Fruit Picking season in Australia

by Angelica

Which time of the year is the harvest season in Australia? And is it hard to find fruit picking jobs during other times of the year? I'm thinking of going to Australia on a working visa and want to support myself on mainly fruit picking, but I'm worried that there might not be work available during all of the year. Is that the case?

Response to: Fruit Picking season in Australia

Hi Angelica,
No, that is not the case. Fruit picking and farm work is available all year round. Australia is a huge continent with many different climate zones.

However, you will not find work everywhere all the time! You need to be in the right part of Australia at the right time. So you need to plan ahead.

If you go to the main page about fruit picking and scroll down, you find a link to a government website. On that site you can search and find out what crops are ready for harvesting, in which part of Australia, when.

As I say on that page:

"If you need money, there is always something that needs picking somewhere, so you never need to worry about finances. Unless you're totally broke and on the wrong side of the continent!"

Hope that helps!

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