Finding unskilled mining jobs in Australia

by Ross

I am from New Zealand and went to Australia first in 2005 and looked for a mining job in Australia. I went around the agencies in Perth but they all wanted experienced people. In the process I wasted 1000 dollars in accommodation and food.

I then went out to Kalgoorlie and still had no luck. I luckily remembered a mate was in W.A. and to my luck he was in Kalgoorlie. Over the phone he gave me some company names that were hiring. I went around and had a full time job in 5 minutes...

I know how hard it can be to get a job and I have put this website up to help other Aussies and Kiwis to get a job in the mines.

Good luck,

Editor's Note:
It's taken me a loooong time but I finally took the time to look at what Ross is offering. I was positively surprised, so much so that I wrote a detailed review of his guide. You can read it here:

Review of Rosco's Mining Employment Guide

PS.: And people, please stop flooding the comments with applications for mining jobs. In case it isn't obvious, this isn't a mining recruitment site!
When you leave your contact details and email address you only invite spammers to contact you.
You don't get a mining job by posting a badly spelled comment on some random website. (Not even after I cleaned up most of your spelling and grammar...)

Comments for Finding unskilled mining jobs in Australia

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going now to look at your web site
by: TONY

Thanks mate, going there now. At least it's a start. cheers fellow kiew

never had a job on a minesite before

Can anyone help me to find a company out there that will give me a fly in fly out job in camp kitchen or cleaning. Have been looking, have not found anything, or much help.

scaffolding jobs in the mines
by: olly craig

I'm interested in working in the mining industry. I currently have my intermediate scaffolding ticket, first aid, and working at heights certs.I've been scaffolding for 5 years in the Brisbane area. Just finished the de-cellernation plant on Gibson Island. Just looking for some information on how to get in to the mines?? Does anybody know if anyone's hiring scaffolders??

I've never worked in the mines either
by: looking 4 work

Hi there, myself, husband, and 3 teenage kids have been living in Wollongong for 4 months now, moved from Kawerau NZ. My husband's scafffolding here at the moment, and I haven't found a job yet, but if there's anyone out there that has any contacts for companies who are hiring unskilled workers cleaning, kitchen hand, camps, it would be great to hear from yous.

Thanks, nz

by: julie

My name is Julie, I am looking for fly in fly out work, don't care where I go, have been putting applications in everywhere I know but no luck. Am so willing to work, have experience in cleaning, kitchen hand, motel cleaning and am currently working in industrial cleaning. If anyone can help me that would be great. Thank you, Julie.

looking to start my own life.
by: talisa maree turner

i am a 21 yr old femail looking for work i still live with my step father bringing up 3 of my brothers and sister now that they are getting older i would love to start up a life of my own. i have always worked in cafe, deli's so my work haves been revolved around cooking and cleaning. i am a hard worker trust werthy and comit hard to my

by: lane tukere

Hi, I'm looking for work in mines. Been scaffin for ten years off and on been working on Gold Coast for last three years scaffin but getting no where, only got basic ticket but heaps of experience. Can anyone hook me up chr 0404796345

help finding job
by: James

Hi just wondering if any one could guide me in right direction on how to get a job in mines in WA with no experience. I am a panel beater by trade looking for a change.
email me

Looking for a start
by: Sharalee

Hi Everyone,

I am a 33yr old female looking for a head start in the mines, working as a cleaner/kitchen hand etc. I am more than willing to be trained, and I will stick to the job and contract for the full amount of time I am employed for. I am also willing to accept an extended contract after the first initial work period. I do not mind if it is fly in fly out or whether it is an on site job, with accommodation. If anyone can give me a head start I would appreciate it. I am also willing to work for long lengths of time without a break. Currently living in Taranaki, New Zealand and can leave on very short notice.


I work in the mines...
by: miner-richie

Hey guys,

I hear lots of you are looking for work in the mines etc etc...

I've been working a FIFO role for about 2 years now, at an underground mine, 1.5hrs south of Kalgoorlie, WA.

If anyone wants any info on working in the mines, companys to apply for, conditions, pay rates etc etc etc... then send me an email at:

and I'll do my best to help you out.

by: Anonymous

My expertise involves welding with stick, MIG and submerged arc welding on coco bogies of Indian diesel locomotives, side frames of coaches of Indian railways, air reservoirs, and many jobs of critical works for which I have been suitably awarded and certified as a qualified welder by the Indian railways. Have also been awarded by the Indian railways for meritorious service in 1988, 1991 and 2005.

I am a qualified welder having done my act apprenticeship in the indian railways workshops in 1984. I have also completed my submerged arc welding course in adavanced training institute at Chennai in 1990. Hence I am a aptly qualified and experienced welder with about 20 years of experience in welding in the railways.

I am earnestly seeking a sponsor who would assist me with a visa 457. I did work in Brisbane in 2008, but due to constraints with my ailing mother I was forced to return to India, and later my visa was cancelled. Repeated requests to the immigration department to revoke my visa yielded negative results and hence my visa was cancelled in April 2009.
If provided a visa will I be highly obliged to work and share all my experience with your esteemed company.
Thank you very much,
M F. Fernandez

by: dal

Been on holiday a few times to Oz, love it there. Would I be able to get any work? I'm a scaffolder in London, been doing it 20years, got part 2. first aid, working at heights, and scaffolding inspection ticket. How do you get some one to sponsor you to work in Oz, or maybe an unskilled job...

Forklift Work
by: Reece

I am looking for any forklift driving jobs (LF licence) and/or any jobs period in the mines, I am a very hard worker and willing to do almost anything.
I live in Sydney and I am prepared to travel or move interstate to gain employment.
Please email me on
Thanks for any help and for your time

young worker
by: Bey

Hello, name's Bey...

Looking for work in any fields that need no experience offsider,cleaning etc... still young and ready to work if anyone is interested.

Thank you ,would be pretty glad to hear back.

Looking for Sponsorship
by: Irish

I am currently living in Kalgoorlie and working as an operator on dump trucks. My second year visa is coming to an end but I would like to stay! If anyone knows of a company willing to take on a hard working Irish fella or a way to extend my visa, please connect me at

Please and Thank You!

Cleaning job wanted!!
by: Grace

Hi, can anybody help me find a cleaning job on a FIFO roster? Am currently working as a cleaner but would love to work away. Any suggestions would be wonderful!!! Thanks.

Kiwi looking for unskilled mining jobs anywhere
by: Anonymous

Hi there, I'm looking for a fly in fly out job in the mining industry. I'm interested in doing anything. I have a full drivers licence, first aid cert, forklift licence, green card, asbestos removal ticket, basic scaffolders ticket, power tools training and just finished a cert 2 in carpentry course at Tafe nsw. I've mainly done hands on jobs such as scaffoldig, labouring jobs and lived in Australia for 12yrs. Any advice or leads will be great.

Mine kitchen and cleaning jobs
by: Roimata Cook

Hi there I am a 23 year old female, looking for work in the Australian mine industry. I have recently moved to Australia from New Zealand and have worked in the hospitality industry since I was 16 years of age.
I need a bit of help to lead me into the right agencies that can recruit me into the mines, and also need to know what qualifications I need as I don't have much, just really experience.

I have seen the Rosco's mining job book. Has any one read the book? And would it be helpful to me?

So who ever can help me would me much appreciated.
Kia Ora,
Roimata cook

Scaffolding jobs in New Zealand
by: michael

Hi, my name is Michael, I am going to New Zealand in Oct. I am a scaffolder, have all my tickets. Does anyone know of any scaffolding jobs going in New Zealand? If any one can help, please could you email me on


Mining job
by: Anonymous

I am a qualified cook with around 25yrs experience
having cooked hotels, clubs, hospitals & nursing homes (current).
I also have indusrial contract cleaning experience having held a contract for 4 yrs with a logging contractor, also cleaned for motels etc.
I have owned several businesses selling the last one 6 months ago.

I am looking for a position in the mining industry in Australia & would appreciate any help or information as I have been unsuccessful in finding a position so far & have been looking for past 2 yrs. Thank you

by: rodney

Hi, I'm Rodney. Looking to start in mining as DUMP TRUCK DRIVER but don't know where to start,
I've been working as ganger on roadwork sites for past 10 yrs so have a lot of knowlegde so if anyone can point me in right track in finding out about more about dump truck driver be great thanks.

My email address
mobile is:0430945115, 0450088038

Mining Job
by: Alex Erydin

Hi, my name is Alex, I'm looking for a position in
the mining industry. I have worked in mining before as dumptruck driver, road roller, crane dogman, water truck, forklift operator. I'm looking for
work as above or cleaning, kitchen hand, service truck

My email is

Never worked in a mine before
by: Neil McGuffie

Hi, I'm a mechanical plumber by trade and am looking for work on a fifo basis. Preferably week on week off as my wife is pregnant. I've never worked in a mine but I am a hard worker.

Young family sicka being broke!
by: Anonymous

I'm a young mum looking for a job in the mines with my partner. I have studied at uni but gave it up to have my baby, so no formal quali. Was wondering if anyone could help me find a position :) So sicka being broke and not afraid a hard work!

Never worked on a mine site before, looking for a fresh start
by: Brad

G'day, my name's Brad. I am looking for a job within the mining industry. I am a single bloke with no kids so am available anywhere within Australia any time. FIFO would be great. Very keen to get a leg in the door ASAP. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers.

by: Jack

I am hoping someone can let me know if it is possible for a 16 year old to work in a mine. And what I should do to get in to the mining industry

looking for a mining job!
by: Anonymous

Hi, I'm a 26 year old lady. Both my parents worked in the Kalgoorlie mining town, I have worked on construction/demolition sites. I have a just obtained my green card and currently saving to get my dump truck license. However, I'm eager to get started in the mining industry with any job that's given. I am extremely teachable and have a resilient attitude plus I know it's like working in construction. If anyone could give me any ideas or help me out, please call Melissa on 0434989088 or email


life with mining
by: osman

My name is Osman, I am 30 years of age and really keen to start in a carreer with mining. I just currently finished contracting in I.T. and haven't been able to grow much while doing it, willing to commit the time and effort. I have no exp. in this pathway but I am very switched on, can learn very quickly and am an awesome worker. Just need someone to give me a go.
Pls email me on

job available in townsville
by: Anonymous kitchen hand and cleaner, fly in fly out

Looking for Cleaning Positin Full time x2
by: Anonymous

My friend & I are seeking employment in Perth's Mining Industry. We are from Melbourne & want to move to Perth for a full time cleaning position with accommodation provided. If there is anyone who is looking for staff or knows anyone, please contact me via email.

Thank you


kitchen /cleaning jobs
by: Ray

Try Spotless as they supply staff for the mines.
Go to their website.

Wanted: flying to Perth 12th Jan 2011 looking for driving the mines
by: George pene

Hi my name is George Pene I'm flying into Perth on the 12th Jan 2011 looking for any driving work in the mines I have been driving for Envirowaste Services on gantry and hooker trucks for last 3years I have got a NZ Class 5 Forkhoist license and DG endorsement I'm very keen to start work a.s.a.p.... Please email me if you can help 0226219005 thanks .....


There's another site to be careful of, I recently sent money away to NAME REMOVED and discovered it was a scam.

(Ed.: Had to remove the name because the company threatened with legal action. Just be careful out there and don't send money to anyone. That's not how you get a job.)

looking for work
by: louisa Spencer

To whom every this may concern,

Hi I'm a 25 year old female I would love to work in the industry of mining fifo positions as a cleaner cook assistant but I'm not having any luck what so ever I was looking for anyone that could help me out and give me ago as I'm very keen and work to the best of my abilities.


unskilled jobs
by: Anonymous

Our names are Alex Montgomery and Sam Grigg, we are interested in pursuing a career in the mining industry.
Any and all advice of how to apply for a job within any mining company would be great. We are both 18 years old and currently finding it difficult in gaining good Intel in how to get started in the industry. We currently do not have any mining experience but are willing to take on any job, whether it be leaving on short notice, or working 12 hour days with minimal breaks.

If you have any contacts that you would recommend to us, please leave names and numbers as this would be much appreciated.

Kindest regards, Alex Montgomery and Sam Grigg.


by: Joshua

Hi, my name is Joshua, I am eager to get into the mining jobs but unfortunately I do not possess any qualifications to help me get my foot in the door. I was just wanting to know if there was any jobs going for anything that doesn't require any skills e.g. kitchen hand, cleaning, gardening water blasting. Anything would be great.

If anyone has any details of any sort in regards to this please email me at

No response
by: Mick Quinlan

Hi to everyone searching for work.

Ok, well I've been out of work since early December and I have applied for approximately 20 positions in the mines. Out of all these I've emailed not one has replied back.

I don't have any experience in the industry as I'm a trade renderer of 15 years with approximately 10 years painting experience as well. I also have experience in tyre-fitting, pipe-line and supervising.

I'm 38 years young, fit and will pass any test. I live in Queensland and need a job urgently.

Please call me on 0435 767 213 or email with anything you can help out with.

Thanks, Mick

Any job in the mines of Australia
by: Anonymous

I would be highly obliged if any mining company in Wonderful Australia is willing to sponsor a welder of 24 years working in the India railways in India.

I do stick, mig and submerged arc welding.

I am ready even for a helpers job, but I want to be part of the Australian Mining companies.

by: NOAH

Hi, I am new here. I know no one. Can anyone help to get me any job? Thanks a lot.

Entry level position in mines
by: SaraJ

Hi there,

I'm currently living in Townsville. I would like FIFO work from there but am also able to move if something comes up. I would be interested in Bar Work, Cleaning, Kitchen Hand Work. Never seem to see any jobs like this advertised but I keep getting told there are heaps available. If someone could give me information on how to get into something like this that would be great. I don't have much experience in hospitality work but I am only young and willing to learn!

Thanks, Sara

by: Harley Davis Kauwhata

Hi there,

I'm a 19 year old female looking for a kitchen hand/waitressing/cleaning FIFO job for any mine site. I've got 2 years experience in hospitality and my Senior First Aid but no licence.
Any numbers/sites or anything would be much appreciated.


scaffold job
by: rajesh kumar

Hi friends,

I am Rajesh, Indian looking for the scaffold job in Australia. Is there any one can help me to get job in Australia. I am working in Singapore right now.

welder/helper looking for a mining job.
by: Anonymous

Any job in the mines of Australia
by: Anonymous

I would be highly obliged if any mining company in Wonderful Australia is willing to sponsor a welder of 24 years working in the India railways in India.

I do stick, mig and submerged arc welding.

I am ready even for a helpers job, but I want to be part of the Australian Mining companies.
Contact me by email:

kiwi kean to start mining
by: Anonymous

Hey I'm a 25 year old Kiwi looking for a job in the mines. I am a qualified diesel mechanic with a broad range of skills and will work doing anything in the mine willing to learn!


Need push in the right direction
by: charlene

Hey everyone, I'm a 23 year old from Queensland. I recently finished a course on a mine site village in Maora. I have been searching everywhere for a job in cleaning/kitchenhand. I have my generics. 3 years cleaning experience and hospitality one cert. Please can someone help.

Mobile = 0459793788
Email= charlene_conlon2003@hotmail

Thanks heaps.

Cleaning and Kitchen Hand - Full time
by: Sami


My name is Sami. I am from Brisbane and looking for a position in the mining industry. I have never worked in the mining site before, but would love the opportunity as I am a hard worker and needed a job badly.

I am looking for work as kitchen hand or cleaning.

If anyone could help me find a position on the above would be much appreciated.

Please contact me on 0401245814 or email me

Thank you for reading the above.

Can you please help?
by: Geoff

I am keen to get into the mining industry. I can relocate anywhere and am currently in Brisbane.

Have a current first aid certificate and also white card with over 10 years of experience in the security industry.

I had sent my CV to a few companies but did not get any response. I have no mining experience obviously but am very keen to learn.

You can send me an email @

I have already paid for roscos book and it was quite informative.

Lookink for a Job
by: Anonymous


I have recently relocated to Perth. I am currently seeking employment in the mining industry and hope to do cleaning, catering, or any job available, I want to start working immediately and am very keen.

Looking for work
by: Gerry


I'm Gerry. I am a fit 55 year old looking for work in the mines. I have 35 years of work experience in construction as a scaffolder advanced ticket basic rigging doggman Ewp and senior first aid.

Is there anyone out there who can help me?


Looking for unskilled Jobs
by: hend

I am from Africa. I am 30 yrs old and have a daughter. I have a SADC license and an IT certificate.

Does anyone know where to get jobs without experience?

Please help me find a good job.

You can write to me at or call me at +265999530692

Cleaning/kitchen hand
by: Shalisa

Hi there,

I have recently moved to Perth to find a job in the mines for cleaning or kitchen hand but have not yet had any success.

I have applied for many jobs online, called and been into different agencies. I am willing to do just about anything to get in. I'm just hoping you could help me out in anyway.

It will much appreciated. Look forward to hearing from you.


Where to start
by: Meg

I have been looking everywhere for fifo work but have no luck and now I'm not too sure what else to do?

If anyone can help me get my foot through the door, I'd really like you to contact me please!

Glory hole driller
by: Bruce

Hi guys,

I am an experienced glory hole driller. You may have seen my work in various public toilets and video cubicles in the Perth metropolitan area.

I am looking to find work in the mines with my chosen trade. I think it would contribute greatly to morale and enjoyment for all the miners on site.

If anyone can give me a lead so I can get started improving the toilets and residential areas of the mine residences, it would be greatly appreciated.



Need a Job. Want to get out of America
by: Noel

Hi All,

I want a job change. I would be interested in a job in Australia, in particular an unskilled mining job.

I am 23 years old, have had experience in the oil rigs and pipeline industry.


by: Anonymous


I am looking to get a job within the mining industry. I was thinking of completing the haul truck driver course. I do not have a working visa. If I complete this is it possible to get a sponsor any where in Australia?

Please reply to


Looking for a Minning Job
by: Anonymous

Hi, my name is Cathal and I am from Ireland. I am going over to Alice Springs in two weeks. I have a one year work Visa and I hope to get a job in a mine. I am not afraid of hard work have been doing it for the last 13 years. Can anyone help me in finding a job? My email is

I am also on Facebook;Cathal Murray.

Need Help in finding a mining job
by: jessica

Hi, I am really interested in finding a job in the mines. I am a cleaner and I have had bar experience of 4yrs as well.

Can anyone tell me how to go about applying for a job on a campus somewhere?

Looking for Unskilled work in Australia
by: John Ross

I have currently worked for the local council for 24yrs (Scotland) since leaving school. I currently drive a road sweeper. I was wondering if there is any way to get into work in Australia for a 40yr old, without any skilled qualifications.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I would like my 3yr old son to have the best future possible.


Housekeeping or kitchenhand
by: Maggie

Hi, My name is Margaret and am a room attendant at a hotel in the city. I am looking for a change away from city as its getting expensive by the day, work long hours but money is shit.

Any body out there willing to hire me? I am a hard worker and willing to learn new skills and don't mind traveling from Brisbane on fly in fly out basis.

Seeking an Unskilled Mining job in Australia with travel sponsorship package.
by: Daniel Yeboah


I am Daniel, 23 year old guy from Ghana(West Africa). I am a Christian and single. I will like to have an unskilled labor mining job in Australia with travel sponsorship package to enable me to travel to Australia and I am willing to pay it back when I start work.

Thank you.

Seeking for an unskilled labour job in Australia
by: Daniel Yeboah


I'm 24 year old guy from Ghana in west Africa. I will like to seek for an unskilled mining job in Australia with travel sponsorship to enable me traveling to Australia for the job. I will agree to pay back the expenses when I start work.

Thank you.

Want FIFO jobs.
by: keaton

Hello, I am 24 years old Korean guy. I am looking for any kind of mining job. Could anybody help me in finding FIFO jobs. I am in a financial trouble. But earlier I was marine in Korea which is best army in the world. So here is my mail address: Please help me!

Looking for Work
by: Pat

Hi everyone,

I am a young 17 year old female (almost 18) from qld and am looking for work in the mines as a Kitchen Hand, preferably in the Theordore QLD area or in the NT.

I have a certificate 11 in hospitality and am currently completing my certificate 111 in hospitality.

If anyone could help, please contact me on 0459359023.


Need Work
by: Trevor


I was working as a serviceman at Christmas Creek. I have done inductions,driven loaders, excavators, backhoes, and others no tickets, mechanically minded HR license, blue card, health surveillance card. Can any body help? Please contact me at

Kitchen hand Employment
by: thea sorrell

I am 33 years old fantastic female, looking for permanent to casual work at the mines any where in qld. Does anyone know how to get my foot in the right door for this to happen for me?

I need to support my 3 boys and I believe this is the only way I can support them and myself for the rest of my life. Boys are staying with their father.

Dying for work
by: D.Kemp

G'day, Kiaora and Talofa!

My name is David. I am a 23 years old from the South Western suburbs of Sydney. I am looking to get a career going. I've got a lot of careers in mind,but which ever one gives me an opportunity,I would fulfill the role and won't disappoint.

I have a 2 year old son and I can't afford to buy him new shoes and I am very embarrassed to ask my parents or any other relative. My wife doesn't work as she stays home to look after the little one. I am behind on my rent of about 9 months, luckily the landlords are my parents. But that still doesn't mean anything.

Please,anyone,if you know of any company in the mining industry that are hiring,please send me an email to

My life isn't going nowhere and I would rather die than live on $350/week(if work comes in) and also willing to end my relationship with my long term partner so she can find a guy that can afford to raise our son.

Kind regards

Dump Truck Driver
by: HH

Hi, I am a New-Zealand citizen with 20 year's work experience. I would like to work in mines as a dump truck driver but I do not have any experience with dump truck driving. I need help in finding a job.

Anybody who has a Big Heart can help me...
by: Mousa Al Salim


I am an Iraqi person(EXCAVATOR OPERATOR)looking for job in mining sector in Q.L.D. or Perth, from 9 months I send many e-mails to many companies to get work visa there is no result maybe because my age(48year old)and I know from (shift miner magazine)that the age of workers in mining sector is more than 55years old,and I received e-mail from Mr. Chris Bowen MP (the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship) office they said: I must have pre-arranged employment in Australia and my proposed employer would need to nominate me as part of my visa application, and I received E-mail from ( that there are 'exceptional circumstances' and I read in booklet No.5 in (Employer sponsored migrant)this data, I need your help to sponsor me and send work visa to me(457 long stay) under Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) or the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme(RSMS).

I have these(exceptional circumstances). I have a family and want money from me to live and the situation inside (IRAQ) is very difficult please HELP me to get work visa, consider me like your brother, consider my case as a humanitarian case there is no safe ,no really work inside Iraq please SAVE me, I wait your answer, I work now in north of Iraq in mountainous area on CAT excavator in dams construction company, but I need the job in A.U. too much, I am a young man and I can work the next 12 years

Mousa Al-Salim
Babylon -IRAQ

Finding Unskilled Sponsor in the Mining Industry
by: Sabrina Bampini

Hi, I'm 23 and just got back from traveling for a year and I am desperate to get back to Australia. My only option is finding someone who will sponsor me. I have four years banking experience, 2 years in the hospitality industry and am willing to learn new skills.

Can anyone help me or give me some advise please?

Please help
by: Anonymous

Can anyone help me get a job at the mine? I lived in Perth and have 5 years experience as a plant operator for an earth-moving company bass in Perth. I also have experience in(loader,excavator,and dozzer)but have never worked at the mine side.

I really want to make extra dollars to save my house because the wages that I make at the moment, all go to my house. I can't afford bills and food at the moment and have two small kids to look after.

Please help me. My email: and mob:0414074472

Many thanks in advance.

Sponsored Job Search
by: Faithful

I am a driver by profession, and I need a sponsored job in Australia. Can you please advise?

Dump truck driver
by: Kennedy


I am looking for any forklift driving jobs (LF license), dump truck driver or any job in the mines. Currently I am a concrete worker and a forklift operator. I don't have much experience in truck driving but I have been a driver for 10yrs now. I love to work with machines out there but don't know where to find a job like that.

My email:

Thanks for your help & time.

Eager to work in mining industry
by: Mat

I'm very keen to work in any walk up unskilled areas of mining. I am willing to work any hours at any form of employment, working my way up to a higher paying position. No attachments, sociable and happy to follow any and all instructions.

Job Seeker
by: Anonymous

I am from Fiji and I need to work in the mine. I have experience in driving heavy vehicles but I don't have a permit to work in Australia.

Kiwi with Aust Citizenship Seeking Job In Mines
by: Sarah.

Hello to everyone,

Who would like to hire an unskilled, at home mum?

I have had cleaning experience and food service experience. Not Certified in any any particular skill. Willing to train, have CV, and have previously lived in Australia. Presently in NZ, seeking Jobs, with accommodation, in Australia or NZ.

Please contact at mobile 064 021 08259426.

Seeking Employment:
by: Alisha

Seeking Employment: We are a young couple looking for jobs in the mines. My Partner is a qualified Diesel mechanic, who also has further skills in welding. He has his confined space ticket, red card,HC license, crane license, excavator license and is a extremely hard worker, and I have experience in food services and cleaning.

We are very willing to live on site or fly in fly out. We are both extremely hard workers, and willing to work long hours at a time.

Would love to hear from you.

Regards Alisha and Justin

by: Anonymous

I am currently working full-time but I am looking to work in the mines. I have no experience but I am willing to learn and work hard!!!

Please contact me at 0421826300.

by: Anonymous


I am looking to work in the mines as a peggy[cleaner] if anyone can help please email me at look forward to hearing
from anyone.

Thank you.

by: Anonymous

These sites he put on were just bloody recruitment agencies wanting EXPERIENCED staff. The mining industry in Australia is a closed industry to outsiders!

Looking for a career in the mines
by: Anonymous

I am looking for a start in the mining industry as I have been working in factories for the last fifteen years and have experience operating a front end loader skid steer and a forklift also am very mechanically minded and above all have a great attitude. I don't have any mining experience.
Thankyou Roy

Looking for a career in the mines
by: Anonymous

I am looking for a start in the mining industry as I have been working in factories for the last fifteen years and have experience operating a front end loader skid steer and a forklift also am very mechanically minded and above all have a great attitude. I don't have any mining experience.
Thankyou Roy

Desperately looking for Mining jobs
by: Chris Waqa

Would like to work in the mines but I don't have any contacts. I am eager to learn heaps and get hooked up by a mining company.

Can somebody please assist me?

HR/ADMIN/Payroll position in mine
by: HB


I am living in perth, WA. I am looking for any payroll,admin, HR position in mine. FIFO is no problem. I have got over 2 years experience relavent fields. any one can help please e-mail:

Maintenance / Servicemen
by: Daryl


I am finding it very had to get into the mining industry in OZ, while living in NZ. I moved over to Perth two years ago, and had a job in the industry but there was an overflow of workers and got told all the wrong things so I returned to NZ after 5 months.

I work for SGS NZ LTD at the port of Lyttelton Christchurch. We do all the maintenance for Exxon Mobil,Shell & BP Oil. I am keen to move back to Perth to get into the mining as a workshop T/a or even a kitchen hand. So if there is any one out there that could HELP me out that would be awesome.

I have family living in the area of Langford , south of the river.


Finding mine jobs
by: Dean


I am looking to find work in mines but have found it hard to get a response without mining experience.

I have a trade background but am looking for a change with fly in fly out T\A work will do and will do anything to get foot in door.

If anyone has any info or contacts that would be very appreciated.


Link for Unskilled Jobs at Sodexo

I found a current link for unskilled jobs at Sodexo today (6/10/2011), try this link:

Looking for Work in Mines
by: Anonymous

I'm very keen to get a start in the mines.

I'm a concrete cutter so hard dirty work is what I love plus I was a chef for 16 years. So long days are no problem. I'm willing to do anything I would just love a start email.

My e-mail address is


Looking for work in the Mines
by: frank

I am nearly at the end of my working holiday visa and was wondering if it was possible to get sponsorship to work in the mines in an unskilled job.

Can anybody advice me on this? My email address is


Looking for a Job
by: Joseph benson

I am Joseph, 26 year's old and I am in search of scaffold job out there.

I am from Nigeria. I will work hard for any mining company in need of a scaffolder.

My contact address is

Looking for a Job in Mine
by: Khairul

I was wondering if these mine jobs are open to Singapore citizens as well. Is it possible to get any sponsorship for working in the mines as an unskilled worker.

I was a driver in Singapore. Is there any age restriction to work in the mines?

You may reach me at my email. It is

Mining Job
by: Anonymous

I am a holder of drilling technology certificate from University of Mines and Technology, Ghana. I will be happy if you could give me a job offer in your highly reputable company.

My contact number is +233277036087.


Driving Job in Mines
by: vetau

Hi, I'm Vetau and I'am looking for any position as a driver or dump truck driver. I have 13 years truck trailer experience.

Any contacts or referrals would be much appreciated.



Work Wanted
by: John

My name is John, I am looking for fly in fly out work and don't care where I have to go. I have been putting applications in everywhere with no luck. I am so willing to work and I have a current LF forklift licence, Senior First Aid Certificate and NSW Workcover White Card. I am ready to be trained in anything.

I have interests in Dump Truck driving and Dogging and Rigging. If anyone can help me that would be great.

Thank you, John.

Tesa MTP Course, a Rip Off!
by: Jasmin

I wasted $2,500 in August on a Mine Training Program through Tesa Mining. I still do not have a mine job. They continue to ignore my phone calls and applications. Not happy Tesa!!

Looking for a Job
by: Ramanand pandey

Respected Sir,

I am ready for any type of jobs. Although I have experience in telecom field yet I can do any type of job.

Please consider my position.

Thank you.
Ramanand Pandey
Raipur (Chhattisgarh,
India +919424228822

It can be very frustrating but dont give up as there are big fish to catch.
by: steve

Hello everyone,

I have recently arrived in townsville and eventually ended up with a local job which is a stepping stone to a job in the mining industry.

I am 55, self taught, self employed for most of my working life. I do not have many tickets for mining but have experience in commercial cleaning,and kitchen work. I would be okay in a dump truck as training is often provided and like many parts of the mining industry it has a huge staff turnover.

Accurate information is very difficult to come by, applying for jobs on line is often a joke, so I've found that its who you know that helps. I'm very happy to share info. I've not found a good forum, chat room, whirlpool in Queensland.

The inductions and safety courses are changing constantly,and providing the right information is difficult, but there is a way through it all.

I am the Same as Everyone Else
by: Anonymous

I'm a 22 year old female and would like a change of scenery. I have no experience however, I have been told that I don't require experience for this sort of work.

I am committed because I have no commitments.

Please email me at
or Call me at 0458 782 090.

Looking for driver job
by: Jaharmiah

Dear sir
i am jaharmiah from India . I looking for drive job with Australi visa. Any one give me a sponsor visa to work in Austrian . I was work in Saudi Arab last 3 years i have light driving licences please any one give a job in Australia . My Mobil no , 00919862449248

by: Anonymous

testing if this works lol

by: Sandy


I have just finished my Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Technology from AUT in Auckland. I was hoping to get a job in Australia in Minning Industry?? Thanks

truck and forklift driver
by: scotty

It's impossible to become a dump truck driver in the mines unless you have a family connection it's complete bullsh*t.

I have found over 100's of dump truck vacancies all wanting experienced people...

How the fu*k am I ment to get experienced if I don't get a chance or even looked at? The mining is a joke they only look after their own people.

If anyone has any idears email me

I Need Your Help
by: Anonymous


I am from Africa but presently in Malaysia. I am looking for a job in Australia with some company who can sponsor me. I have excellent knowledge in computer, such as web design and graphic design.

I don't mind getting other job, as I can cope with any condition. Please I will like you to reply me through this e-mail:

Hope to hear from you.

Laboring in Mines
by: evam


I am a 30 year male having a family and am looking to get a job into the mines and out off Melbourne. I am having trouble finding work in the mines and have 10 years experience as a laborer. I am very hard working and have a full licence looking for work asap.

Email me at

No Experience
by: sam brechbuhl

Hey there everyone. I'm 19 and I hav no experience in the mining work but I'm keen to just start looking for some companies that will hire a young hard working male in any role they have just that I have no experience.

Please email me at if you know of any.

Thank you.

Give me a chance!
by: Hopefully Soon

Hi, I am posting and emailing at least 50 CV's a week. I have a strong work ethic and till date no mining company wants a person with no mine experience. One minute you have companies saying that go and do this course and that course that costs about 4000.00 which I don't have and other mine companies say don't do the courses.

They advertise everywhere, workers wanted. Well HERE I AM!! Just give me a toe in the door. The TV advertisements say 3500 jobs but only for people with a minimum of 6 months mine experience.

Once again I ask HOW DO I GET THAT EXPEREINCE IF NO ONE WILL HIRE A CLEANSKIN??? Yes it does get frustrating but I carry on with the ambition of working in the mines. It'll not just be a job for me but a new career after 20 years in Defence.

Will someone give me a break into the industry please??? Also I have been told you have to know someone in the industry of which can help you obtain an unskilled cleanskin position. Well, I will not give up but it is VERY hard to gain that 6 months experience when no mine will let even your toe in the door?

Can anyone suggest anything else or give me a break for a new career?

Endorsed Enrolled Nurse looking for a Fly in and Fly out Work
by: Korina

I've recently graduated and I'm looking for employment as a EEN in the mines flying in and out. Can someone point me in the right direction please and maybe give me some advice? I'm a dedicated individual and am looking for a rewarding and a challenging career.

Never worked in the Mines
by: Anonymous

Hey, I'm looking for a job in the mines as either a kitchenhand or a cleaner. I find it hard to get anywhere in the mines and would like find some help to get work there.

Employment Opportunity
by: Paul enyaleg


My name is Paul. I currently have a few various roles in the mining industry to commence early next year including, Scaffholders, chefs, cleaners, dish washers, peggys, boilermakers, electricians an plumbers.

Please contact me on 0400224890 to discuss the role of interest, rate of pay and flights and accommodation.


Unskilled Mining in Australia
by: David

Tena Koutou Katoa,

My name is David. I live in New Zealand and I'm looking for a full time job in Australia. I have a valid driver's license and have certificates in hospitality, tourism, first aid, life skills, packing experience, as a laborer and also did blasting in Wiri Quarry in Auckland New Zealand with my father when he was the Wiri Quarry Manager.

I find myself to be a hard worker, trustwothy and reliable so I appreciate you taking the time to read my comments.
Thank you,

Workers Needed in Canada, Libya, Poland and Tunisia Urgently
by: United Reconstruction services


We are recruiting worker who are ready to relocate and work in Libya as oil workers, construction workers, pipeline welders, onshore and offshore welders, Mining jobs, doctor, nurses, heavy duty driver and English teachers are needed in Canada,Poland,Tunisia and Libya respectively.

We also looking forward to collaborate with manpower supply of foreign workers from Asia,Africa and South America respectively

Contact us through email for more info;

Kitchen Cook and Cleaning
by: evelyn

I'm looking for work in mines as a cook. I am working in nursing homes an a cleaner, cook in motels and hotels.

Please email me at or call me at +64278268331 or 034882109.


Looking for mining work
by: Darren Macleod

I am looking for any help I can get to break into the mining industry. I have experience in labouring, cleaning and I am fit strong and reliable. I just need to get my foot in the door as I am a hard worker.

If you can send me any info I would appreciate it greatly. email

Many thanks in advance.

Unskilled Mining
by: Anonymous

Hi there, I am 24 and looking for an unskilled mining job in Western Australia in order to gain new experiences and save up some cash for travelling.

I'm a hard worker and enjoy challenges. Please e-mail me back on

Thank you.

3 Irish Girls Looking for Cleaning Jobs in the Mines.
by: Laura Jane

My friends and I are seeking employment in Perth's mining industry or in any other regional area somewhere near the start of January. We are living in Brisbane and want to move to Perth or anywhere else for a full time cleaning position or kitchen hand or any jobs in the mines with no expierence with accommodation provided.

If there is anyone who is looking for staff or knows anyone, please contact me via email.

Much appricated.

Laura Jane Dowling.

Scoffolding Job in Australia
by: b.raja mohamed

Hi Sir, how are you?

My name is Raja Mohamed and I am an Indian. Now I'm working in Dubai as an office boy. Before this, I worked in Singapore for fifteen month as a scoffolder. I have a scoffolding eractor pass in Singapore Keppal Training Center. I am a hard worker.

Please let me know in case of any opportunity to work in the given field. my email address is and phone number is 00971557784387.

Looking for a Job
by: Anonymous


I'm 19 year old female from South Australia.

I'm looking to kick start a career in the mining industry, preferably as a kitchen hand or any catering work.

I do not have much experience. Just completed certificate 1 in kitchen operations and did hospitality from years 8 to 12 in high school.

I'm a dedicated, hardworking and an organized person who is willing to undertake any tasks.

You can contact me at

Need some kind of work
by: Anonymous


I want to work and live in Australia. I'm ready to do any type of work; be it cleaning, preparing meals etc. I have a medipass resume.

You can email me at or call me at +61278268331


Any Kind of Jobs in the Mines
by: David


My name is David. I am 24 years old, and very eager to get in the mines. I just wanted to know if there are any jobs that don't require any skills e.g. kitchen hand, cleaning, gardening water blasting. Anything would be great.

If anyone has any details of any sort in regards to this please email me at

Kitchen Hand or Cleaner Work
by: Akee

Hi, I am 30 years of age and am a single mother of 3 boys. I am from Guinea and have great experience in travel industry having worked with the 3 different airlines locally in Papua New Guinea.

I would definitely love to work in a mining company in Australia, and dont mind starting off as a cleaner or kitchen hand for a start. Please email me if u can help me out on:

Casual Mine Jobs
by: Anonymous

A am African and in dire need to start a new life in Australia. A mine job will do good for me or any other casual work. I am strong and energetic man. I need suggestion or rather directions.

Please contact me at

Need a New Life
by: andre parker


My name is Andre Parker.I am 22 years old. I am keen to start working in the mining industry. I am a hard worker and have my wheels licences an forklift an I'd love to move to Australia. I am all ready to move where I can get a job.

My email is


Mining Recruit Agents Needed
by: evelyn

I am looking for mining recruit agents who work for mining companies. I am looking for work kitchen hand cleaner fly in fly out.

My email address is


I Need a Mining Job
by: el pramod

Hi friends, I am writing this from India. I am intrested in coming to Australia for mining work, but unfortunately, I don't have any contacts over there. So guys, will you please help me in this?

E L Pramod

Endorsed Enrolled Nurse
by: Eve


l have been working in Mental Health for the past 12 years and used to do double shifts, long hours. My kids are now grown up and l am free to travel. FIFO would be great and I can do the mines need nursing staff in any capacity. If not, l am willing to try anything. l am up for the challenge, and like most people, looking to ease the financial burdens of life.

You can contact me on


Looking for work in any mine sites FIFO
by: James B


I'm looking to get in on the mining boom but unfortunately I have no experience working within a mine site environment. I live in South Australia but am prepared to work in any mine site provided it is FIFO or with reasonable driving distance (no more than six hours).

I have relevant and current tickets: Dogging (DG), Elevated Work Platform (WP), Scissor and Boom lift (Yellow Card), Forklift (LF), Truck License (MR), Construction Industry White Card, Working at Heights and Senior First Aid.

I also have a strong desire to work within the mining industry and a good work ethic, however, trying to find a job without the relevant "work experience" is difficult.

I am currently in the process of trying to get some unpaid work experience with local crane companies in the hope that this may help my situation.

If anyone has any other ideas which may help or knows of companies which will employ people with limited experience, please contact me via email at

Any info would be of help.


Desperate to Land an Australian Mining Job
by: USwelder

I am a MIG welder from the United States. I am 24 and a father of two. I am struggling here in the states and overheard some coworkers talking about ppl making some good money in the mines.

I'm basically looking for any local to plz contact me and possibly give me some advice. I'm wanting to make a trip out there as soon as possible to job search. I plan on, if I get a job, working a cpl years then bringing my family out there.

Plz, any info would be greatly appreciated.

25 years operating heavy plant.
by: Dave from the UK

With about 25 years operating mainly 360's and I still can't get a job in Western Australian mines after 2 years trying. I thought these mining companies wanted skilled staff?

re: Dave from UK
by: USwelder

That's not what I wanted to hear :(

Dave plz email me (comment right above yours). I'd like to get some info from you regarding applying for jobs from overseas.

Moving to Perth 31st Jan
by: Rob


I am Rob, 29 years from England, coming over to Perth on the 31st Jan 2012. I am hard working and looking to find work at any level withing mining. I am willing to work and travel all over as work is my main focus.

Anybody with any work, contacts or help with employment please email me at

Help Finding a Mining Job, I Have Mining Experience
by: BrandonB


My name is Brandon. I am only 23 and I am a United States citizen trying to find a mining job in Australia.

I currently have 4 years of mining experience, been working in the coal mine since I was 18. So I am young, very hard worker, very common sense smart, and a great equipment operator.

People look at me as a team leader. For some reason the mining industry in Australia wont give me the opportunity to prove to them what I can do for there company.

Can anyone please help me find a job?

Chef Job.
by: Anonymous

Is there any way of getting a job as an unqualified chef in the mines? Even with 10 years experience and excellent references, links , agencies or just any thing would be a great help.

Thanks. Email your CV
by: Petar

Hey Brandon,

We can chat via email etc. All the guys on this page are in the same boat as you. Email your CV & your visa status to

I don't know how old these comments are, but I'll do my best if anyone else is stuck as well.


In need of HELP!
by: Kristal

Hi my name is Kristal. I am 20 years old and my partner BJ who is 22 years old, needs a new job.

Right now we are in debt and in need of HELP! Nothing is going right at the moment. So if anyone knows a mining site where we can try and get into would be very helpful.


Help Me Please!
by: Anonymous


My name is Reece and I'm looking for a mining job. I have never worked in the mines. Earlier I worked for Coates hire and now I'm lookin to start something new. So if you can help me my number is 0420775795.


Please Hire Me!
by: Anonymous


I am looking for a full time employment in any NSW mines. I am willing to move my family to nay where in NSW to get a full time position. I have worked in mining industry before concreting. Please contact me at 0412324786.

Plumber/ Gasfitter
by: tye

I am 22 and have just finished my plumbing contractors last year. I am looking for FIFO or contract/rostered work in the mines. I would work as a TA or labourer. I just want to get in.

I am single and therefore flexible to move anywhere. Currently I live in northern NSW but am willing/keen to relocate. if anyone has any info for me or can help, please email me at

Looking for Work.
by: Anonymous

I am thinking about moving from New Zealand to Australia, but, I don't want to move without a job to go to.

I am currently doing a civil construction course, and have my wheeles, tracks and roller and forklift endorsement and my class 2 ht licence.

I am pasionate about machine operation, and would love a job in this role but would consider anything.

If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to email me at

Auto License
by: Anonymous

I've just turned 18 and would love to get a job on the mines, any job at all even if its scrubbing dishes. Yet I have just been told that without my manual license, no minning company will take me.

Does anyone know of a company that will hire someone with an automatic license?

Can Someone Help Me Settle for an Unskilled Labour Job in Mines in the Western Australia?
by: Manqoba


I am a 27 year old gentleman from Swaziland and is looking for a job in the Western Australia mines. I have never worked in mines before. I possess no qualification or work experience.

Has anyone any knowledge on which companies are looking for unskilled labour to work in the mines? And how to go about looking for a job in the mines of Australia?

Please help,

I will secure a career in the mines!!!
by: Gareth Lyndon

I am a 36 year old kiwi male and I will work in the mines by Dec 2013! Currently I am a self employed owner driver contracted until Jul 2013.

Like you guys, I have no experience in the mines but I will not let that hinder me. My plan is to approach a landfill or quarry here in NZ and offer my time (for free) in the hope that I gain some experience either on a dump truck or setting up explosives (shot firing). I have approx 18 months so if I can get one day a week over the next 12 months experience then my resume can say 12 months mining experience.

I have licence classes 1,2,3,4,5L with DG.
I am "Blinds Disposal" qualified meaning I have explosive experience destroying unexploded ammunition etc. I have surveying experience with GPS, Theodolite, Goniometer and Lazer range Finders. I am first aid qualified and am a volunteer fire fighter. I am comfortable in any working environment and no stranger to working in remote locations with operational tours to East Timor, Malaysia and Bosnia.

I enjoy being part of a motivated hard working team and can work just as hard on my own for extended periods of time. The last four years has seen me operating on my own for 12 hours a day. Attaining the rank of Staff Sergeant in the NZ Army illustrates leadership in a high stress competitive environment. I demonstrate integrity and have been awarded the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal.

NZ has gone 'soft' and it is too hard to get ahead now-a-days. The public are held to ransom by the large corporations that can charge us whatever they like for meat, fruit & vege, milk, bread, fuel etc etc. If we are lucky enough to have any money left then the government will take it by high income taxes, GST, ACC levies, RUC, etc etc.
Australia, here I come.


Mining Job
by: Reshma


I'm from Fiji Island. I am Fiji born Indian and hold NZ PR but live in Fiji. I would like to find some unskilled job in mining. I'm very good at cooking and cleaning but have no certificates to prove how good I can cook.

Please, if anyone can help me to find a job that will provide me with sponsor letter would be sweet. Thank you and all the best to the others who are looking at making their career in Minning industry.

Kind Regards

Seeking mining jobs
by: Anonymous

The mining recruitment agencies in Perth are a good place to start. You could call the mining companies personally and directly ask for the person responsible for hiring staff.

Usually most positions are on, or careersone. Ess is an outsource company for catering and cleaning, security work to the mines.

You can call them to guide you through their application process.

Hope this helps.


Looking for Work - Experienced Hard Worker!
by: terina

Hey there...I am a farmer of 6 years and an ex-army personnel. I am trying my hardest to grab a job in the mines. I would do anything if anyone knows of any job opening or companies that I can secure a job with, before leaving NZ.

I can be contacted at


Poly Welder with HR Fifo
by: phil


I'm a 22 year old Irish lad with a poly butt welding ticket and HR licence. I have been on a mine site wire hays recruiting and I am looking for a way back up. I am hard working and have an impressive CV for my age.

If anyone can help me out please email me at

Kind regards

Cleaning Jobs In The Mines
by: Jessica Grieve


My name is Jessica and I am looking for a full time job up in the mines. I have had prevous experience and am just looking to get back in to it.

I can start asap. If anyone can help my email is

Many thanks.

Looking for Professional Student Recruitment
by: Anonymous

Presently Legenda Education Group looking for professional student Recruitment Consultant and Individual recruitment Agent in your area. We are offering good commission package for international student requirement consultant and individual Agent also.

If you are interested to working with us as an international recruitment consultant or you wish to study abroad please feel free to contact us below.

Need a Job!!
by: Renee


My partner and I are looking to find FIFO jobs. We live in NZ and have 3 kids. The kids would be staying back here with family for schooling reasons.

I am a Registered Nurse and my partner is a Drill Operator for a telecommunications company.

Can anyone guide us in the right direction?


Need Opportunity
by: Tusher

I an now in Bangladesh. I am Diploma holder in “mining and mine survey” technology. I have practical knowledge about underground coal mine operation. I am interested in working in the mining sector in Australia\ Canada.

Please help me about this.

Couple looking for work in the mines
by: Bellaro


My partner and I are looking to find work in the mines. What is the best way about doing this so we can be loacted in the same area? If anyone has any information could you please post itg on this wall.


Info For People from US
by: USwelder

This is for people in the United States. I am not sure if it applies to other countries.

I have been doing TONS of research and reading about flying to Australia and working out there. I've found that in order for anyone, in the US, to work in another country we have to obtain a work visa. I'm not 100% sure yet, but I believe we have to be certified in a trade with at least one year verifiable experience being certified, then take a government test in order to recieve the work visa.

I don't know if this applies to all trades, but this is what I've found for me, being a welder/metal worker.

My plans of going in the near future are looking bad as I am not a certified welder :,( but I hope this helps someone else on their way to the mines!

If anyone has anymore info or if I am wrong about this plz plz plz contact me and let me know. I am still trying to find contact info for government agencies where I can talk to someone and ask questions I really can't find answers to.

Kenderic Herring

Cleaning Fifo
by: Jamie

My friend & I are seeking employment in Perth's Mining Industry. We are living in sydney & want to move to Perth for a full time cleaning position with accommodation provided. If there is anyone who is looking for staff or knows anyone, please contact me via email.

Thank you


Fitter Looking for a Start in the Mines
by: eddy

I am a fitter by trade and am trying to get a job in the mines. I have some experience doing shut-downs. I live in nsw, am looking for a fifo role but willing to move interstate.

If you know were I can start please contact me at

Looking For A Mining Job
by: hooper

I am a 42 y/o looking to getting into the mining industry again.

I worked at NS komatsu bris and worked on 630 haulpaks, and excavators/dozers and pretty much all machinary they produce. I have Dozer licence, Excavator licence, wheel loader, skid steer, road roller and fork lift experience.

I can be contacted at

Ticketed Scaffolder
by: Lee

G'day, my name's Lee. I am looking for a job within the mining industry for a scaffolder with 7 yrs Exp. I am a single bloke with no kids so am available anywhere within Australia any time. FIFO would be great. Very keen to get a leg in the door ASAP. Any help would be appreciated.

PH:0411 045 538

Time For Phase 2
by: jed coates

I have been in Perth 5 months; working locally in forklift driving. I want a fifo job. I have done senior 1st aid cse, police clearance, medical and white card forkliit tickets. I have HR but need to brush up on driving skills. I am 54 yrs old but an quite fit for my age.

I have no dependants here, so I can deploy at short notice out of Perth. Contact me at

No Experience But Have Managed to Obtain Tickets
by: Scotti

Hi I am Scott. I'm 21 years old and have a great eye for detail.

I am looking to get a FIFO position in the mining industry and can start immediately at anytime.

I have no experience in the mining industry and very little experience on machines. But I do have a front-end loader ticket (LL) and excavator ticket (LE). Im very keen and I am a great worker and handle machinery very well and learn very quickly.

I have grown up on the farm and used a lot of different machines. I just haven't done a great deal of work on excavators and loaders. But I know I can work them well and I enjoy it greatly.

I would highly appreciate advice on how to go about getting a job in the mining industry.

You can contact me via email at:

by: arjun

Can anyone help me to find a company out there that will give me a fly in fly out job in camp kitchen or cleaning? I have been looking but have not found anything of much help.


Looking for work , anything .!
by: Hannah

My names Hannah and I am 18 and I am looking for fly in/out work in the mines. I have got experience behind the bar, in the kitchen and cleaning. I have also done work as a dairy farmer, and as a trades assistant for roofers, fencers and painters.

If anyone could point me in the right direction, I am hoping for work that ive got some experience in but am really looking for anything to get my foot in the door. I am both willing and able to learn any position that I can get if someone can help me get to that first step?

my email is :
if you can help me out, would be greatly appreciated . . cheers :)
cell : +61452607833

Mine Work
by: Anonymous

Unless you live close to a mine or the nearest city, you would have no hope of getting an unskilled job FIFO. Only skilled trades persons or relevent mine industry workers would have a chance because everyman and his dog wants to be a cleaner or cook.

I Am Looking For A Job in Mining Industry
by: Rob from Taupo

I live in Taupo, New Zealand and am wanting to gain work in mining industry in supportive industries such as administrative, catering, health or cleaning. I am qualified in all areas and have extensive experience working in a hospital and running businesses. Many years of supervisory and management experience also.
Hope anyone can get back to me so I can move forward.


0064 (0) 211043448

Finding mine work ASAP!!
by: Ruben

Looking to start off a long term career in the mining industry! I have been looking and applying for a few months now but haven't had any sort of luck!

I am a young fit reliable hard working guy
I have got scaffolding advanced, rigging intermediate, dogman and elevated work platform high risk tickets but have no experience...if anyone can help please email me some good news!
Much appreciated!

Need a Job in the Mining Industry
by: Alyssha

I completed my Higher Secondary. I have retail management experience, appointment setting, admin, data entry. I would love an OHS traineeship. But I'm happy with anything that’s a traineeship.

The mining industry is where I want to be and stay.

I am willing to sign contracts for a year or two or even more. I am 20 years old and have a lot of years left in me.

I have recently relocated near Brisbane.

I am after any FIFO (either Brisbane or GC) traineeship/apprenticship.

Thanks Alyssha

by: Halifax Employment


Halifax employment service are looking for workers or partnership that have vast experiences in the field of Logistics & Supply Chai,drivers welders,cook,construction workers are needed in Canada and Guyana respectively.

Kindly contact us immediately if you are capable and ready to relocate and work in any one of this mention job positions below.

we have list a few drivers jobs. These are;































Kindly get back to us through email for more info ;

Dump Truck Mining Driver
by: Radolf Pet L. Econg

Good Day!

I have experience of a dump truck driver of at least 4 years. I need a job for a dump truck driver to rosco minig corporation. Please help me. God bless you.

Here my email add randolfecong@yahoo.comm

Job Wanted - Excavator Operations
by: arvind raj

Hi, I am Arvind Raj. I have excavator experience of 7 years. 3 years in Dubai and 4 years in India. Education up to higher secondary.

My email is

by: Anonymous

It would be great if people put dates on comments, so we would know if they are latest and still lookin for work.


Gardeners in Australia
by: Anonymous

Hi My names Chris and I am from the UK.

I'm trying to get a sponsor in Sydney or the NSW area as I have my own Landscape gardening business and want to work for a company over there.

I have been to Australia and love it.

Please email me if anyone can help.

My email is

Where to Look for Mining Work
by: pommie boy goes bush

I have been trying to find out where to start looking for jobs to get into the mining industry. I feel like I am banging my head against the wall.

Any suggestions on where to look?

My email is

Unskilled, No Experience Jobs Please
by: Madd

I am a single guy with nothing holding me back, and I live in New Zealand. I am willing to change countries, I am not scared of hardwork, I have a few skills but I unsure if they will be of any use in the mining industry. Also I've got no experience. Need a career also.

I know I will be in the mining industry and you guys need me!

email me

Great Aussie Battler
by: Daniel

I am 23 and really need work. I am Aussie born and bread and spent ages trying to get into the mining industry. Just dont know the first thing to do.

Any help would be lovely.

Work Visa Info
by: USwelder

I'm wondering if anyone has any info on obtaining a work visa. I've also read that there are companies out there that will sponsor you to work in Australia. They take a commission from your pay for the length of the contract. Any info on these companies?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks. Kenny

Confirming That I'am Still Looking For a Job
by: Alyssha Alcock

I posted a comment up about 10 comments.

I just wanted to confirm that the date I am looking it is currently 22nd of march 2012. I am looking for anything, anywhere in Australia, in the mining industry, thats fifo from Brisbane/Gold Coast.

Alyssha Alcock



I Want Any Kind of Job
by: dayalan

Dear sir,

I am Dayalan. I am very much interested in applying for a job abroad. Right now I am working in Chennai, India.

I have also worked in UAE as a room boy. Now I am working in a bank as a DSA team manager. I have completed my IIT welding and B.A degree is pending. I will try and clear it this year in April 2012.

I am ready to work in any kind of job profile with a good salary.

Please sir, kindly do the needful.

My email ID is

Thank you.


Mining Job Needed--New Experience Overseas
by: Khammon Sitthideth

I am now working for a mining company in my country but want to find a new experience working in mining in Australia. I do not mind about the salary and hard work. I just want to get out of the country and find challenging experience.

If you know any body or vacant position, please help.
Tel. +856 20 2878 6542

Driver Dump Truck
by: charlie canas

Good day everyone,

I want to get jobs in mining. I have experience in heavy trucks especially in 15 tons truck. I also know how to operate in wheel loader.

Charlie Canas,

Looking for a Mine Job
by: Gilbert

Hello, I am a South African and I always wanted to work in a mine. My dream is to go throughout and I'am a hard worket. I learn and catch up fast.

Mining Job
by: peter

I have the following and can't get a start.
HC license, White Card, Haul Truck Certificate,
BFM Driving and a Fork Lift License.

I was in army movements for 10 years working as an
AGI driver.

I can do basic first aid, have an instructor certificate and worked as a driver in transport and control.

If you can help, email me to

I am willing to pay bounty for a job. Thanks

Labor Jobs
by: walter coady

I am interested in going to Australia. I am a labourer in the construction trade. Can anyone give me some advice?

Thanks for your time.

Nanny/ House Help / Care Giver/ Cook/ Nurse / Baby Sitter / Driver / Urgently Needed in UK
by: Anonymous

My name is Dr John Carter. I am from USA presently relocated to United Kingdom. I am 45 year old. I work as a Surgery Doctor for a living. I am a single parent with two kids; Ana and Tina who are 3 years and 5 years respectively. They are both calm and quiet especially now that they are no longer in contact with the maternal care after the their mother who died last month as a result of breast cancer.

This is why I need a Male or Female Au Pair /Driver/house keeper/Cook/ and a female Nanny/caregiver/Nursing Mother/ from your country who will be take care my home and my kids because they are only left at home after after their mother died.

I have an apartment room and palour for them that would be taking care of them in my house who will be taking proper care of them especially now that my recent promotion in my work does not give me enough time to be with them.

Your duties will be taking the kids to school and bringing them back home, play with them, go to museums, playground, watching movies, prepare/serving their snacks and foods. You will have your private self contained room which will have bathroom, toilet, television, air-Conditioner. You will have access to the internet and a telephone at home to get in touch with your friends and loved ones.

You will be having Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays as your off days, so as to enable you have enough time for yourself.

I equally need a driver because the new promotion I have in our office is taskfull and at times will not give me enough concentration while driving. So I also need a driver who will take up this task as my personal driver. The person will live in my house so as to enable him attend to this duty whenever the need arises.

I have a separate self-contained apartments in my house for the Au Pair /Driver/housekeeper/Cook /Nanny/caregiver/and the nursing mother. Each person will be staying in his or her own separate apartments to enable them attend to their own private matters too.

So I will like you to know that I will be paying you 4,500 British Pounds, monthly and a pocket fee of 300 Pounds weekly for the buying of some things for your self.

The nanny will be staying in the apartment which is very close to the room of my kids so that he/she will be able to attend to them when the need arises for such. The nanny will also be responsible for preparing their food, taking their clothes to dry cleaner because work will be 5 hours per day.

Now, if you agree to this and you are willing to take up any of these position mentioned above, kindly reply to me indicating the one you are applying for. Or you can direct someone who is interested to apply. I will send you my family picture.

So I will like you to get back to me. Here is my email;

I hope to hear from you soon.

Yours Regards,
Mr John Carter
Contact Address: 137 Scallen Road, Trillick Omagh, London United Kingdom,BT78
Email Address:(

Looking for Mining jobs in WA
by: Jimmy See

I am presently an aircraft AME eagerly looking for some FIFO mining jobs as a mechanical fitter. Have been in the aviation industries for 23 years. I has been granted my Permanent residency in Australia in 2011. I live in Singapore and I am prepared to come in once the golden opportunity is given to me to gain employment.I wanted to bring my family over as soon as possible.

Please email me @

Thank you.

Warmest regards,
J See

Mechanical Engineer Willing to Work for Free
by: SM

I am a mechanical engineer with 10+ years experience overseas. My qualifications are recognised by the Institute of Engineers Aust. Have been out of engineering for a while and can't get back in. Keen to take on a FIFO role from Perth. Willing to work for free to gain some current experience. Can anyone help?

Looking 4 a Job in the Mines
by: shane

Hi, My name is Shane and I am looking at working in the mines. I would like to start of as a cleaner then work my way up. Can someone please help me out? My email address is

Looking for Unskilled Work even as a Cleaner
by: Nicoline

I am a 24 year old lady from Namibia, looking for work as a cleaner or any other job which does not require experience. I am now working in a construction company as a labourer but work will finish in June this year because it was a contract. I am a hard working, trustworthy person who can fit in any work and am a reliable friendly person.

Skilled to be a Forklift Driver and Looking for Sponsorship in Australia
by: ian

I am from the UK and heard skilled forklift drivers can get sponsored in OZ because of the skill shortage in Western Australia. Can anyone confirm this or give me any help with it would be great?


Unskilled Mining Jobs
by: Andrew Rose

Hey, my name is Andrew.

I really want to get into mining industry as an unskilled labourer, preferably fifo or onsite. I live in Sydney and I am willing to work anywhere. I have completed hsc 2 years ago and through out life, have been involved with different trades from carpentry, roofing to landscaping even.

Would really love some feedback or help.

phone: 0401470145

Kitchen Hand, Housekeeping, Cook
by: Kiwi girl


I come from an agricultural background, but have worked in various types of jobs. I am planning on relocating to Oz soon to make a new start. I am willing to take any job that is offered to me to help get myself established.

I would like to be part of the Australian mining industry, because of its lucrative background with all its postive feedback I have received from friends and family who are already employed there.

I am prepared to undertake any form of training that would be beneficial to the company. I am a former owner/operator of a cleaning company where I still live and have years of experience as a cook/kitchenhand.

If anyone out there can help me out, I would be forever grateful.

The Kiwi Girl

Looking for Cleaning Work in the Mines
by: tafara

I am a cleaning supervisor and am looking for work up in any mines. I just dont know how. I've been looking for a job for almost a year but never found anything or anyone who can honestly help.

Is anyone there to help me, please?

Hard Worker
by: Anonymous

Hi All,

Have been wanting to get into the mines for a bit now. I'm after work as a peggy. I am definetely a hard worker! Where I'm at currently, they say I work too hard.

by: Anonymous

I am really trying to find work here so I signed up to www.NAME and it really seems dodgy to my eye.

I have paid them money and I am starting to feel ripped off. If anyone wants to talk about it or share their experiences, I've set up a forum http://NAME

Thanks everyone.

(Ed.: Had to remove the name because the company threatened with legal action. Just be careful out there and don't send money to anyone. That's not how you get a job.)

Looking for Miners in Australia
by: Brian Miller

Hi everyone,

I am looking for miners to start work in Australia. Anyone who has got mining certificates or electricians, please send a cv to

The contract has still to be signed and sealed but as in every contract we have to have some workforce to help get everything together.

This is not a guarantee job but it is a very good chance of employment.

Kind regards

Looking for jobs in Mines as a cleaner, housekeeper, kitchen hand
by: Natalia

I have recently moved to Perth to find a job in the mines for cleaning or kitchen hand but have not yet had any success.

I have applied for many jobs online, called and been into different agencies. I am willing to do just about anything to get in. Have got RSA Certificate, White Card, St Johns Senior First Aid Certificate, Police Clearance Certificate, experience in cleaning, hospitality. I'm hardworking with no ties, honest with exceptional customer service, very organised and a tidy person.
It will be much appreciated. Look forward to hearing from you.
61 4 10140248

by: Moira

June 3rd 2012

We all seem to have the same information re courses and networking. I'll go anywhere the dirt is red.

I have my HR and Forklift and a few other tickets as well.

Yes and a fine feeder of hungry hard working tummies too.

looking for a job in the mines
by: Anonymous

Hi there, can anyone point me in the direction in getting a job driving in the mines? I have class 12345, here in NZ, I also have an Australian passport, I hear that there's a lot of work in the NT? And just how hard or easy is it to get these jobs? Any leads would be a great help, please feel free to email me at, thanking you all. Karlos

Skilled and Unskilled Foreign Workers Available
by: mohammed


I am Mohammed from Ghana and would like to inform everyone that if you need skilled/ unskilled foreign workers or labour, please contact me at


by: Anonymous

Hello to anyone out there who wants to do mining, especially those from New Zealand. AAA jobs for you is a scam. They just want your money and if you want a proof, look it up on TV3 News. It was on air Saturday 9th June 2012. Beware of those agencies who ask for money. That there, is a scam. I haven't been affected, but I know some people who have.

Job Search
by: lih

Thanks for this website. I am a Cameroonian holder of a diploma in theology. I am currently looking for unskilled labour jobs in Australia or Newzealand.

If you've got connections, please help me.

My email is and tel +237 7589 7114

Heaps of Jobs...Guys!
by: Kiwi gal

Hi guys,

It may seem hard to get a foot in as a cleaner/ kitchen hand/ cook. I had no experience what so ever and no tickets or standard 11 but I was lucky and got a job as a remote cleaner; 2 weeks on 2 weeks off or if wanted, 1 week off. But it is best to have standard 11 food safety cert and first aid cert to have a far more better chance.

There will be an over load of workers needed at the Carmichael coal mine. This is where I work. It is about 2 hours out from Clermont.

Here are some remote catering companies Kjm contractors/ and cater care will be taking over the new Carmichael camp.

Heaps of jobs guys...get in while you can. Maybe see you all there :)

Changing Job from Telecom to Gold Mining
by: Rajesh.matta

Hi, my name is Rajesh. I am from India. I am 26 years old and currently working as a telecommunication engineer in India. My educational qualification is bachelor's degree in (Electronics and Communication). I am so eager to change my work profile and wish to work in gold mining sites in Australia. So, please suggest me if there is any chance for me to get a job on mining side, as I have no qualification and skills in that area(mining).

Looking for an Unskilled Mining Job Australia
by: Piers

Hi there,

I am Piers aged 43 who currently lives in the UK. Recently I have read an interesting article in the newspapers here whereby mining companies in Australia are extremely interested in taking on unskilled workers to service their needs. I wondered if there was a mining company who would be able to take me on before I'm too old to apply (45). Furthermore, I have lived and worked in Australia back in 2000/01 and really enjoyed it.

It would be really great if someone out there would make contact.

email :-

Many thanks,


Watch Out
by: Anonymous

So many web links promising jobs in the mines. DO NOT PAY FOR THEM TO HOLD YOUR INFO. Because that is all that they will do. The media hype on mining is exactly that. There maybe a lot of jobs but it is VERY HARD to get into them.

I have family connections and still can't get in. If you are young you may need to think twice as it is a very remote lifestyle. Working up to 10+ hours daily sometimes three weeks straight. My daughter worked 8 weeks with one day here and there.

I know that Sedexo and Spotless get a lot of the cleaning catering contracts. If you are still keen then keep applying with persistence.

Good luck to all while the boom lasts, get in while you can.

Unskilled Wannabe Miner
by: determination

Hi guys, I am trying to get in the mines in Queensland and live in Melbourne and I am ready to relocate ASAP.

I have been applying at entry level for a trainee machine operator. I have all my tickets like dump truck, excavator, skidsteer, dozer, grader, front end loader and my mining induction and first aid and also my HR licence.

If anyone can help me and give me some kind of guidance as to which mining companies to see and forward my resume to. If you know the companies where they take people with no experience, please give me a email anytime.

I would appreciate that so much.

Thanking you,


Keen to work in the mines.
by: Darren

Hi there, I'm a 40 years old and am looking for a job in the mining industry. I currently have my forklift and digger tickets. I also have classes 1,2,3,4 & 5 worked in forestry on wheel loader and have also done heavy vehicle recovery.

I am currently operating as an excavator in metal recycling environment. In case you have an offer, please email me at:

Jobs Available in New Zealand
by: Anonymous


Workers are needed in New Zealand urgently. Interested applicants should forward their CV to the following email address for assessment.

Dorinda Parker

Electrician Wanting Work.
by: Daniel

Hi Guys,

I have been made redundant at work due to no work and need a job.

I am a 23 year old licensed electrician with heavy industrial,commercial and domestic experience. I've applied for around 15 jobs. I even went to QLD looking for a job but was only offered underpaid jobs that didn't even cover the rent.

Recruitment companies and contractors say they love my skills and want to put me in for jobs but after that I never hear back.

I'm willing to pay for my own inductions or any other tickets provided that I am assured that there is a job at the end of it.

Am ready to travel anywhere to get work in the resource sector.

I'm hard working and all I want is someone to give me a start or some tips.

0412 195 515

Job Opportunity
by: T.johnselvin

I am from Tamilnadu, India. I have 18 years experience in constructions fields and am very well versed in bar-tending, shuttering and electrician jobs. I am doing some good projects in India but have no qualification or a college degree. I study in 10th std and have a well understanding mind. Can anyone help me to find a good job opportunity.

I am married,and my ambition is find a job in Australia, Canada or European countries.

Thanking u.

Please contact:
Mobile - 9843761886.

Diesel, mechanics, truck driving - need a job!
by: Anonymous

Hi there,

I am currently living in NZ. Looking for a temporary job in the mines in Australia.
I have level 3 NCEA, a qualification in Automotive Engineering Level 2 and have been working as a diesel mechanic since finishing the course.

Have full drivers license and am prepared to get any kind of training necessary to work in the mines in Australia.
Please let me know if you can help! Thanks.

by: birdman

I am an electrician and just lost my license for 8 months. Am I still eligible to get a job at the mines?

Any unskilled FIFO jobs available?
by: Tomas

Hi to everybody who works in mines.

Could you tell me if there is still a chance to get an unskilled job in mines? I am ready to do anything.

Please let me know on:

I am ready to start immediately for whatever money.


25th September 2012

Any Unskilled Mining or Training Job
by: Chinedu

I have a problem completing my education beyond the fourth year for financial reasons. I am 29 year old Nigerian male, and was studying civil engineering. I will be glad to take up a job in the mining industry in Western Australia that can offer me an additional opportunity for training. I am available for full time and any decent unskilled job.


Peggy's Job WA
by: yasso

I've been in the cleaning Industry for six years now with the Dept. of Education as a cleaner at one of the local primary school in my hometown. I am very interested in getting a Peggy's job over at WA as I have three siblings and two nephews working over there. I believe or I was told that you have to have a local address to work over there, is that true? I am an honest reliable worker and thoroughly love working as a team, with the challenges along the way. I hope someone can assist in any way, Cheers.

British Citizen
by: William Higgins

Hi, my name is William. I’m from Scotland and was wondering if anyone knows of any Australian company that takes on British citizens or sponsors them? I've got my articulated dump truck license and would love to move to Australia. If anyone can help me with any info at all, that would be great.

You can e-mail me on (all lower case)

Canadian who has been to Australia and has a Dream to Work in the Mines under Sponsorship
by: Anonymous

Hey everyone. I have been in Australia for two years and just returned home to Canada not too long ago. I really miss the country and its people very much.
I found out about the mines too late and really want to work in the mines under a sponsorship contract via Hunter Valley area but at this point will work anywhere in Australia. I don't have any experience, but I am a quick learner and extremely hard working. I have plenty of Australian references to back me up on this.
I wanted to know if anyone at all knew a way and or company that would be willing to take on and give a chance to a foreign guy hardworking young man who has nothing to lose and a lot to gain by coming back to Australia. I hear that there are some foreigner's that are taking advantage and that is upsetting for men and woman like me who really want the opportunity and a career in the mines.
I and my references can only vouch that I am not like them and want this badly and wish to make a dream come true. So if there is anyone who can help me, please point me in the right direction. I am hungry for an opportunity.

Thanks for reading.

Unskilled laborer Looking for Work in the Mines
by: Tristian


My name is Tristian am I m 37yrs young. I hold a Blue Card, Elevating Work Platform card, General Safety Indiction ( Construction Industry, Cert 3 in Transport.

>Rig Loads
>Complete Workplace Orientation
>Shift Loads With Gantry Equipment
Cert in Introduction to Magnet Crane...

If you are looking for an unskilled labourer, please give me a call or email.
Tristian No; 0415158913

Unskilled Job

I am Amran Ahmed Lavelu,

I'm from Bangladesh. I want to work in Australia.
How can I apply in Australia for job?

I'm also an unskilled worker. I want to work in Australia but I can speak in English and also write something. I respect Australian culture and I like Australia from my heart. That's why I also want to live in Australia.

Unskilled Job Seeker
by: adamu

I am from Ethiopia seeking unskilled job in mining industry in Australia and I need sponsorship that not only helps me in the process but with money too. I hope you will help me.

Looking for any work available
by: Gerard


I am a fully qualified carpenter with 10 years construction experience. I am looking for any work within the mines. I have been trying for 3 years now. I am an honest hard working bloke.

I'm a Philippine

I always praying that someday I can go to Australia and found someone to really help me. As of now I'm here in Qatar for more than 6 years working as a time keeper. But in my six years here I found no progression in my life because my company isn't that good as the other.

But due to my needs and I know it’s not that easy to find a job in my country so I stay here and still sacrificing. But still until now I encourage myself not to lost hope and that my prayer will be granted. If anyone out there is willing to help me I would be grateful and it would be a big deep inner self gratitude to those willing to help me. Please I really want to work any kind of position available for me and I will promise I will give my best. Thank you very much...

Looking for a Sponsor
by: john

I am an Indian working in Dubai as a camp administrative since last 8 years and am aged 40 years. Now I wish to move to Australia to any kind of job and need any sponsor.

My e-mail is

Looking for a Job
by: kovan

Hi There,

I am Kovan aged 43 who currently lives in Malaysia. I have read an interesting article in the newspapers here whereby mining companies in Australia are extremely interested in taking on unskilled workers to service their needs. I wondered if there was a mining company who would be able to take me in. It would be really great if someone out there would make contact.


Many thanks,


I'm from Philippine
by: joel bulac

I've been posted my comments here few days ago asking anyone that are willing to help me for any kind of position in mining job. But due to my email that I cannot access anymore so I'm just posted again and give my phone number. That might anyone would like to contact me. Here's my no. +974-77651153. Thank you very much.

I'm from Philippine
by: joel bulac

This is my new email and contact number. Please contact me because I really want to work in Australia. I don't know how to apply for work.

Thank you very much!

Would Love a Job in the Mines
by: Naomi


My name is Naomi York and I have been in Perth for almost for 4 years. I’m originally from NZ, I have gained a lot of experience with my current employer, driven the Cat, Komatsu and Case Front End Loader on the worksite, hold a Forklift Ticket, White Card and Car license. I want and always wanted to pursue a career in the mining industry, I have no children and I love to keep myself occupied, you’ll be surprise how fast I can pick things up.

Please could someone help me out there, would be much appreciated.

Mobile: 0410892018

FIFO Camp Jobs
by: Anonymous


I am looking at Housekeeping/Kitchen Hand camp fifo work. I am based in W.A but having no luck as I have not done fifo or mine work before. I have done lots of Kitchen work & Housekeeping services...I have found some fifo jobs for what I'm looking for but they have said I need a manual license which I do not have ... but I am a keen worker and looking at doing this kind of work for a long time .. Thank you for reading my comment. My question is, it’s a must have to have license and why? And what company is right for me to ask for a job in fifo?


HELP Desperate Mum
by: Emma

Hi guys,

I have a 20 year old boy who has been in Brisbane (Strathpine) for 9 weeks and has not been able to find work. It was my idea in the first place to send him over as my cousin said he would be able to get a job right away. Sadly this has not happened and he has minimal help form anyone. I am doing all I can from NZ.

He has no paper qualifications but is such a fast learner, and has had experience in Furniture removal, Installing Air Conditioners, Ducting, and 6 months in the print Industry.

If anyone can help him of suggest where to go so he can get a job that would be great.

His email is


Impossible to get a Job?
by: Anonymous

Hi I will do anything to get into the mining industry in QLD - Can someone give me advice I do not have experience of qualifications am willing to get Tickets at my own cost but have been told it is a waste of $$$ with no experience.

What I do not understand is if you cannot get into the industry with any experience - How you get experience - Please email the

No experience dump truck operator
by: Stanley Nelson

I've been applying for jobs in the mines for years but no luck. I have a family of 5 struggling to get through day in and day out. I wish to apply for a dump truck operator in Papua New Guinea or Kalgoorlie or anywhere in WA. I have me senior first aid & police check records so could you help me please? Here's my contact details 0409775995or email

Thank You.

I Need Overseas Job
by: Anonymous

Hi, I am a 27yrs old and looking for any kind of job overseas, such as any general worker or any other job. Please someone help me to get this job.
My email id is

Mining/ Quarry Jobs
by: Sio


I have been browsing for a month and yet no reply from any mining or quarry companies. I have 5 years experience in the quarry as a Assistant Store man, Crusher Attended and a Trade assistant for fitter. Is there any company that be able to sponsor me. I will be pleased for any information, that would help me out.

Tyre Fitter
by: Daniel

I am a young man of 23 years of age and have five (5) years working experience in tyre fitting and currently working in the same role in underground mining in Ghana and would like to advance myself by moving on with my career any recruiter who would be willing to offer me a job by my profession.

For any further information about me you can call these phone number +233248629574 or email me on

Hi there!
by: steve

I’ve been going through this thread and everyone is saying the same thing, what I want to know is has anybody got a job from this thread or have they received help in obtaining at least a foot in the door.

Job Search
by: ray

Everyone here is basically saying the same thing, I can only add to what everyone have said, if by any chance they are hiring or people are actually getting heard, I would also like to do the mining job, and not just mining but any other unskilled jobs available. I am way out here in Africa and willing to move if there is an offer, here's my contact +2347080042509 or


This is my and my AND MY NEW CONTACT NO: +97470472989.

I wish someone will contact me and help to reach my ambition in life.

Thanks and regards,
God Bless!

by: Anonymous

For jobs on the mines go to www.

Looking for Unskilled Mining Jobs in Australia
by: Nahal Parviner

I am Nahal Parvinder , Indian resident wants to come to Australia for mining jobs. I am 42 years old. I am also having diploma in fire&safety but am a fresher. I am very hard working person can work upto 16 hours if anybody can help me find job in mining field. I can do any type of work please mail me or call 91 9324320757 India

I'd love to work in New Zealand

Currently I have Diploma in Banking and finance and I have knowledge in POS machine and can work in Banking field or any other field. Please contact me on this email if there’s anything. I’m a Nigerian citizen.


by: Anonymous

Haixin Manpower Dispatching Co., Ltd. China

Haixin Manpower Dispatching Co. Ltd. Jilin is the largest manpower dispatching company in Jilin Region, China, which is a legal and normal dispatching company registered by Chinese Government. The main business of the company is to supply manpower abroad to different countries.
Since the establishment of the corporation ten years ago, the company has stored up plenty of labors who want to go abroad. There are more people eager to go to European countries, American countries and countries in the Middle-east. According to the demand of the labors planning to go abroad and the requirement of the company’s development, now we are seeking manpower agencies or individuals for cooperation from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Poland and Middle-east countries that can transact visas and arrange for work. If your company has desire for cooperation, please send us your company name, contact information, linkman, recruitment plan and other related documents, we will supply and recommend appropriate personnel as soon as possible.
Our company guarantees that we will try our best to provide satisfactory labors for your corporation. We hope that your company can give our company the lowest agent price, so as to stimulate our enthusiasm. Let us work together to create a brilliant future!

Haixin Manpower Dispatching Co., Ltd. China
General Manager: Mr. Yongxiang Wu
Mobile Phone: 0086 13664321687 Office Tel: 008643264829589
Email: Skype: zghxgs QQ200844167
Address: Room 308, No.1 Songjiang Road, Jilin City, PRC

Contacts: Mr. Wang Office Telephone: 0086 432 64829589
Email: Skype: zghxgs QQ 1254857640

Looking for sponsorship Visa to Australia.
by: Nkechi

My name is Nkechi from Nigeria, I wish to work in the mine industry, I have 5 years experience in waiting job and another 5 years experience in front desk/admin assistant. The issue know is that i am a high school certificate holder, will appreciate it if I can get a sponsorship visa to work in the mine industry. Any kind of assistance will be highly appreciated.

Here is my mobile number +234-8027308772 and my email is

finding unskilled work to do so that i can help my kit sisters
by: Anonymous

i am a 18 yr old male and i am a cameroonian i would love to start up a life of my own. i have always worked in cafe, deli's so my work haves been revolved around cooking and cleaning. i am a hard worker trust werthy and comit hard to my or(00237 7326 1427)

looking for a mining job
by: Jennifer

Hi,i am a 31 yrs old filipina, wanting a job in the mining industry.

Looking for a job
by: Ranga

Iam a mature lady in zimbabwe and i hold two accounting diplomas iam looking for a job i will pay all the expenses required from my salary. Can anyone or an organisation assist me.May God bless. My email adress is

Looking for a job!
by: Joseph

Hi there am looking for a job in australia i have a australian tafe certificate trade in Mechanical engineering and would like to find a job there i am from papua new guinea so please can you inform me of how i can get a job there

thank you

mining jobs need sponsorship from philippines
by: Anonymous

I am since childhood a resident in a mining company, that's why i have knowledge in mining firms like from processing from 1st milling in gyratory crusher then brought to plant mill dept by roller conveyors to sag mill for secondary milling then to ball mills and then for floatation (copper main product big percentage).Hoping there will be employer who can sponsor me to work in australia.

Unskilled mining jobs
by: MF Nthebe

I am from South Africa and I am interested to work in mines at Australia,though i dont have any mining job skills,experience or certificate. I am a discipline and hard working person.

Looking for unskilled mining jobs
by: Chris Ojie

I'm Chris, 27 single and a degree holder on science laboratory . I'm a Nigerian, I'm young, smart and hardworking, I would happy to work as an unskilled worker. Please I need help.

Looking for unskilled mining jobs
by: Christian Ojie

My Christian, 27yrs, a Nigerian, I'm young, smart, energetic and hardworking, I'm a degree holder in science laboratory technology. I would be very happy if I can work in a mining industry as an unskilled worker. Please contact me.

Mining job
by: Anonymous


I am a South African and would like to relocate to Australia and get a job in the mining industry but I have been working in the security Industry and now want to change my career to mining.

Please help with info

John email:

Welder jobs!
by: Lucien

Hi, i am a qualified 6G welder/ fabricator, looking for a sponsorship visa and accommodation to get a welding jobs in the oil and gas or mining industrie. I applied for a dozen jobs the last months but so far no reply,s. I currently live in scotland but no long term jobs available. My goal is to work and live in australia.
Please if anybody knows anything to help me, you can contact me on my email. Lucien.vegten@
Or on my phone 044- 1382 862362
Mob: 0044 7957969371

Thank you in advance!

Graphic designer
by: Anonymous

I Am a Graphics Designer with 3+ years of professional experience seeking for a compelling job where my creative skills are challenged. Seeking a job position in the creative team where I can apply my knowledge of diverse design skills set and graphics art... i done my higher secondary studys onle i'm not done UG. plz give me a opportunity for designing job, i will do my best job & hadwork.. (e-mail ID-

Pls can anyone help me
by: Saron.j

Hi friends,

I am Saron,Indian looking Anykind of job in Australia. Is there any one can help me to get job in Australia. I am a good family now in very critical Stage in chennai..pls can anyone help me..this is my mobile number and email id.
+91 9940124669
Thank you ,
Give me a chance to work in australia...

can any one help me in finding a suitable job
by: Fitsum Hadush

Hi friends,
My name is Fitsum from Ethiopia, i have a BA degree and working in a bank as a customer service officer. before i get my degree i use to work for TOLL remote logistics as a purchaser back in Ethiopia. now i would like to exprience working in a mining company out side my country and it would be great if someone contact me to have my dream job.
email adress
skype: Fitsum Hadush

Mining Consultant Pilbara Iron (Wiluna West)
by: Roger K. Olsson

Roger K. Olsson is based in London and leads the metals and mining division of the commodity trading and management group. He has more than 20 years of experience as an industry executive and consultant to the global metals and mining industries. He works with leading companies in the areas of strategy, management and acquistitions, bussiness intermediation and transformation. He is the founder of the Giuelith Timantti Limited and is a recognized specialist on mining issues and development. Board of Director at Giuen Invest Management Ltd. (GMOL) and B2B Qingdao, China.

Mining job
by: I'm Chivinga Willem

I'm looking for mining job. I'm strong, hardwork without any experience but I'm easy mind to catch up or any type of productive job I can do, I'm trustworthy.

forklift opt
by: Virendra Singh

Dear Sir,
I am any forklift driving & I am good and very hard working Indian forklift driver but no one good job, I need one good job please help me...
Mob no-+918923677879
Thankyou Sir...

seeking job
by: Ali

Hi friends,
My name is Ali from Pakistan, i have a MA degree and working in a School as a Science Teacher. now i would like to experience working in a mining company out side my country and it would be great if someone contact me to have my dream job.
email adress.

Im looking for conventional mining job.
by: Paschal Edward

I'm Paschal Edward an experienced underground conventional miner from Tanzania.
I'm looking for an underground conventional mining job, I have an experience of mining worked with Barrick gold mine in Tanzania as a conventional miner for 5 years and awarded the certificates of service
:Slusher,Jackleg& Stoper
:Scisso.r lift
:Ug dump truck
:Also I'm a Blaster of development&Production
Any company need me can e mail,

am lookinb for a job sponsor
by: David

Hello am David a 25year business computing graduate here in Uganda looking for a job and sponsor for any kind of work that is legal. I can drive, cleaning, do nanny work, personal assistant, carer, accounting, stock taking among others. I have previously been an elementary teacher of English and social studies, assistant bursar and sales personnel. Please feel free to email me and willing for a deduction settlement for all expenses on me for my visa and airticket. or +256700165842.

entry level or logistics
by: Rolly Cunanan

I have experience in staff rostering, product inventory, ordering, profit and loss analysis, and receiving delivery.

Never had a job on mining before
by: Nnamdi Anachunam

Hello am a Nigerian based in India i need a work in one of the mining company and also a sponsor am able to do all kinds of work in the mine company email:, phone number : +917045128122

need work
by: Jerome

I want work, can you help me? I live in Africa but want work in Australia. I work at a minni for HPE hydro power. Please let me know on 0828137766, will send my CV, or email me

Trade assistant in Diesel fitting
by: Andrew Gandhi

I Andrew from Papua New Guinea hereby request through the website for mining job as a trade assistant seeking employment. I have been serving onboard the patrol boat (Navy ship) as a marine engineer for the last 6 years.
Attended Australia Maritime College (Launceston Tasmania.) Australia Pacific Technical College (Hasting Deering) (Diesel fitting.) Request you find employment for me in the Mining industry as I'am interested to apply.
Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
Andrew. Papua New Guinea.

Mining job in Australia
by: Mira

Hi there. Currently I am looking for possibilities to get a mining job in Australia. I am from Czech Republic and 31 years old. I am mining engineer but without mine experience. Now I am working as a quality engineer in aluminium foundry (automotive). In 2015 I started study Ph.D. in mining geomechanics. Can somebody help me how to start with searching of unskilled mining job in Australia? Thx!

dump truck
by: Kylie

On mine site and received my licence dump truck and standard 11 and wanting to get a job in mines from Melbourne.

Looking for any work
by: Andre

I was with a Global company for 11 years, but was made redundant last year in February.
I am a qualified Safety and Risk advisor, looking for any position available! I can drive forklifts, boom type EWPs etc. I will even be a trade assistant as I have been in the trade years ago and also have advanced hydraulic and pneumatic and warehouses experiences.
If there is anyone out there that has anything for me mail me on or 0456806457.

looking for sponsor
by: Anonymous

I'm a Namibian citizen, I'm looking for any one/company to help me with visa/flight to go work abroad. I'm young man with 27yrs old single hard working and sober habit. I have experience of 2yrs in auto mechanic, maintanance in plumber and electrician, cell phone repair, barber shop, in short I'm universal. For more info contact me on my email, feel free to ask anything.

16 years students
by: Jainam Prajapati

Hi Ross, I am Jainam and I want to that can any 16 years old student can work in Australia and he gets pr in months?

Looking for Jobs
by: Getnet

Dear Sir / Madam ,
I am looking for jobs as stewarding in hotels, restaurants, cafes from around the world ASIA, EUROPE, MIDDLE EAST, NORTH and SOUTH AMERICA with free flight ticket, accommodation and visa fee so that the firm will deduct from my monthly salary. It is my pleasure to work with anyone in your firm. I am now working in RAMADA hotel as a kitchen stewarding.
Kind regards,

Seeking for any unskilled job, FIFO or permanent.
by: Kenneth Kingston

Hi there, I'm badly serious and interested after finding this page. Am a Papua New Guinean and currently in Milne Bay Province of Papua New Guinea. M really in need of any unskilled mining job of any sort but at least it count for at the end of the day. If any one out there could help me find one would be most appreciable.This is my (gmail)

Thanks and God bless your hearts.

Desperately looking for a job
by: Alainnebs

Good day, I am Alain, currently looking to start in the mines, work as a cleaner, hands on or any physically applied job. I am more willing to learn and adapt to conditions, also willing to stick to employers conditions and will accept any extended contract after the initial work period. I have no problem working on a specific site or if it's a fly in fly out. I am very devoted and hard working. Will waiting for any ones help I remain great full.

by: Munyaradzi Mazai

I am looking for a job or a internship in any Mine outside Zimbabwe.

I graduated from Zimbabwe School of Mines with a National Diploma in mining. I am a holder of a mine blasting licence (Hardrock).

I consider myself friendly, efficient and enthusiastic worker. I can relocate anytime to fill the available vacant.

Thank you for taking time to go through my request... anyone who can help... contact

Looking for spomsor and Excavator job
by: Keep learning and looking for more challenging job

Good evening sir,
I'm Andrew Mun, 31 years old. I have 10 years experience operating excavator. I also have Singapore bca hydraulic excavator operation certificate. Now working at Singapore. For earth work, working on the mountain, reclamation work,terraced field and more. Innovation and never stop change better way to work.
Hope I can get sponsor helping and get job in mining industry or Australia. Good day for all.
My email:

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