Drive to Uluru from Alice .. Any Mountain Roads?

by Leonie
(Kent, UK)

Could you please tell me if there are any mountain roads on the drive from Alice to Uluru?
I plan to visit next July with my 3 children (12,16 & 17), hiring a 4WD, staying in Alice 6 nights (including a farm stay at Ooraminna Station), Glen Helen 3, Kings canyon 3, Curtin Springs 3 & Uluru 4 nights.

Although a little nervous, I think if I take it slow, I could manage the drive, but have one reservation. After reading your site, you mention 300 meter sheer rock faces & the thought of a road train coming towards me on a narrow mountain pass leaves me terrified.

Best Wishes,

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There are no mountains in the Outback
by: Birgit

Hi Leonie,
Relax :-). There's nothing to be nervous about and there are no mountains in the outback. No real mountains anyway. (This is coming from someone who grew up in the Alps...)

It doesn't get any flatter than central Australia. The road trains follow the Stuart Highway and that is dead straight and dead flat, all the way. You'll see them coming from miles.

The cliff faces, those are the gorges and the tourist attractions. That's not what they build the main highways through :-).

This is the most touristy area of all of Outback Australia. The biggest danger is coming from other tourists who are speeding like crazy because everyone is in a mad rush to fit the rock into their hectic schedule.

(By the way, I split off the other part of your question and published it separately, as it's a totally different topic and belongs in a different area.)

Alice to Uluru.
by: Spannerman8

Did this recently. It was superb. Went via the West McDonald Range on The Mereenie Loop. Left Glen Helen around 16.00 and arrived in King's Canyon as the light was fading (went in March) so allow 4 hours from Glen Helen to King's Canyon if you do this. The Mereenie Loop is all off road (really good taster for The Great Central Road which I took on later in my trip). Definitely require a 4WD. Many, many camels and donkeys. Avoid the Ernest Giles Road if you come across it at any stage. It is in extremely poor condition and a nightmare to drive on. Drove for miles along this to find the Henbury Craters. Wasn't worth it in my opinion. Horrible road. There are Sunrise and Sunset viewing areas at ULURU and the Climb is magnificent. They ask you NOT to climb, but frankly, I would go for it with all zeal.

Have a great trip,

Martin (

To Climb Or Not to Climb??
by: Anonymous

So spannerman, to ignore all aboriginal spiritual beliefs, is something you take on with ZEAL?? i would highly recommend that no one climbs, and respects these peoples wishes.

by: Andrew

But what about road flooding and things? Supercell thunderstorms..

I'm doing the trip tomorrow from Alice and trying to do it in one day (leaving at 5:30am) weather is unsettled. Saw a magnificent thunder storm today with monsoon like rain. Which was cool, but made me nervous. Any pointers I can use? I'm going to take it a little easy as driving that time in the morning theirs going to be animals about.

I've done flash flood driving in Hawaii where I couldn't see out the front window standing still. I reckon it couldn't get much worse that than.

Your thoughts?
Vancouver, Canada

Alice to Uluru and back in one day
by: Birgit

Be careful and good luck :-).

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