Melbourne-Perth-Burrup... too ambitious?

We have three weeks and we want to visit siblings in Melbourne and Perth. I would love to visit the Burrup. Would it better to fly everywhere seeing as time is limited? The idea of some driving appeals though.
Are we being too ambitious do you think?
Many thanks

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Melbourne Perth Burrup
by: Birgit

Hi Joanne,
You don't say where you start and leave from. In and out of Melbourne? Perth? Flying into one, out of the other?

Burrup? As in Burrup Peninsula?

Yes, I do think you are way too ambitious. That's not just "some" driving.

You are looking at three and a half thousand kilometres just to get from Melbourne to Perth, and another fifteen hundred to the Burrup. And then back to Perth so that's also 3000 km all up.

It's not impossible but it seems to be an awefully long time to spend sitting in the car when you have only three weeks all up. If you also want to spend some time with your siblings and some on the beach or seeing SOMETHING, you need to fly some of it. I'd definitely fly between Melbourne and Perth.

The trip up the west coast is actually a great drive with lots to see on the way, so if anything I'd do that, but make sure you really do have the time to enjoy some of it.

Travelling Fun
by: Rashmi

I love travelling. I have never gone to foreign trips. But if i got chance , i would definitely go for it.

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