How can I help save the dingoes?

by Jessica Evans
(Tallong, NSW)

Nearly Extinct: The Pure Dingo

Nearly Extinct: The Pure Dingo

After reading about the dingo i was sad to know that such a loveable creature is going extinct. It just isn't fair. So i would like to know if there is anything that i would be able to do to help protect them.

I may only be 14 years old but i know i can help if you can please tell me how. If the only way to help is to write a letter to the government pleading that the dingoes be saved, i will. I will help out as best i can to protect them if it takes years and years. I won't let another species go extinct because of man's foolishnesses, knowing i could of done something to stop it. So please please tell me what to do to help.

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How can I help save the dingoes?

Dear Jessica,

Thank you very much for your lovely letter. It's great that you want to help. In a way you have helped already.

1. You made me check the dingo page and I saw that the link to Australian Dingo Conservation Association at the bottom does not work any more. The website is gone. I'm glad I saw that and have removed the link.

2. Then I tried to find other websites and organisations that can help dingoes. The links are below, and hopefully others will read this page as well and think about helping.

Unfortunately the overall situation today looks worse than it did when I first wrote that page. Dingoes are still baited and killed and very few pure dingoes are left.

Dingoes are still listed as a pest. When farmers lose a calf or lambs to what they think are dingoes (but are more often hybrid dogs which can look exactly the same) then I can't blame the farmers for wanting to protect their animals.

Unfortunately killing all dingoes and wild dogs has led to an explosion in cat and fox numbers, since the dingo is their only predator. Cats and foxes don't kill lambs, but they do wipe out other native wildlife, like quolls and bandicoots and bilbies, and of course all our birds and lizards.

There are many things in Australia that are going very wrong, and that means there are many ways that you are able to help. Once you get in touch with a few like minded people in your area you will quickly find out about more opportunities.

The Wilderness Society is a relatively new organisation that focuses on buying up large areas of wilderness across Australia and linking them together to conserve them as habitat for endangered Australian species. I read that they did acquire an already fenced large block of wilderness and consider re-introducing wild dingoes there to protect them. Unfortunately fencing dingoes in is the only way to protect them from interbreeding with other wild dogs and cross breed animals (hybrids).

If you look at this page you will find several ways to contact them. They do letter writing campaigns, so maybe you can help with that. This is not a specific dingo conservation organisation, but the dingo is not the only species in Australia that is threatened. Australia sadly holds the world record of species extinctions in the last 20 years!

So if you help the Wilderness Society you help to conserve wilderness in general, and with that you help threatened species, including the dingo. And if you do tell them that you are particularly interested in helping the dingoes, maybe they can tell you more.

The Australian Wildlife Conservancy is another good organisation.

Maybe they can tell you of ways to get involved. Unfortunately I live at the exact opposite end of the continent, in northern Western Australia, so telling you what we do here doesn't help you much. You need to find some local groups.

They may initially not take you seriously because of your age, but if you persist and if you can show them that you mean it and that it's not just a fleeting idea, then they will eventually be very glad to have you on board.

Here is something else you may want to look at:

The Dingo Sanctuary is located about an hour's drive east of you. Maybe you can have a look at the place, and maybe you can help out on the weekends or something. Worth a try.

On the website of the WA Dingo Association you can sign online petitions and they also offer "dingo sponsorships". (Update: apparently there are no petitions any more, the link now directs you to the home page.)

Apart from that the best thing you can do is to learn as much as possible about dingoes, and try to gently educate those around you about them. Maybe you can do something at school? Do a project that educates others, like putting together a display board somewhere? A webpage? Use any way that you can think of to tell people the real story.

Trying to change the mind of the public is a thankless task, but the more people try the better.

I hope this is in some way helpful and that you will be able to connect with local people who share your desire to make a difference!

All the best to you!


Photo by Ogwen

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Conserve the dingos.
by: Chris Ryan

Hi B and Jessica, some sites for Jessica to check out.
I typed dingo+preservation+conservation into Google and there was 4200 sites there.

Here's just a few.
Regards Chris from

by: Kirsten

Please do not hurt dingoes, can I help? dingoes r so cute and I WANT 2 HELP!!!can I? I'm doing a project on dingoes and they need help!!

Please tell the world how!

good to see you care
by: Anonymous

It's great to see young people wanting to help out (instead of collecting friends on Facebook!!), but if you want to be taken seriously I suggest you rethink the "because they're so cute and cuddly" reason. Dingoes are wild, feral animals. In the wild they are NOT cute or cuddly, and a bit menacing actually. I am a dog lover and in my life so far have only had 2 scary run-ins with domestic dogs, both were dingo crosses. Many people don't have a good view of dingoes so the "cute and cuddly" angle won't get much sympathy, and you may be dismissed as a cute and cuddly little girl yourself! Good luck.

OMG ohnoes!
by: Mimi

I only found out by reading this that the majestic Dingo is going extinct. I love dingoes, they are my favorite animal! I'm glad I read this... now I'm aware of the danger these creatures are in.

by: dingolover

hi i am a major dingo fan i think this is the best site i have found so far

Ding goes the Dingos!
by: me!!!

I think this site is cool really cool and easy to read.
Im glad that sssooo many people want to help save wildlife (endangered animals)!

Oh and by the way good text messaging Kirsten!
"Dingos r so cute and I WANT 2 HELP!!!can I?"

Ok, I just want Dingos to be safe and sound.

my thought
by: Roka Granzon

I only recently learned about the existance of dingoes, and now i only today learned that they are becoming extinct. It saddens me deeply that people can kill such beautiful things such as this. In my personal oppinion, i think dingoes are very cute. Im a canine lover and i just melt when i see such cute things ^.^

But anyways, someday when i can, im going to try to support getting keeping the dingos from going extint. Id hate to see such a beautiful canine die out...

Until i am able to do so, i can only hope that all of these groups trying to save the dingos succeede in protecting the remaining dingos, if not heighten it.

Save Dingos!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous

After i read jessica's comment, i also want to save dingos!

Age is Not Important
by: Anonymous

Dear Jessica,
I am 13 years of age and i also have become aware that the world is not doing very well. Its is up to people like us to help!! I have signed about 5 patitions to help. If you want to help go on It has so many patitions to send to the priminister.

You Can Save A Species

by: Anonymous

Dingoes are going to be protected in Victoria.

Save Dingoes on Fraser Island
by: Karin


I live in Hervey Bay and a number of residents here and on Fraser Island are desperatley lobbying the Qld Government to change the listing of "Pest" to Endangered Wildlife. We have only a short time left to lobby the Government, Victoria was successful and have managed to get the listing changed, we can too, we need your support though. We are currently putting together a submission if you are interested in adding to this. please e-mail me on



ADCA link
by: wolfdogged

Great info, thanks for sharing!

btw, here's a working link to the Australian Dingo Conservation Association

Australian Dingo Conservation Association
by: Birgit

Thanks! I added the link back in.
It's the same link but a new website. They must have taken it offline in between.

(What a shame that whoever does their website for them has no idea how to build a website. It's neither user friendly nor search engine friendly. Not many people will ever read it...)

Save Fraser Island dingoes
by: Karin

If anyone would like to receive newsletters and get in touch with an Incorporated group Save Fraser Island dingoes, please contact the Secretary Save Fraser Island dingoes at



Save Fraser Island Dingoes
by: Birgit

Thanks, Karin.
I added that to the main page as well.

dingos in the outback
by: hannah

I can't help to be sad knowing that dingos are dying. I think that men are foolish to kill these animals! What can I do to help?

I can help
by: Anonymous

I want to help save all the dingoes how can I?

Report on dingos
by: roxy

I want to help save dingos. I am doing a report on dingos so it gave me time to think about it. Please tell me how to save the dingos.

Project Proposal - save the Dingoes
by: Emily

Just wanted to say it is wonderful to see so many young people out there with a passion for a real cause. Again I agree that so many things can be said and no one puts words into action. So i hope that people including members of the goverment will continue to take this seriously!
Regards, Emily

Helping dingoes
by: stevie gregoire

I think we should help these wonderful animals that are real close to becoming extinct. People are just killing them and I think they need to stop, because those people will make these animals extinct.

by: Rachel

I want to help save the dingos 2!!! How can I help???
I'm only 12 years going on to 13 and I want to help save as many animals as possible. I've always loved animals since I can remember and I don't want more beautiful animlas to become extinct!!

Save dingoes!

Please save the dingoes. I found this website doing a report on dingoes.

by: Caitlin

It's good to know that some people in the world care about the earth around them.
I'm with you, I think it's not right that people are doing this to the animals, I mean what did they ever do to you?
So if you read this stop poaching these wonderful Dingoes and all the other animals and the world will be a better place!

Do what you can to help even the smallest change can make a difference but then again big one help even more!

by: Chevelle a 'Dingo Gaurdian'

Hi all wanting to help with the concervation of dingos. Please go visit website of the DINGO CARE NETWORK of Vicoria on
The DCN support all dingos in Australia and have successfully contributed to the success of the Victorian dingos now being on the protected wildlife listing instead of he pest list. Feel free to browse the site and get in contact for more information about the group and the DINGO social days out that they also hold.

More info
by: Pat

More dingo info here...

My Dingo
by: Anonymous

I have a Dingo. His name is Boo. He is now almost 5 years old. I nursed him when he was a puppy,and then adopted him. I am all for the conservation & protection of the Dingo.Ignorance about the Dingo is very annoying & frustrating. You can help save the Dingo by educating people about them.
Boo is very affectionate & extremely loyal.I also have a Golden Retriever, his name is Atticus. Boo is very protective of Atticus & they are best friends.Boo cannot be bribed with food. Boo eats very little, just enough to keep him going.He likes to be cuddled,likes routine and stability. Boo is very agile, almost catlike & very very gentle. He has a special bond with my 11y.o. daughter. He will listen & action to all her demands.If you want to have a dingo as a pet, be prepared to make an enclosure and have all the right permits.Also, you must be prepared to educate & socialise the dog and be very very patient. Do not force the dog upon others for a pat, they don't like it. Boo will only let people touch him when HE is ready & on his terms. He is not a SHOW dog, but an intelligent , loyal creature that need understanding & protection in order to survive.Look out for Boo on YOU TUBE after Xmas.

Dingo Lover from VIC-Woodend

Dingo tourist attraction
by: Judy Allen

My husband's suggestion for Fraser Is. Dingo.
Have a feeding area-maybe twice a day. Make it a tourist attraction (gold coin entry) and it will also bring in funds.
Dingos will be fed.
Funds will be donated.
No worry or threat of dingoes with tourists.
Dingoes will live normally and not be extinct.
Thank you
p.s. Years ago dingoes lived from the tip-
now they are not allowed to feed there. Hence, the problem.

Enclosure feeding
by: judy.

All that is needed is an enclosure that has feeding for dingoes at fixed times. The public is allowed to view the feeding from safe boundaries and a fee is charged. This fee is used towards the cost of the enclosure.

This way the dingoes are safe and fed and the cost is covered by the public therefore offering an easy solution.

by: Anonymous

After watching tonight's Australian story, I feel ashamed to be an Australian.

How can a person who cares so much about animals and their habitat can be fined 40,000 bucks? Y

You would not be fined that much even if you were caught with a kilo hard drugs. I feel very strongly that these animals are being mistreated and the rangers employed to look after the island are incompetent.

They are beautiful!
by: Anonymous

I was watching a program at channel 7 about a lady who was trying to save the Dingos and was shocked to see that she and her friend were arrested just because they were feeding them.

I got completely shocked with the laws here. I cannot believe we are starving them to death. This is cruel! They are like any another animal. They too need food and water to survive.

I am so sad to know that such a lovable creature is getting extinct. It just isn't fair.

So I would like to know if there is anything that I would be able to do to help protect them. As I strongly believe that they are not a PEST!

People need to understand that if they keep starving, they will get aggressive and desperate to eat anything that they can get their hands on. Instead of starving them we should feed them and let them survive!

I live in Sydney and don?t have any of them here but I am sure that there must be some way in which I could help them. Could you please tell me how? If the only way to help is to write a letter to the government pleading that the dingoes be saved, I will.

I will help out as best I can to protect them. I won't let another species go extinct because of man's foolishness, knowing I could have done something to stop it. So please please tell me what to do to help?

Starving Dingos
by: Mark

After watching "Australian Story" last night on ABC about Jennifer Parkhurst and her fight to save starving dingos on Fraser Island, I am certain that something needs to be done to help these native animals and at the same time protect the public.

It is my opinion, the National Parks And Wildlife Service are failing in their duty of care. Telling tourists not to feed an obviously starving animal will NEVER work. As long as these dogs do not have a reliable natural food source they will continue to stalk people for food.

I agree with Jennifer Parkhurst, Judy Allen and others and propose that the Nat Parks and Wildlife erect several feeding enclosures and feed the dingos once a day.

It would be an added tourist attraction at which people could be charged admission fee to off-set costs.

P.S. Some 15-20 years ago there were wild horses and goats living on the island. The authorities removed this constant source of food for the dingos; a carcas lasting up to two weeks.Now they are expected to live on fresh air, sand and good intentions.

by: Rosie Bookallil

So if we are all ashamed, then what are we going to do about it? What action will we take? Because this is what is needed - ACTION!

I surfed the website last night after Australian Story, and contacted the Humane Society International, and have an email contact of the lady who we all can write to.

The email address is

I think that contact needs to be made with international animal organizations like WSPA and PETA. The more the pressure placed on the government, the better it would be, especially if it is coming from outside Australia.

Public, international focus and shame is a good starting point. What do you think?

Thanks for the two http:// links above ... we need to work together, for their futures ....
inhumanity cannot continue.

Understanding needs to be the status quo.

Starving Dingos
by: Derek Tisdall

In this country, animal cruelty is a crime. Animal starvation is cruelty at its worst. The State Government policy regarding management of Fraser Island dingos is by definition criminal.

International lens
by: Rosie Bookallil

After much emailing last night and sourcing information, I have just heard back from a local conservation author, who has informed me that she has passed on the information and links which I sent to her (sourced from the SFID Inc), to Geroge Monbiot, in the UK.

In response to the previous comment, many criminal acts are perpetrated through the legislation which are passed nationally. It is only recently that there have been actions taken to stop the live export of animals from our shores.

The question remains, what action will you take?

Dingo Conservation
by: internation dingo conservation

Australian politicians and the public have slandered and denigrated the Japanese for their whaling activities, yet in our own country they condone the extermination of our top land predator, the Dingo, which holds all things in balance. At least the Japanese eat the whales; we in Australia leave dead Dingoes to rot!

Last week, permission was given for aerial bait drops, using "1080" (sodium-monofluoroacetate), in Kosciusko National Park, one of the last bastions for wild Dingoes. The animals die in terrible agony, and 1080 is destroying the ecosystem. The dingo and "wild dog" are key ecosystem modulators in Australia. It is now the whelping season.

It is absurd that we have such hypocritical politicians who voice anger at Japan for whaling but who go silent when it comes to the destruction of our own "Lion King."

by: Rosie Bookallil

Following on from the above comment, if anyone is interested in reading an enlightening article, it's in the last week's edition of our local newspaper. An environmental author has written an article on Dingoes.

This was inspired by the work of Jen and this site, so there is something that can be done by people taking action.

You can find it if you Google They Byron Shire Echo or

What else can I do?
by: Tahlia Stewart

I live in Hervey Bay and my mum owns the beauty salon at Kingfisher bay resort on Fraser Island. I go over there all the time. I am friends with the head ranger over there and I hope to do my year 10 work experience as a park ranger on the Island. When I go over to the Island I like to go for walks along the bush tracks and along the beach surrounding the resort.

Every time I see evidence of dingoes coming along the beacc, there is usually tracks of a single dingo and, sometimes, very rarely, tracks of two dingoes but not once have I ever actually seen a dingo. Sometimes my mum has to stay the night at the Island because she has early clients and when she does, I stay with her. I always get up and head down the the getty hut at sunrise to see if I can spot a dingo. I never have.

This just shows that there aren't many left. A ranger once told me, on that entire dide of the Island, they only had evidence of six dingoes living there. Only six!

I am a passionate environmentalist and conservationist and I care for these dingoes and I don't want to see the Fraser Island dingoes dying off from starvation or being removed or even killed!!

I'm only 15 years old but I want to do everything in my power to help save these magnificent creatures. I was thinking of starting a petition, and I know of heaps of people that would sign.

Is this the right thing to do? What else can I do? I feel so helpless!!

Hi Tahlia
by: Rosie Bookallil

I think that a petition is a great idea and worth adding your own experiences to, as you have done in your comments here.

I too feel helpless, but I am not right there as you are (I am in northern NSW) so that distance puts distance between me and what is actually happening. But not for you...and I can well understand your passionate concern for what is going on, on the island.

If you get an online petition going, I will certainly circulate it throughout my networks down here. GO PETITION or CARE 2 online petitions are the ones that I know of.

There is also a DVD that I received from the Save Fraser Island Dingoes organization, so that may well help inform your petition, if you don't already have access to it.

Have you been in touch with the organization? If not, I suggest connecting with them and working with them, for support. It's tough when you are trying to tackle something like this on your own.

Good luck and please keep me informed! My email address is

Kind regards

by: Marianne

I live in the USA and have a Carolina Dog, which is the American Dingo or Dixie Dingo. The wild American Dingos are located primarily in the southern states including North and South Carolina.

Our dog was a rescue and is the best breed we have ever had. There are some researchers here and preservation of the wild Dingo. I want to find a couple more to adopt even if they are wild puppies.

We have a friend who is from Australia, asked him once if he get bring me a couple Australian Dingo puppies on his next trip. His reply was I do not think they will let me.

In this country the government has destroyed nearly 2 million wild horses running a stampede with helicopters killing many, those that survive are in government holding pens suffering and dying to accommodate greedy selfish big business cattle ranchers on public lands at tax payers expense.

Go on and type in wild horses abuse. We being the public are desperately doing everything possible to save the few remaining wild horses and burros currently estimated at only 38,000 that roam in 12 states, nearly extinct.

The big business greedy cattle industry has taken over most of the public lands with the assistance from the government allowing approximately 12.5+million so called welfare cattle on public lands. It is very sad that there so many selfish, brutal greedy rich people that control the world in this cruel way. All wild life has every right to live on this planet, humans have no right destroying them. I feel so sorry for all animals as they are so brutally abused by many inhumane beasts.

If in any way I can help the Australian Dingo, please let me know. Thanks for listening.

My email address is Marianne

by: Anonymous

Their must be a away for farmers and Dingos to get along and lets not forget Kelpies and Cattle dogs have Dingo in their breeding.

Australian Dingo and Brumbies
by: Marianne

Please do not harm the wild dogs, they have every right to exist. If you need to reduce the numbers, why not allow the dingo puppies to be adopted? I live in USA, would be interested in getting a puppy or two.

I currently have a Carolina Dog, which is the American Dingo similar to the Australian Dingo, he's the best dog we ever had in our family. Some of our Dingo dogs have been domesticated and are adoptable, they even have a registry for them. The others still roam free.

You can do the same with your Brumbies, there are people who will adopt them in Australia, so why kill them if you can find homes for them instead. All the wild animals have every right to live on this planet with us. Humans have no right killing them. We all are here for a reason.

I Want to Help Wild Life
by: shawn

Hey I would love to help save the dingoes in any way. But I live in Alabama and I have no way of going to Australia but if there is a place here, tell me.

I would like to help but not just dingoes you know, other animals that are going extinct. I am 13 but still care about wild life, so if you could tell me more, I would love to hear about it.

I saw a dingo!
by: Vera Saueressig

Hi, I live in Maribyrnong, 58 La Scala Avenue and I saw a dingo near the lake.

I don't think there is enough space for it to live. And the building are growing around. What to do to help save the species?


I Care!
by: Anonymous

I care about the dingoes so much that I searched for this site and I am creating an argument on saving them! Help the purebreeds!

by: j

How many dingoes are there world wide?

Dingoes Need Protection Across the Continent
by: Nic Papalia

The Dingo is our unique and wonderful LION KING; the top land predator that holds the ecosystem in balance as guardian of the future. Dingoes keep the fox, cat, goat and pig numbers in tow and also control the rabbit and roo population as the bush modulator.

Dingoes have been in OZ for thousands of years and are Australian by every definition. The late Dr. Alan Wilton released research in 2011 to show that Dingo has been in Australia from last 18,300 years. It is a mind boggling Aussie's tend to forget their own backyard and we need to fight to help animals and birds beyond our border to be saved from extinction.

Dingoes are killed and termed pest in their own homeland. Dingoes are poisoned with 1080 (a cruel and inhumane way to die from a toxin that is banned in the civilised world). A bounty of $200 a Dingo head is given in South Australia. Regardless of the Dingo being an integral part of the indigenous dreamtime stories and Totem to many tribes, the farmers lobby has almost wiped out this speceis in Australia.

Alternatives to killing with baits is the responsible guardian animal e.g camel, al-packer, anatollian dogs that stop any Dingo or dog attack upon livestock).

A change in mindset is required to save the Dingo and remove Australia from the world record in Mammal extinction. Dingoes need protection and are as important as the great Whale. Getting the doormats in OZ motivated to realise the Dingo must be saved.

A demand toward our Minister Burke in Government to do the job allocated and help our Dingo and ecosystem is so required. SAVE THE DINGO.

Dingo as a Pet
by: Wade

Hi, I'm from the Philippines. I actually saw pictures of Dingoes, not only here, but also in other sites. I have a dog that looks exactly the same. I just want to know if he also has dingo blood in him? If so, I'm wondering that as far as I know, dingoes exist in Australia. But how come there are some in the Philippines? I wanted to attach picture here, but there aren't any button to click to attach pictures with the comments. My pet is such an adorable and very loyal dog.

Will Try to Help
by: nathan

I really like the dingoes. They are a really good race that is very useful in the way of life on fraser. I wish I could help but I think it wouldn't be much of use.

Save Them
by: Ago

I would like to save dingoes but I don’t know how. I do have ideas like emailing the government but I don't think it will work. I might only be nine but I will try to help. I don't live in Australia but I will do my best.

What I don't understand
by: Anonymous

What I don't understand is why people want to harm the Dingos when all they do is try to defend themselves. I mean I understand about the farmers but if they don't want their animals to get harmed, then they should make a more secure property for their animals. Animals are like us, we try to make a living and try to protect our family and feed them so if you don't want the Dingos to go extinct then get up, do something about it and protect them.

Why are they doing this to Dingos?
by: em

I think you are totally right Jess. I may only be 9 but I think Dingos have rights! don't you think?

I Want to Save Dingoes
by: Jose

I live in Ottawa Canada so I was watching a program about the dingoes and I feel so sad when I knew that the pure dingoes are almost extinct.

Dingos need help
by: Nicky

Hi, can you tell me how can i help from Germany??
Do you have a Facebook Page? So we can support the Site and many People will help to save the Dingos!!

Best wishes from Germany

Escaping their fate
by: Delaney Bannister

I'm so glad I am not the only person wanting to conserve the Dingo! It really touches my heart to see young people (such as myself, being 15) wanting to take action! Being a huge nerd on Australian & Tasmanian native species, I've become obsessed! I am only praying that the Government takes some sort of situation to change the Dingoes fate! I do not want it ending up like my most favorite animal, the Thylacine! (or Tasmanian Tiger)

I agree
by: Jess Colby

I'm also 14 and I think the same

by: Anonymous

I think the same

by: Anonymous

Hello Everyone
I LOVE dingoes!
They're soooo cute!
But I just wish they wouldn't bite.
Check out this site and the person with the dingo bite!
It's horrible to know that they are becoming extinct.

Save the dingoes!!!!!
by: Ivan

They are native to Australia!!!!

That was the best article. Jessica, and by the way that is my name, girl
by: Anonymous

Hi, that was the best article. I'm crying, it was loveable.

I am angry with people killing dingoes
by: Mackenzie

Hi, my name Mackenzie and I am looking for ways to help protect dingoes. Please give me some advice.

Max my Dingo
by: Anonymous

I had a dingo when I lived in Oregon, USA. He was a handful as pup and not too bad as he got older. He was a great family member. I was amazed how smart he was. He would mimic people. He could open a drink by twisting the top off not by chewing it off. He would howl at "Lynard Skynard One more for the road" always from the time he was a pup til the day he died. I learned a lot from him. He was very loyal yet different from any "dog" I have ever owned. I could go on and on about how wonderful he was. I love dingoes and it saddens me to think they are going extinct. People should not leave their babies where wild animals roam. They would not be able to save it from a bear. It is not the dingoes fault they are the ones that are threatened.

Let us protect the dingo's!!!1 NEW
by: Anonymous

Iv'e always loved dingo's. They are so cute. They shouldn't be treated this way. We need to treat dingo's like they belong in this world. Do we really want them to go extinct? NO! We want to save the dingo's. So treat them like we treat any other dogs.

Links don't work
by: Anonymous

Chris Ryan: only the dingo sanctuary link works - the others all "page not found" - did you check before posting?

Wild dog control... NEW
by: Dingo protector

The government in Australia classifies dingoes as feral dogs and bait, shoot and trap them in the thousands every year. 230 dingoes were reported as killed in Victoria alone this year. They are protected, but calling them wild dogs means they can be killed in national parks. In WA, they are non fauna, so can be killed all the time, anyhow.

What's more, the plan responsible for dingo killing (national wild dog action plan) could be charged with criminalised disinformation, data fraud, and animal cruelty.

Check out the farm transparency secret investigation following dingo trappers, and have a scroll on save the dingo Facebook and Twitter.

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