Camping in the outback

by Sagar
(Auckland, NZ)

I have just returned from a holiday in the outback with a group of friends. We flew from Brisbane to Alice Springs and then drove to Ayers Rock and Kings Canyon, then flew to Darwin and then drove from Darwin to Broome via Katherine.

But after coming back I realised it was all too commercial - full of tourists, cars, planes etc. and have always wondered what it is like to spend a couple of months in the outback alone.

I want to come back here and explore the Kimberley region where I can pitch a tent, have a couple of beers while I write my journal...that kinda thing, or am I just crazy in thinking like this??

I want to ask if you explored the outback by yourself, if so, did you enjoy it? Would you recommend doing it? And what are the options to travel around the outback for someone like me who is on a tight budget?

I did read your Budget Travel section but I'm kinda not willing to buy a car and travel around in Australia.

Looking forward to your response

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by: Birgit

Hi Sagar,
Part of the reason that your trip was so touristy and commercial is that you chose the peak season for your visit.

But racing through three states in two weeks doesn't help either :-).

Well, the Kimberley is of course a choice place to do what you want to do.

Are you crazy? No, why? Going bush and going camping away from it all, that's what we do all the time. That's why we live here, because we love that kind of thing.

Did I explore the outback by myself? Sure. Did I enjoy it? Sure. That's why I stayed :-).

Part of that is covered on my About page, part on the hitchhiking page, more in the whole work and travel section.

You are a Kiwi so you don't need a work visa. If you are on a tight budget get off your butt and get a job here :-). Can you take some time off at home so you can stay over here a bit longer than two weeks?

Because the one problem in Outback Australia is that you need either time or money to make it a good experience (as in, not the usual touristy stuff).

The one thing you do need to get around is wheels. Whether that's your own or hired or if you team up with others or hitchhike is a question of time and budget. (Over the years I did all of the above except I never hired a vehicle.)

What you want to do is in my opinion the one and only way to see this country, but no matter which way you turn it, it takes either time or money. You need to bring considerable amounts of at least one of them.

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