Having sufficient funds when arriving in Australia

by Xander Bunting

The WHV says you may have to have sufficient funds when you arrive. If you have to, how do you prove that you have your funds?

I will have a statement but it will be 7 weeks old by the time I arrive from Thailand to Perth. I'm just confused about how to prove I have all the money there in my bank account at home.

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Sufficent funds when arriving in Australia
by: Birgit

Hi Xander,
It is highly unlikely that they will ask for proof.

If they do, they may well be happy with your seven week old statement, assuming there was enough money in there to support an average traveller for seven weeks in Thailand and then a couple of months in Australia.

If they really require to see how much money you have available at the point of entering Australia, I am sure you will be able to somehow contact your bank or access your statement online to confirm that there is still enough money there.

See if you can print out a statement through online banking from Thailand, or get the bank to fax you a current one.

The worst thing to happen is that you will have hassles and it takes some time to get through immigration, while you do the above.

But as long as you really do have the money and have access to it, I can't see how you would not be able to prove it.

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