Emigration to Australia

by Gemma

I am wanting to emigrate to Australia, Sydney, this year. I haven't found much useful information on the web about the requirements. I hope you can give me any advice.

My reason for wanting to emigrate to Australia is because my English partner is currently living there and has been for the past 18 month. This was a permanent move for him and I hope to join him with my son.

I think one of my down falls in applying for a visa is the fact I do not have a profession. I am 23, and have been in further education for the past 5 years. Currently I am at university just about to complete my first year of a law degree.

I would like to know what my chances of acceptance would be and if it would be possible to continue the remaining years of my course over there.

I hope you can help!!!

Response to: Emigration to Australia

Hi Gemma,

You don't need a profession to emigrate to Australia. There are many different migrant visas available.

What you should look into first are the different options for partners/spouses.

Since it was a permanent move for your partner he should soon be eligible for permanent residency in Australia. Once he is a permanent resident you can follow him on a spouse visa.

To find out how to do this yourself go to the Australian Immigration Department's website. Click on "Visa Options" on the family migration overview page. Select to apply as a partner.

Read through all the information, print out the fact sheets, the application forms and supporting information, and go through it with a highlighter.

If you can prove that you are in a long term, stable relationship—and there are several ways to do so—then you can get a visa without problems. It will, however, take time. The sooner you start looking into it, the better.

All too overwhelming? Need a Partner visa? Click here for advice.

Your son will need his own visa. Just click on child on the initial selection screen to see the options. They are similar to yours and there should be no problem.

Or you can again check out the free assessment service:
Need a Parent visa? Click here for advice.

Another option may be to apply for an Australia Working Holiday Visa first, though I'm not sure how that works with children.

A WHV gives you a whole year to live in Australia and work, during which you can get together the information and proof you need to apply for a spouse visa.

Any Australian migration visa application involves a lot of reading and paperwork. If you study law you may be comfortable with that kind of bureaucracy. Everything you need can be found on the website of the Australian Immigration Department. I did my own two applications (first temporary, then permanent) myself and all went fine. But it did give me headaches and the first few grey hairs...

I can't advise you on your university course. Law is country specific and not universal. I would suggest you contact individual universities in Australia to find out if they are able to credit you for some of the studies you have already done.

If you can get into one of the Australian universities you can get a student visa, and if you graduate from an Australian university you may be eligible for permanent residency in Australia.

Here is the government info for student visas for Australia.
Go here if you need help:
Need a Student visa? Click here for advice.

Hope that gives you something to start with.
Emigration to Australia is a complex process and I can't offer individual assistance beyond pointing people in the right direction. There is a reason why migration agents charge a fortune to assist with applications to emigrate to Australia.

That assistance service that I linked to above is the most affordable option, and the assessments for eligibility are free. For anybody who is not comfortable with dealing with mountains of paperwork themselves it's probably the best option, and also gives the best chances for approval.

If you want to connect with others who are going through the same process or have been through it check out this British Expats Forum.

All the best,

PS.: Thanks again to Chris and Mark who provided these helpful links in the comments!

Comments for Emigration to Australia

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Gemma another place to look.
by: Chris Ryan

Hi Gemma here is another option you may find usefull.
Best of luck and I hope you make it here soon.
Chris from www.perth-getaways.com

More Info
by: Mark

Hi Gemma,

Here is another option you might wish to look at for more facts & information regarding Australian Immigration. They now have well over 60,000 members so someone is sure to offer you help and/or advice with your quest.



by: Birgit

Thanks for your help, guys! They look like good resources. Seeing this is such a hot topic I may have to make a dedicated page for this soon...

Ask for stay permanent at AUS
by: DJones

If I want to stay permanent at Australia, do I need to find a permanent job first or just stay long enough to have the permanent visa at AUS?

Furthermore, any idea to get a job fast enough to get a long term permit?

by: Anonymous

Big thanks for all the information!

I want to study...
by: farhad

Dear Sir/Madam

I am a refugee from Afghanistan and have spent hard day's there in my country. I left my country one year ago and am now living in Dubai now but unfortunately I can't continue with my education.

I'm 22 and am desperate to complete my studies. Can anyone please help me with my studies?


by: Astrit Sejdini

I'm living temporarily in Albania where young students and skilled people are desperate to migrate to Australia.

As an Australian citizen I've been asked so many times if there is any chance studying or migrating in Australia.

I'm wondering if I'd be able to become a migrant consultant for people wanting to migrate to Australia?

Please advise.

Visa Canceled
by: Anonymous


I would like to know that if my student visa has been canceled by DIMIA, when can I apply for a new visa from my country?

Migration Agency
by: Migration Agency

I have been thinking about migrating to Australia too because there are many agencies offering assistance with respect to migration.

But, the fact that people are migrating there means that Australia is a better place to live as compared to the their own country.

Studying and Working in Australia
by: Jessica

Hi! I want to emigrate to Australia.I am only 16 years old but I want to go an work and study at Australia. I am from Albania but I have born and live in Greece.

I know English language very well! I have English language certificates.

What else do I need to make it to Australia.

Thank you very much!

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