Help needed with planning my road trip round Oz!


I am visiting Oz in July / August 2008 and the trip I have in mind goes as follows:

Perth - Kalgoorlie - Uluru - Alice Springs - Sydney - Melbourne - Adelaide - Esperance - Albany - Augusta - Perth.

Am I mad or is this do-able?!
Any help and advice with my trip plans will be much appreciated!

I expect to be travelling (alone) in a camper van, probably a 2WD transit or similar and I estimate I can do it in 2 weeks if I just want to see the main destinations.

I visited Oz last year and did Perth to Kalbarri then Perth to Albany via Augusta. I didn't find it too difficult and both trips took about 3 days each. I reckon these trips were a fairly good grounding to prepare me for this trip! Am I right or does anyone still think I'm mad?!

All comments much appreciated, thanks.

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Um, I'm afraid that's mad...
by: Birgit

Hi Dean,
Take a map of Australia, mark Perth, Albany and Kalbarri, and then Alice Springs and Sydney. Then take a step back and look at the big picture. That should put things into perspective.

The distance from Perth to Albany or Kalbarri is nothing compared to what you are planning. By Australian standards those trips were just a little drive up the road.

Also: the Great Central Road from Laverton to Uluru (part of the Perth - Alice Springs leg) is unsealed. Are you hiring a vehicle? If you are hiring a 2WD you won't be allowed to take it along that road and will have to do a massive detour instead.

Here is some more information about the Great Central Road.

Here is a reader submission about doing part of your planned drive in the opposite direction:
Sydney - Alice Springs - Uluru - Perth.
You may find the discussion useful.

As you can see, Martin had three weeks all up and planned to spend 14 days on the drive itself. And that's just one way. (According to his own comments he ended up "hammering it" all the way.)

Both ways in two weeks?
I think it's mad.

If someone wanted to prove that driving that distance can be done, sure, it can. But forget about "seeing the main destinations", and maybe forget about sleeping as well...

Really, it is unrealistic.

Contributary Advice.
by: Spannerman8

Hello Dean Moorhouse of Huddersfield, England.
I am from Manchester, England and as Birgit stated, drove from Sydney to Perth via Alice Springs in March/April 08. I had 23 days in total, spending the first two nights in Sydney to acclimatize. I drove 7,200 Kms in total.

It was easier than I expected, doing the full Mereenie Loop (West McDonalds unplanned), spending 3 days around Uluru instead of my planned one and still arriving in Perth 3 days early. I had a 4WD Camper (Toyota Landcruiser) as you cannot rent a 2WD for The Great Central Road. With the extra 3 days, I drove South from Perth around Busselton (Jetty), Margaret River, Augusta (Lighthouse), Pemberton (Gloucester Tree), Walpole (Tree Top Walk) and back up the Albany Highway to Perth.

It was a fantastic experience and a great achievement, but YOUR plans seem a little optimistic to say the least. I would suggest either reducing the distance or extending the time. As it stands, I don't think it is feasible. Hit just ONE glitch and you would be in trouble.

One thing is a must. Set out a good plan and have target mileages for each day. Stick to this plan. You are going in Winter so light becomes a factor. It is strongly recommended that one does not drive in dusk or dark, so your potential hours for driving are reduced. Believe me, I saw many hundreds more dead Kangaroos than live ones. I would have hated to kill one. If you would like any more assistance, feel free to contact me on


Martin G. Schofield

you've missed other good bits
by: Anonymous

think you might want to see the Gold Coast and Byron Bay too. Maybe consider driving back through QLD rather than back to WA?

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