Emigrate to Sydney, Australia

by Assad

We want to emigrate to Australia, Sydney, this year. I haven't found much useful information on the web about the requirements. I hope you can give me any advice.

My reason for wanting to emigrate to Australia is because my English partner is currently living there and has been for the past 18 month. This was a permanent move for him and I hope to join him with my son.

I think one of my down falls in applying for a visa is the fact I do not have a profession. I am 23, and have been in further education for the past 5 years. Currently I am at university just about to complete my first year of a law degree.

I would like to know what my chances of acceptance would be and if it would be possible to continue the remaining years of my course over there.

I hope you can help!!!

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Emigrating to Australia
by: Birgit

Assad, I'm sorry but I can't help. You will have to wade through all the information on the government website yourself or pay someone to do it for you or help you with it. It's a big task.

It's not true that there is no useful information. Absolutely EVERYTHING is available on the government website. Of course it isn't simple, the regulations aren't simple, and every visa has different requirements.

Whether you apply for a student visa, a spouse visa, an employer sponsored visa, a temporary visa, a visitor visa... they all have different requirements.

I'm sorry, but just like everybody else you will have to wade through it all yourself and see where you might fit in.

by: assad

I want helping from you. How can I get information about immigration to Australia? Or any address. We are from Iraq so very very very want to go to Australia forever ....

by: Anonymous

Me, my girlfriend and son want to move to Sydney. I am a painter and decorator, I am 25, my girlfriend is 20 and my son 1. How do I go about it? My aunty and uncle live there, they said they can sponsor me??

Know your Sydney
by: jasons

I've recently travelled across the harsh land that is Australia, and through its open landscapes and red rich colours I found my self longing its peaceful nature. With such a desertless island how does life flourish, it's truly amazing. I captured photos of my journey and posted them up on knowyoursydney.info but I should really post them up here when I get the opportunity.

Just go!
by: micah

Hey if it's in your mind and you have the $$ MOVE! You will never be this age again; now be gone.

Looking for the love of my life
by: micah

Ok, i'm a guy looking to find my place in life, i have a passport and i'm willing to make a move. I can work at anything and i'm good at it; i want to try something different; looking for that special lady to travel with. I'm a health nut and love to workout; i swim 1 hour a day and i'm in great shape; 5'11 175 hazle eyes good built and i'm told i look in my 40s, please no goofy replys. I'm looking for the right person and the right place to live, thanks for reading this; micahrides@yahoo.com

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