Is there another way to get a working visa?

by Lance

I'm thinking to travel and work in Australia, but unfortunately my country of origin (I'm currently living in Thailand) was not mentioned on the participating country for the Working Holiday Visa. My question is, is there any other visa type that could be applied? Thank you very much.

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Australian work visas
by: Birgit

You did not say where you are from originally, so I can't say if you are eligible.

If you are too old or not from one of the eligible countries, if you don't meet the requirements for the Australian working holiday visa, then your only other option is to dig through the all the other Australian working visas options that exist. (These are not holiday visas, these are temporary and permanent work visa options.)

Working Holiday Visa Australia
by: Anonymous

The visa is decided on the country of your passport - not where you are currently located. So as long as you have not turned 31 if your passport is from a country on the list - you should be fine.

Working Visa
by: Anonymous

As some have said, as long as your country is on the list of those countries that are eligible for getting visas you will not have any problems.

Is there is anyone who can Hire me?
by: Hari kafle

Hello there,

I am a 22 yrs old guy from Nepal and I am a diploma holder in Electrical Engineering and currently studying B.Tech in India.

I want to start my Career. As I have no experience in any field but I can say that I have capability to learn the ropes and I am looking to get some experience so that I can make my future bright.

So,it will be great if somebody can help me find the employer who can hire me with all my immigration processes and my air fare too because at this time my financial position is bad. That's why I am interested in traveling to Australia to work and earn.

Also,it will be nice to me If I can start my career as soon as possible.

Hope I will get my answer in my inbox(

Thank you.

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