Family of five off to Alice Springs and Uluru from Sydney

by Prinny

We (2a & 3k) plan to go from Sydney to Uluru in 2010 for three weeks. Unfortunately we are limited to school holidays so would you suggest April or July? Also is it feasible in our own 2WD? Could anyone suggest an itinery? Is 5-7 days to get to Alice Springs/Uluru from Sydney sufficient? Allowing us at least a week in Alice Springs, and then 5-7 days for the journey back? We would like to do some camping as well as stay in affordable accommodation.

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Sydney to Uluru
by: Birgit

Hi Prinny,

That sounds all fine. I can't help with itinerary as I don't know the south east at all. Sydney is not exactly outback.

2WD is not a problem. It just means you will have to take the long way round, along the highway, if you want to go from the West MacDonnell Ranges to Uluru/Kings Canyon.

April or July... Depends. April will be hot, you could get some rain and clouds and there will be big swarms of flies. In July there will be big swarms of people, day temperatures will be perfect and the nights could drop below zero.

I personally would much prefer April. It should be beautiful this year with all the rain they are having. By July it'll be all dry, dusty and brown again...

sydney to alice
by: Allan

Hi There,
I am planning this exact trip in september, out of school holidays? we have 3 small children and are going to tow a camper. I would appreciate any info, itinery etc..?? we were thinking sydney-dubbo-broken hill- port agusta-alice springs-tennant creek-longreach-lightning ridge-tamworth-sydney. We have a Subaru forester and am not too sure about going on the dirt either, such as the sandowner highway??? anyway i am keen for any info and tips.

we did it!
by: Anonymous

We did it in October. 2 adults and four kids, Griffith 1 night, Adelaide2-3 nights, Coober Pedy 4-5 nights, Uluru 6-8 nights, Alice springs 9th night and then we drove back via north road from Tennants creeks and on a way back we even visited fraser island. All in 18 days!!! I-pods and dvd:s to the kids!

Syd - Uluru - did you do it.
by: Emma

Hi there
All that have commented here - just wondering if you guys did the trip with the kids? How did it go?
Any suggestions and tips for me?
We have a 2x car and 2 kids. What do you think? What about the route?

Driving from Sydney to Alice Springs
by: John

I want to drive to ULURU. My car is new and 2 wheel drive. I have been there before on a bus but that was years ago. I am thinking of taking 3 weeks and I hope to have 3 cars with me. I would like some help about food, petrol and camping.

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