Finding jobs in the mining industry

by Anne Fluhler

Process plant at a mine site

Process plant at a mine site

We are wondering how to find jobs in mining industry: in the office, hospitality, or any other area women are employed in the mining industry throughout Australia. (We were led to believe there are areas in mining that may not be suitable for women to work, too heavy for example.)

What we would like to know is who to approach, who are the catering companies, and if anyone knows much about the working conditions. We are not afraid of hard work, and not picky about what work we do, we just want information from anyone who has worked in the mining industry and what He or She thought of it.

Anne and Robyn

Response to: Finding jobs in the mining industry

Hi Anne and Robyn,

Update: Since writing my answer below I have become aware of an excellent resource that addresses all the questions you asked (who to approach, info on the working conditions etc.) Please see my review of Rosco's Mining Employment Guide. Well worth having a look at!

(I also address the question of women in mining on that page, though not in much detail. Because it isn't necessary. There are no differences in how to go about getting a mining job whether you are male or female.)

Areas in the mining industry that employ women:
Which areas of the mining industry would employ you depends on your qualifications, your experiences and interests, but also on your personality and how well you sell yourself. Many companies are more than happy to train you if they feel it's worth it. What kind of area you go into is really up to you. If you are happier in the office or catering side of things, fair enough. Many women are. But that does not mean that other areas don't employ women.

Of course it's easier to get a foot into the door if you already have experience in something. You won't get a job as a tradesman unless you have a trade.

There are so many options. Women are often found in jobs like driving the big trucks and machinery. They tend to be more cautious and are easier on the (very expensive) gear. Many plant operators are female. Many sites also have small laboratories and need people to just run around and get samples. That's not a bad job either. And of course any driving jobs, though I would hate to sit on my butt for a 12 hour shift...

(A HR license is a huge bonus if you want to get one of those jobs.)

No matter what area you go into, you usually start at the bottom. Once you are on site you figure out what options are available to you, what training, and where you can move up the ladder, and also what suits you and what you'd like to do.

Who to approach:
Permanent or temporary office jobs (can lead to permanent employment) as well as many truck driving jobs, operators jobs or any labouring jobs in process or maintenance you may get both through the mining companies or through labour hire providers. Casual and shut down work is available through labour hire providers.

Overall it sounds like you have no clear idea yet what is involved in "work in mining". So before you apply for a permanent job I suggest you find out what big mines are in the area that you want to work in, and then find out who the subcontractors and labour hire providers are. And then contact them and see if you can get shut down work.

During shut downs there is always demand for unskilled people, and if it's just to do the firewatching and confined space observing. It gives you a chance to have a look at a mine site from the inside, and to talk to people, and to see how you like it.
(This is not for catering or office work, but for work in the plant.)

Any cooking, cleaning and similar work in mining camps is available through the catering companies. They also have the occasional office jobs.

All of the above will also be advertised on the many recruitment sites and job search engines as well.

Most of this is outlined on the page Mining Jobs in Australia, and there are some useful links.

You asked for jobs throughout Australia. Australia is huge and there are countless mines, so it's impossible to give more specific directions.

Information about working conditions from someone who has worked in the mining industry:
I am a female crane driver and scaffolder, so I have no experience on the catering/office side. What follows is about working in the plant.

Regarding gender issues, my experience is that mining companies are reasonably progressive. The bigger the company the more progressive. The labour hire companies have more prejudice, that's where I had the most trouble. But then again, I live in a part of the country that is rather backwards in that respect ...

Regarding the "too heavy" work. Well, sure, depending on what you do the work can be very physical and dirty, and brute strength can help at times. But it's not essential. There's always a workaround. These days the really heavy work gets done by machinery. Mine sites are totally over the top when it comes to safety, so nobody is supposed to do any heavy lifting anyway. You get a chain block or a crane for that.

I've always loved my work and the work environment. I would never work cooking or cleaning. Never. I HATE that stuff with a passion. I enjoy physical work, and I prefer a predominantly male work environment. It is different. It suits some, and it doesn't suit others. It doesn't hurt if you are able to take it on the chin, don't take criticism personal, and not bring any emotions or personal stuff to work. It's just about work and about being part of a team. Oh, and you better not worry much about foul language and pics of naked girls everywhere ...

What I don't like, what nobody likes, is living in a mining camp. Being stuck out there, seeing the same people you work with at the dinner table and at the bar and again at breakfast, little privacy, nothing to do, and simply not being able to go home at night, that is what gets to people. Everybody hates that.

Well, and that's about all I can tell you about it. All you can do is try it out and see how you cope!

All the best to you two!

General info:

Comments for Finding jobs in the mining industry

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by: Sue Anonymous

I am looking for a domestic position for cleaning the accommodation, at the mines in WA.

I am having trouble finding where and how to apply. Does anyone have any ideas?

I would appreciate it very much.

My email address is

Job hunter
by: siyabonga khanyile

I'm looking for the job in mines but in the the Hospitality/Kitchen department.

I have a Diploma in Food and Beverage Management and wish to start immediately. I'm also ready to relocate.

Please contact me at 0732790534

Job searcher
by: Jovian Chong

I have completed Cert III in Commercial Cookery, Cert III in Retail Baking, Cert IV in Hospitality Management, and a Diploma in Hospitality Management.

I am looking for a job in mining area.

Please contact me asap at 0433005841

Mining Industry

I'm a Mauritian citizen in my fifties and am seeking a surveyor job in Mining industry in Mauritania.

I have been working for 10 years in German JV in my country.

Languages spoken; French, English, Arabic, Russian.

You can contact me at:
mobile: +222 33 11 28 13
fax: +222 525 05 64


Looking for a job in the mining industry
by: Nathaniel

To whom it may concern,


I am looking for a suitable position in the hospitality industry, especially in any mining company where I can utilize my expertise and experience. I have 15 years experience in the hospitality industry: Bar, Restaurant, Accommodation, Reception, Security, Bottle Shop and Administration.

I do hope that someone can assist me in where to apply and start working immediately. I am a permanent resident here in Australia:

My contact details are; 0415402840
email address:

Job Required - Hospitality
by: Sandra


My name is Sandra, AKA Sue and I am currently looking for a career change. I am currently employed as a Manager in a Medical Center and would love the opportunity to get back into the hospitality area.

I have no family commitments, as I recently separated from my husband and my daughter is grown up with a child of her own.

I am extremely hard working and will always give a 110% to my employer.

Catering Companies
by: Anonymous

If you're looking for catering jobs, check out ESS catering, and Sodexo catering. They're both quite big in WA mining camps.

by: Kile knopp

I have just completed cert 3 hospitality and am willing to do any job at the moment. I have cert 1 business management and completed year 10 at high school.

My number is 0401944815 and am looking forward to hearing a response asap. I don't care where I have to go for work and don't care what job I am offered. Thanks again.

Going Round in Circles
by: Alistair


I've come over from NZ looking for a change of scenery. Trying to find a cleaning job in the mines must be a secret brotherhood, secret hanhshakes etc.

Where do you actually go to apply for a cleaning job in a mine? Please can someone tell me

Please e-mail at and my phone number is 0450612505.

Want to work in the Mines
by: catriona


My name is Catriona and I am 23 years of age. My partner and I would like to go up the mines and get the chance to work in that industry. I have experience in being a receptionist, also a cleaner and catering, my partner is a bricky.

Also, can anyone with some info help us out and let us know how really to get an opportunity like this, please contact me on

by: Josie

Hi, was wondering if you could let me know which companies to contact to apply for a position as a kitchen-hand/waitress in the mines please?

Job Seeker
by: Anonymous

I'm Vietnamese, I want to have more income to support their families. Currently I work in coal mines in Vietnam. I have 6 years driving experience CATERMILER 773E. I am 31 years old. I want to come to Australia to work in the mines here. I do not know how to do that.

Thanks a lot.

Hard Worker
by: Peter

I am an older experienced human male that has done a hundred jobs over the years and have just returned from overseas and would count it as a privilege to be working in the mining sector washing dishes if needed.

I have worked underground putting tunnels through hills with Citra and many other companies as a concretor and steel fixer.

How can I get my foot in the mining door? Please help.



by: Chris reed

I'm 28 years old smart hard working chef for 8 years I have spent most of my cooking career as a head chef. I have great management and people skill and my food is great too. I love cooking it's my life and I would continue in the mining/oil sector.

Chris reed 0405248153

48 years young and looking for a change
by: Andrew Hull

I seem to be on the same road as so many others in regards to having difficulty finding a way into the mining industry. All the hype in the media, yet no clear path for those of us wanting to get in. I have spent most of my career in the transport industry and have decided at 48 that I would like a change. Any one with any advice can contact me at

Many thanks.

Looking for a Job
by: cha18

I am looking for a cleaning job and accommodation in Australia. I am having trouble how to apply.

Can anyone help me? My email address is

Many thanks in advance.

Looking for a Cleaning Job at Mines
by: Grace S

I used to have a cleaning company for 1 year and would like to get a job at mining for cleaning.

Can someone show me the direction how to apply please.

My phone number is 0432-89-00-99
and email is

Many thanks
Grace S.

Catering Assistance
by: banon

Hi,I am 30 years old and just finished my cert 3 in cookery.

I have a diploma in hospitality management and want to go to mining. Can someone help me in getting more information?

My number is 0452336148.

I am a South Korean
by: J.K


I am J.K.

I am working in construction for 1 year. I would like to work for surveying. If I got a chance, you will see me how much I can do. I am ready to follow your order whatever you say to me.

Please contact me when you feel free.

Your sincerely

Phone : + 61 449 575 875

Brigit doesn't know
by: Anonymous

To Brigit,

Clearly you have NO idea who or where to find a job in the mines. You probably don't even work there yourself but claim you have knowledge. Stop writing or blogging in response to these poor people who are trying to get there foot in the door.

I myself am currently working in the mines and it was by sheer luck that got my foot in the door, being at the right place at the right time you could say. My brother who has spent thousands of dollars on courses and inductions is still trying to get his foot in the door. I didn't spend a penny.

Again this was a share fluke and luck and because I kept my ears open that I got a job. It is rather WHO you KNOW not WHAT you KNOW.

Keep your ears open!!!

Dump Truck Trainee Position Offer
by: Theo


Theo M: 0412433313

A mechanical fitter with over 10 years experience in oil, mining and maintenance field.
I am looking for an entry level position as a Dump Truck Operator in the mining industry.

• Year 12 C C High School
• Certificate in Automotive Vehicles TAFE (Australia)1993
• Pneumatics 1 TAFE, Miller 1991
• Welding and Industrial Skills Graduation Certificate Mission Employment, Miller, 1991
• First Aid Course and fire fighting course
• Dupont STOP for Safety Achievement Award
• First Aid Trained in H2S survival (hydrogen sulphide gas)

Work Experience: DEPARTMENT OF DEFENCE Moorebank Australia

Position: Mechanic

Role: Provide services as a Maintenance Mechanical Fitter


• Plant Equipments such as Catapillar Dozers, Komatsu Graders, Trucks and trailers.
• Repair and maintain mechanical equipment including engines, pumps and compressors.
• Maintain water purification equipment CPC 7.5 and CPC 208 MR0 10
• Repair and maintain a range of equipment including Cobra rock breaker, vibration tamper, diesel and petrol chainsaws, generator sets, concrete mixers and water pumps.

Work in the Mines
by: Nathan

I am 32 years old and have recently been discharged from the Australian Army Catering Corps after more than 10 years. I am looking for a position in the catering sector within the mining industry.

I was deployed to Afghanistan in 2010 as a cook so I know how to feed lots of hungry workers.

Any info will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks. E-mail -

by: miingi

I am Miingi and am living in Kenya. I am looking for a job as a heavy/medium truck driver/or a labourer in Australia.

Cleaning or Administration
by: Donna

I am looking for any hospitality or admin work in the mines. I have years of work experience and I and from N.Z. residing in Melbourne, working in the Warehouse Distribution Despatch office.

I can do with a change, have family living in Perth. I am now single with three grown adult children all in the work force, so I have no commitments.

Please contact me or email me for any opportunities of work in these sectors


or mobile: 0404747581

Chef Job
by: Anonymous

Could anyone please help me find a job in the mining industry?

Help Needed
by: Anonymous

HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! Myself and my husband have been trying and trying and it looks like no one wants to help; not even the employment companies. I am a fully trained housekeeper and my husband is a builder with all mine tickets but we can't get a start unless there is someone we know internally. Can anyone help us get a job start in the mining industry?

Please contact at


Job Seeker
by: Marc Howard

I am a qualified Chef living in Adelaide and seeking employment in the mining industry. I have five years experience in hospitality and am confident I can offer an excellent service to any prospecting employer. Ideally I require a FIFO position.

Please don't hesitate to call or e-mail me for further information.

Mobile: 0437028487

Kind regards,
Marc Howard

Females working in Mining industry
by: Haneefa

I come from employment services background & am looking for work opportunities in the mines in the administrative sector or even in labour work. I don't mind getting my hands dirty!!

Having issues seeking genuine recruitment agencies that are equal opportunity. Would be great if anyone can guide me in the right direction.

The Right Job
by: adam

I am currently in the defence force and am looking to get out next year. I am looking for a mining career but am unsure what there is and wonder what would be the right profile for me. I am currently in Townsville.

I was wondering if someone could help me find the best job suited for me.


Looking for a Job
by: Christian & Tamara

Dear Sir or Madame,

It's Tamara and Christian, a couple from Germany. We are looking for a job in your company.

We are a highly-motivated, ambitious and responsible 20 years old couple seeking full-time work. We also like to work hard, love new challenges and teamwork.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Phone: +61 (0) 416646095 (Tamara)
Phone: +61 (0) 499154744 (Christian)

Yours sincerely,
Tamara Winterer and Christian Kainzelsperger

Looking for a Permanent Mining Cleaning Job.
by: sanaila vesikula

I am Sanaila Vesikula and I am a fijian. I am looking for permanent cleaning job in any mine site anywhere in Australia. I have 4 years experiance in cleaning at Fiji Airport and looking forward to join a progressive organization that has the need to offer opportunities for advancement.

Thank you.

Sanaila Vesikula.

Looking for a Cleaning Job in the Mines
by: martyn guyett

My name is Mrtyn Guyett and I am looking for a cleaning job in the mines to get me started. I have my white card for qld but I will get one for any where I would like to better myself but first need to start some where to get funds to do courses and licences for other jobs.

So if anyone can help me out can you email me at

Thank you.

Looking for Jobs in Mines, Could You Please Help Me?
by: Anonymous

Hi, a pleasant day to all of you.

Could somebody can help me find work in mining industry? I am already a permanent resident here in Perth from last 3 years. As of now I am working in a Fibre glass company as a laminator and a boat builder but I would like to work in the mines, I can work as a cleaner, labourer, painter or a fibre glass laminator.

Please somebody help me. I will do all my best and effort...I am a hard working person.


Here is my email

Baking job
by: Shannon

Hi, I'm just wondering about a job in baking. I have cert 3 in retailing and have good skills and good work ethics. I hope to hear back from you to give me a job. My number is 0427009904.


Steel Fixing Jobs
by: sam


My name is Sam and I am 20 years old. I have been steelfixing for a year now and looking for work in the mines as my current employer has run out of work. But looking for places to apply is taking me round in circles.

If anyone could help me out, it would be much appreciated. I am able to travel anywhere in Australia.

My deatils are:

mobile:0423 398 090


Cleaning jobs
by: Angela

I am looking for cleaning work in the mines. I am travelling to Carins tomorrow and am willing to work any hours.

Contact me on 0450984377.

Will look forward to hearing from you soon.

Job Needed - Very Badly!
by: Shahnaz


My name is Shahnaz and I am looking for a cleaning job or kichen hand. My son is really sick. Only one of his kidney works and that too just 20 percent. Please help me find a job.

You can contact me by calling at 0439087176.


Cleaning or Administration or hospitality
by: Michelle

I am looking for any cleaning, hospitality or admin work in the mines. I have years of work experience of hospitality and admin work industry.

Please contact me or email me for any opportunities of work in these sectors

or mobile: 0420284708

Cleaning/ Catering
by: Cindy Campbell

I am looking for a cleaning/catering job fifo in the mines. I am 25 year old Kiwi female, living in Perth. I am highly motivated and have plenty of hospitality and house keeping experience.

I can offer you hard work, professional work ethic and a can do personality!


If you can help it would be greatly appreciated!

Contact: 0477165899

Please help
by: Brett Pritchard

To whom it may concern.

My name is Brett Pritchard, I’ve recently acquired my basic intermediate and advanced scaffolding ticket with the hope of gaining fifo employment from cairns. Whilst I am now classified as an advanced ticketed scaffolder my experience is at a basic level in the scaffolding industry. I have worked alongside an advanced scaffolder previously and feel Im able to adapt and quickly learn all aspects of advanced scaffolding given the opportunity.

Previous to my choice of career change I was a painter with experience and acquaintance in the domestic interior and exterior structure painting and refinishing, owning my own painting company from 2005 until recently, I have developed a very high level of experience on industrial and commercial contracts also; I can converse well with customers to express deployment plans, time limits, approach and requirements desirable which comprise colour selection, surface, special effects, costs and further attributes, I am extremely trained in the use and mixing of both traditional and complex paint applications so as to ensure that painting procedures are done professionally and tight time limits are met.

Since relocating to cairns permanently I am now seeking a position within the mining sector. I’m sure my experience and expertise will adapt well into a role within your company.

Please contact me to arrange a mutually convenient time to discuss my application further.

Thank you in advance and kind regards.

Brett Pritchard

Looking for a Job in the Mines
by: Russell-Chaudhry

My name is Chaudhry and I am looking for any job in the mines to get started. I will get one for any where I would like to better myself but first need to start somewhere to get funds to do courses and licenses for other jobs. So if anyone can help me out can you email me at

Thank you.

Job for My Partner and I
by: Anonymous

My Partner (Male) and I (female) would like to join the mining industry; I have been looking around for mining jobs but am unable to find any.

My Partner is looking for like the laborer type of mining job and I am looking for catering or health.

We don’t want to be separated; we would like to work in the same mind if possible.

Feel free to email me on

Motor Vehicle Technician
by: andrew holligan

I am looking for any kind of work in the mines.

I am hard working and happy to work long hours, I am currently living in WA Perth, working for Toyota. I have lots of experience in the motor trade and i am willing to learn and develop my skills.

My email is

by: Airbag

The mining industry in Australia is always in need of professional truck drivers. However, if you want to get a job as a dump truck operator, make sure that you look for companies that offer good work terms. Moreover, it is also important to look for those that issue good trucks with airbag seats to protect yourself from the highly demanding work environment in the mines.

Job Opportunity In World Travel Recruitment Agency, London, UK
by: Mr. Lee Adamson.

WORLD TRAVEL RECRUITMENT AGENCY is consolidating its stand on the global hotel and tourism business and as such requires the services of qualified candidates to fill these vacant positions. Our Employment Agency offers reliable and satisfactory WORLD TRAVEL RECRUITMENT AGENCY
Services to a number of satisfied companies located worldwide. Highly Skilled, Semiskilled and unskilled manpower is readily available for Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and all other countries.
For your information, the hotel now needs a list/group of 10-100 men and women to fill in the vacancies who can work and live in London.
The vacancies and the salaries:
1. Car wash 2. Cleaning/house keeping/steward 3. Sales 4. Receptionist 5. Public relations 6. Hospitality management 7. Food & beverage management 8. Store keeper 9. Restaurant services 10. Waiters/waitresses 11. Culinary theory 12. Mechanical engineering 13. Mechanics for heavy equipments 14. Auto engineering 15. Electrical & electronics specialist 16. It specialist 17. Telecom 18. Landscape & graphic designer 19. Computer operators 20. Dentist , 21. Computer engineering 22. Driving

NB: The above are the only vacancies that we require interested applicants to occupy as soon as possible. If you are interested in any of the jobs, kindly get back to us before the opportunities are taken. The hotel will pay for flight ticket and while applicants will be responsible for immigration service and clearance approval from the London employment.

A very attractive net salary paid in US$, Sterling or Euros equivalent depending on employee home country and currency preference with annual salary review.
. Quality single or family housing accommodation in company community.
. Free medical/dental care for employee and family.
. Excellent educational assistance benefits with family status employment.
. Paid airfares allowing full flexibility with holiday travel.
. Personal effects shipment and excess baggage allowances.
. Full access to some of the finest and social recreational facilities.
. Life Insurance and Paid vacation.
. Official vehicle/Maximum security in work environment and housing community.

JOB STATUS: Full-Time and contract
JOB STATUS: depending upon experience and field of specialization.

I wish you all the best of luck. We shall be waiting to receive the resume/CV of the serious, willing and interested applicants.

Best Regards.

Lee Adamson.
Chief Executive Director.
World Travel Recruitment Agency London, UK.
Tel: +44 70457 22142.
Mobile: 00944-701113 5644

Looking for Office Job in Mines in Australia

I have had 6 years experience in an office/contact center environment. Have done few certificates in business administration. Would love to have the opportunity to work in the mines in Australia.

I'm contactable on 0401 833 706 or at

by: John Pap


I am looking for a job as a dump truck operator entry level) but I have 16 years experience overseas. I want to do gig rosters such as 10-12 weeks on and 2 weeks off.

Mining Engineer
by: Ravindra Nipane


I am Ravindra Nipane. I posses degree in Mining Engineering and presently working as Mine Manager in Goa (India). I want to relocate myself to abroad in Mining field. If there is any vacancy kindly contact me on my email i.e.

Thanks and regards
Ravindra Nipane

Dump Truck Driver
by: Jayde

Hey there Names Jayde I’m 18 years of age, just wondering how I go about getting my truck license and heading to the mines to work.

Someone please email me on:

Thank you.

Any Mining Job
by: dave

Hey...I’m looking for a job in the mines anywhere in Australia ...preferably NSW but not fussed really. I do not have experience and not too sure where to start looking.

If u can please give me a call on 0410 240 854...would be much appreciated...thank you!

Attention Mining Companies and Workers
by: Anonymous

My partner and I have been applying for jobs in the mines that require no experience and for 6 months now have been unsuccessful in finding anything. Unless you have a qualification with experience it is very competitive to find a job.
This has led me to think laterally and work out what we can offer the mining industry. Because the isolation and separation from families is difficult I think we can improve the quality of the lives of the people working in the mining industry. My partner is a guitar teacher and I do relaxation massage and counselling. I think that we could both contribute to this industry doing what we are trained for and at the end of the day if the workers are taken care of they will do a better job so if anyone would like to pass on my number to a company that they are currently working for to improve their quality of life my mobile is 0419572963. You have to admit it is wonderful to have some live music around to pass the time.

Looking for Work in the Mines
by: Chrissyd

I would love some info on how to get into the mining industry in cleaning, housekeeping, kitchen hand or administration work.

My email address is or I can be contacted on 0419000125.

Many Thanks.

Looking for any Job in Mining Sector
by: Simphiwe

I have just matriculated last year and I’m from South Africa (gp). Please help me find a job in the mining sector I’m a hard worker and will do anything.

by: josh drury

Hey, my name is Josh. I would like any job I could get at the mines. I have been working as a glazier for 4 years and just about finished my apprenticeship. I know that has nothing to do with the mines but I’m keen to do courses to get one more step ahead.

I’m a good bloke to work with and would love a go at working in the mines if you want to no more email me on

Chef Job!
by: alu calls of png

Can someone in Australia help me find a job in one of the mines in cairns?

Looking for cleaning work in the mining industry
by: Jodi


My name is Jodi am female age 30 fully experience and trained cleaner for the past 15 years.

I’m looking for a suitable position as a cleaner in the mining industry were I can utilize my experience, in the past 15 years I have sub contacted for other business and in 2007 I was presented in recognition for outstanding achievement in certificate 2 in assent maintenance cleaning operations I have also owned my own cleaning company for the past 4 years and I have a white card for NSW I am willing to get the card for any where I get work I also have my own ABN number and business insurance and car and licence.
In 2008 I fulfilled the requirements for certificate 3 in age care work.

Am willing to move to where I can get work as long as I can get accommodation.

I do hope someone can assist me in applying and starting work I am a Australia resident pls call Jodi on 0429003684

by: talent

Hi I'm talent maroveke ,I'm a Zimbabwean, I'm looking for job as diesel plant fitter or diesel mechanic, got 2 years experience.
My email is
Contact 00263777666410

Machine operator
by: Dantayo Kuria

Hi there am Dan from Kenya finding job in Kenya or outside my country. I am a machine operator with three years of experience. I have worked with some of companies in my country like KenGen, Civicon Kenya but in contract. Am good in 360 Excavator & Bulldozer. I shall be much thank full if given that chance. My contacts Thanks

looking for work in minings
by: Nonhlanhla

Hi, my name is Nonhlanhla and I am looking for a job in mining. I have worked part time as domestic worker and I worked MR price for 3 months and now I am working in community work programme. I am desperately looking for a serious job which pays well. I have matriculate and drivers licence code 10 and I am a hard working girl and I am available anytime they will be a position anywhere I will be there

any job in mines
by: Anonymous

I am hard working person, I have matric ad drivers licence, I worked at Mr Price ad Domestic Worker. Now I am working as community work programme code 10. Contact detail I will be thankful if I can have a job, I need to help my family somehow.

by: Paulo

My name is Paulo, I am interested to apply to be part of mining but I want to know what I need to bring into with me? And I want to know about the rate and how much I can get a week?

Paulo Tautai Fata

Excavator operator NEW
by: Anonymous

Hello, am Daniel from Kenya a Excavator operator with seven years of experience and I would like to join your team( Thanks

Steward job seeker NEW
by: Anonymous

_To whom it may concern
Hi my name is Alice Njeri from Kenya.33 of age looking for a steward position in the mines...God bless you as u consider me

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