Get Wise

by Steno

I have not yet been to Uluru. I went to Australia in January, so in summer, and decided to keep the outback for the next trip in winter.

However, what I did see in Oz was the ignorance of the westerners/Aussies about the land they inhabit. If they pay any attention at all to the Aboriginal culture, then it is like when we look at animals in a zoo. In fact, the only time I got to see some of Aboriginal culture was in a zoo. That was pretty depressing.

The Aboriginals have known how to live in harmony with the Earth for 400,000 years (no typo; forget Darwin's evolution stories). However, modern man managed to bring the Earth on the verge of dying in just a few centuries, and even feels proud of his achievements.

Maybe these simple data make us understand the Aboriginals know something IMPORTANT that we do not? Maybe, if we indeed get this message, we will start to show some interest?

Modern man is cut off from his own soul, and isn't even bothered by it. Nothing could be sadder.
For Aboriginals -- that is: those few who haven't been killed spiritually by western influences but managed to keep their soul contact nevertheless -- Uluru is one of the most sacred temples on Earth. It is a place where the life giving qualities of the Earth, the qualities they honor and value tremendously are manifesting directly. If a woman wants to attract a spirit child, she will go there and perform a certain ritual. Only women are allowed into the 'fertility caves'.

The way we westerners look at Uluru and how we treat it -- at best like a consumer who is keen on getting some extraordinary holiday experience -- is exemplary for how we treat the Earth and the Universal Feminine: with the harsh contempt of sheer ignorance.
We don't even see it, but just walk over it.

Time to wake up and to stop behaving like a jerk that destroys his own home.

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Maybe it's the tourists who need to wise up
by: Anonymous

It is also ignorant to assume you know how all Australian's think and behave.

Many non-aboriginal Australian's work in conjunction with our country's first people to keep their culture alive.

The history of the invasion of Australia is not as simple as it seems and it is easy to visit for a short time and make false assumptions about the country as a whole. There are deep rooted problems in Australia stemming from the initial invasion of this country over 200 years ago by the English. Most of this nation's aboriginal culture has been lost due to destructive Anglo-centric government policies which tore aboriginal communities apart.

Many of us now are trying to repair what previous generations have ruined, but visitors from Europe making sweeping generalizations about both traditional Aboriginal culture (which you most likely won't have really experienced as so little of it remains) and westerners in Australia doesn't help. You say you don't want to see a 'zoo' - but that's exactly what you're after.

The reality today is that most aboriginal people are studying at school, employed in offices, are not necessarily 'black' and are still struggling with issues of culture and family. This doesn't make for interesting tourism though, so visitors want to see boomerang throwing, dot painting, dancing. It's often the tourists that encourage the 'zoos' so maybe take a look at your own behavior before criticizing an entire nation after a fleeting visit.

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