Cape York 2008

by David
(Rye Victoria)

A mate of mine and I went to the tip and I found it to be a land of vast changes.
Tropical Forests on the Coast and any where else was dry and parched, I would love to return in the wet but it would have to be in a plane and boat.

I wonder at the habit of rubbish tossed out, Bathurst Head was the worst place for this as it is very remote.
The visitors have brought in 44s for rubbish but do not take them out to be emptied.

The tip is lovely, the TIs are very hard working and the local Aborigines are lazy, pack of drunks.
To get a car fixed takes a week no matter what brand it is, yes even Toyota's. The best memories of the trip was the Old Overland Telegraph Track, even Gunshot is no longer a barrier!

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