Canadian with New Zealand residency

As a Canadian with New Zealand residency, can I work and live in Australia without a visa?

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Residency is not the same as citizenship
by: Birgit

To the best of my knowledge that makes no difference whatsoever.

You don't have a new Zealand passport, so you can't enter Australia without a visa.

What visas the New Zealanders granted you has nothing to do with Australian visa requirements. You are a Canadian citizen with a Candadian passport, so you have to stick to the rules and regulations that apply to Candadians.

Become a New Zealander and you acquire the rights and privileges of New Zealanders.

by: Anonymous

thanks very much for your response.
Appreciate it

by: Anonymous

Hi there,

I have heard that if you have residency for New Zealand that it is good for Australia too, but the way to check is if you get in touch with the Australian consulate or NZ immigration and ask them!!

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