How long do yo have to leave Oz between visits to renew visa?

by Sharon Petherbridge
(Winchester, UK)

You say in your 'About me' section that every 6 months you left Australia and went to Timor, Bali, South Africa and then returned and renewed your visitors visa.

However, how long do you have to be out of Australia in order to return and renew? Is there a minimum amount of time you must be out of the country?

My husband and I live in the UK and are retiring next year. Our long term dream has been to buy a camper van and travel Australia, NZ, USA, Canada and South Africa.

If we left Australia after 6 months travel and went to NZ how soon could we return to Australia and start again with a new visitors visa. How often will the Immigration Service let you do this?

If we could wave a wand we would like to womble the World for about 20 years!
Many thanks for any help you can give. We are struggling to find any help/guidance on the web about what we want to do.
Thanks and best wishes Sharon

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Multiple entry visas for Australia
by: Birgit

Hi Sharon,
To the best of my knowledge there is no restriction or minimum time. Theoretically, as long as it takes to fly out and back.

To leave Australia you have to fly. That is a considerable expense so most people will want to spend some time at the destination to make it worthwhile.

How long you can do it depends on your visa conditions. When I did this there was the option to get a 6 month, multiple entry tourist visa valid for four years. (Come and go as often as you like within the next 4 years, each stay no longer than 6 months).

I don't know if that option still exists. And you need a good reason why you would need to travel to Australia regularly.

If that option or something comparable still exists, then you just need to explain to the immigration officer why you are doing what you are doing and you will likely need to show how you are able to finance it all, since under that visa you are not allowed to work.

But if you are rich and want to spend all your money as a tourist in Australia, I don't think they will try to stop you...

And if you leave some time between your visits nobody will ask any questions.

I mean, you can leave and just get a new visa to come back... There is no time restriction on that either as long as you have the money. The visa I had was just designed to save them the work of processing those extra applications.

Ask about renew multiple visa
by: Anonymous

Hi man Sharon
I have question for you.
Do I have to get a renew multiple visa?
My visa expired on this coming feb.
Philippines emigration told me that I need to get a new visa. But deferent, I mean I need visa like partner or fiancée
I been in Australia 7 times always tourist.
But this time I have multiple I been in or out in Australia within every 3 month.
Can you advise me what can I do.

Regards Rachelle

by: Anonymous

Hello. I have a multiple visa valid for a year and each stay max 3 months. What I want to know is after the 3 months I fly back home, how long would it take before I can come back to Australia.

Extension visa
by: Anonymous

My friend got a multiple entry visa and allowed 3 months but her daughter thinks if she go to Bali and stay there for 3-4 days then she will be given an extended tourist visa. What you think?

by: Aisha

Hi, I am a bit confused and I really don't know what to do. My visa is only 3 months to have an holiday in Perth. Can I extend it or I must applied new applications for me to stay.

one year holiday visa
by: Anonymous

Hi just wondering if I can get one year holiday visa with South Africa passport? My family lives there!

Re-entry visa
by: Anonymous

I've been here in Australia for 8 months. My visa expired last April but me and my boyfriend as sponsor bridge for 6 months. So my bridging visa will expire this October 28. So I need to go back to Phil before that date. My question is how long do I have to wait in Phil to re-apply for a new tourist visa for Australia.


Changing of visa option
by: Veness Smit

I presently have a Visitors visa subclass 600. Can I change this to a remaining Relative Visa subclass 115 or must it be a new application?

by: ken

My girlfriend is visiting me from Thailand on a 3 month visa. She will go back next month. After how long can she apply for a visa to come back to Australia?

Seek help to extend 3 months stay visitor visa
by: Anonymous

My wife from India just got her visitor visa with the following details:
One year validity
Stay Period: 3 month(s) from the date of each arrival
Travel Facility: Multiple

I wanted to ask about the stay period, from my understanding this would mean she can come as many times as she likes as long as she doesn't stay for more than 3 months on each arrival.

I seek your help to apply her visitor visa extension. I just wanted to make sure as I do not want her to have a bad record here in AU.
There is no further stay condition mentioned in her granted Visa.
Please help me how to apply her visitor visa extension and how much I have to spend for that.

Tourist Visa expires 10 days after returning
by: Anonymous

My girlfriend has been travelling for about 6 months and is coming back to Australia but her tourist visa runs out 10 days after she returns. Can she get another visa before she comes back?
Or does she have to wait until that one expires to apply for a new one?

hard times
by: Anonymous

Do not worry, anything you do in Australia will be complicated, long winded and frustrating. If you buy a motorhome like I did then do your homework like I didn't. Cost me a lot of money and time. The Aussies' love of different states with different rules, designed to keep people in work.

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