes booked at least 2 - 3 weeks prior to arriving at Katherine.

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by: Birgit

Hi Sagar,
That's a bummer indeed!
I totally agree that the boat cruises don't compare. A bit too touristy for me, and to short and shallow an experience...

After reading you comment I went to check my page about canoeing in Katherine Gorge. Couldn't remember if I had mentioned that people should book ahead. I had...

Thanks for pointing it out again! It's easy to miss or not take it seriously.

families priced out of a holiday to Katherine
by: jack

when I last looked a few years ago I found the cost of the canoe hire is really expensive especially if you want to take them for a week - you could buy a second hand canoes for that price ! Our family of five decided NOT to holiday in The NT soley on the basis of this cost and we had a weeks holiday at a fancy resort in Noosa instead - for the same price as it would have cost us to hire canoes for the week !

take your own canoe
by: Skye

Can you take your own canoe/kayacs and if the answer is yes, do you still have to book somehow with any authority to be able to go in the water.

Using your own kayak or canoe in Katherine Gorge
by: Birgit

You can use your own kayak or canoe in Katherine Gorge. You just need to register and pay a deposit and a small fee at the Nitmiluk Visitor Centre first.

Canoeing in the first gorge
by: Derek

According to staff at Nitmiluk and their canoeing brochure (, canoeing is no longer possible in the first gorge. This is because of the risk from ferries.

This makes it almost impossible to take your own canoe into the gorge.

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